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  1. Breaking Boundaries with Liberal Studies in Engineering

    Bucciarelli, Louis; Drew, David E.
    It has been three years since we held a workshop in Washington D.C to explore possibilities for establishing an innovative undergraduate degree program - a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering - that would provide an alternate, smoother pathway into engineering. In this paper, we argue that to prepare engineering graduates for today’s world, requires a grounding of students learning in the more open, reflective tradition of the liberal arts. A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering, through an integration of engineering and the liberal arts, is meant to accomplish this objective. We explain why this...

  2. Engineering philosophy

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    Engineering and Philosophy seem two worlds apart. But things and ideas are not disjunct in thiw world and their synthesis is certainly essential in engineering design. In this book, the author explores how the concerns of philosophers are relevant to engineering thought and practice - in negotiating tradeoffs, in diagnosing failure, in constructing adequate models and simulations, and in teaching.

  3. Liberal Studies in Engineering - Workshop Report

    Bucciarelli, Louis; Drew, David; Tobias, Sheila
    On the 30th and 31st of January, 2015, some sixty scholars from the humanities, arts and social sciences as well as engineering met at the National Academy of Sciences building in DC to discuss the possibilities for establishing an undergraduate, pre-professional degree program — a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering — meant to attract students undecided about choice of a major who still have sufficient interest to enroll in a program that keeps open the possibility that they might pursue a career in engineering. The workshop over the day and one-half included six sessions, each led off...

  4. Science and the Courts

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    "Science and the Courts" is a module meant to illustrate how one might teach exemplary engineering content from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences - the aim of the proposed Bachelor of Arts in "Liberal Studies in Engineering"

  5. Bachelor of Arts in Engineering - The Full Proposal

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    A first draft of this proposal provided the basis for remarks made as a participant in a panel at Union College's 4th Annual Symposium on Engineering & Liberal Education held in June of 2011. Over the past year I have reworked (and shortened) the piece and distributed to a number of colleagues - in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as in Engineering - intending to provoke discussion of the possibilities for establishing a bachelor of arts degree program in 'Liberal Studies in Engineering”. In time I hope to bring together, and write up for broader distribution, the comments...

  6. From Function to Structure in Engineering Design

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    Based on a talk given at CEPHAD 2010: The Borderland Between Philosophy and Design Research, a Conference at the Danish Design School, Copenhagen, January, 2010.

  7. BA in Engineering - A Proposal

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    A proposal submitted to the d'Arbeloff Fund for Excellence in Education, MIT, Fall, 2008.

  8. Delta Design: Seeing/Seeing as

    Bucciarelli, Louis

  9. Ethics and Engineering Education

    Bucciarelli, Louis
    A presentation made at a Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering, Technical University of Delft, October 2007. A much shorter version of this paper has been submitted for consideration in the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION  2008 Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs (SEFI); EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION

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