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  1. El retorno del Plan (Editorial)

    Terán, Fernando de
    Editorial al número 4 de la revista Urban

  2. Non-Cooperative target recognition by means of singular value decomposition applied to radar high resolution range profiles

    López Rodríguez, Patricia; Escot Bocanegra, David; Fernández Recio, Raúl; Bravo Muñoz, Ignacio
    Radar high resolution range profiles are widely used among the target recognition community for the detection and identification of flying targets. In this paper, singular value decomposition is applied to extract the relevant information and to model each aircraft as a subspace. The identification algorithm is based on angle between subspaces and takes place in a transformed domain. In order to have a wide database of radar signatures and evaluate the performance, simulated range profiles are used as the recognition database while the test samples comprise data of actual range profiles collected in a measurement campaign. Thanks to the modeling of...

  3. Predicting recurring concepts on data-streams by me ans of a meta-model and a fuzzy similarity function

    Abad Arranz, Miguel Ángel; Gomes, João Bartolo; Menasalvas Ruiz, Ernestina
    Meta-models can be used in the process of enhancing the drift detection mechanisms used by data stream algorithms, by representing and predicting when the change will occur. There are some real-world situations where a concept reappears, as in the case of intrusion detection systems(IDS), where the same incidents or an adaptation of them usually reappear over time. In these environments the early prediction of drift by means of a better knowledge of past models can help to anticipate to the change, thus improving efficiency of the model regarding the training instances needed. In this paper we present MM-PRec, a meta-model...

  4. Building an IT service catalog in a small company as the main input for the IT financial management

    Arcilla Cobián, Magdalena; Calvo-Manzano Villalón, José Antonio; San Feliu Gilabert, Tomás
    IT departments in non-IT small companies lack guidelines for defining the services they provide and for assigning costs to these services. This article compares international models and standards and describes an approach that can be used by these companies in order to define and implement their service catalog to be used as an input for their IT financial management. The proposed solution is based on the concept of a process asset library. The proposal has been tested in a non-IT small company. The results provide useful insights for companies interested in defining their own service catalog from a standard service...

  5. ¿Un edificio moderno en Madrid?

    Araujo Armero, Ramón; Seco, Enrique
    ¿Un edificio moderno en Madrid?

  6. Una Casa entre-pinos de Francisco Sáenz de Oiza: Trabajar con el Entorno

    Fernández Rodríguez, Aurora; Fontcuberta Rueda, Luis Andrés de
    El estudio del proyecto del pabellón de invitados para la casa de Juan Huarte en Formentor del año 1968 del arquitecto Francisco Sáenz de Oíza, a través de sus dibujos realizados durante su estancia en Mallorca, nos descubre una manera de abordar la adición sobre lo construido. Analizar este nuevo pabellón nos permite profundizar en la personalidad de Sáenz de Oíza y su manera de abordar el proyecto, su desarrollo, y el papel que adquiere la arquitectura en relación con su entorno y a las aspiraciones del usuario.

  7. Measuring regional differences in users' perceptions towards interurban toll roads

    Gómez Sánchez, Juan; Papanikolaou, Anestis; Vassallo Magro, José Manuel
    Public acceptability is crucial to achieve the successful implementation of certain policy initiatives. In the transport sector, this is especially relevant for toll roads since they entail a burden to the users. Previous literature in this field has mainly focused on analyzing the influence of different individual characteristics on attitudes towards road charges, without clear results. However, other context-specific drivers such as regional parameters may also play an important role to explain users' attitudes, especially when the implementation of tolls within the same nation varies throughout regions. The goal of this paper is to analyze regional differences in users' perceptionswith regard to tolls as an appropriate...

  8. Contractual PPPs for transport infrastructure in Spain: lessons from the economic recession

    Ortega Hortelano, Alejandro; Baeza Muñoz, Mª de los Ángeles; Vassallo Magro, José Manuel
    In this paper, we analyse the successes and failures of contractual public-private partnerships (PPPs) for delivering and operating transport infrastructure in Spain from the award of the first toll highway concession programme to the present. To that end, we show the risk allocation principles used in Spain and explore the evolution of the contracting approaches over the years. We found that the performance was reasonably good until the arrival of the economic crisis in 2008. Taking advantage of that, we make a review of contractual PPPs for different transport modes and assess the impact that the economic crisis has had on their business performance and the...

  9. On the relation between battery size and PV power ramp rate limitation

    Makibar Puente, Aitor; Narvarte Fernandez, Luis; Lorenzo Pigueiras, Eduardo
    PV power fluctuations caused by clouds are leading operators of grids with high renewable energy penetration rates to impose ramp rate limitations. Costly battery energy storage systems are used for fulfilling these regulations but the question of the power and energy requirements for accomplishing them has not been fully answered. This work analyses the effects of reducing the size of a battery designed to absorb every fluctuation by taking into consideration, both, the fluctuation occurrence and the penalties in case of non-compliance of a given prescribed ramp-rate limitation. A theoretical analysis was carried out in order to assess the relation...

  10. Theoretical study of the energy harvesting of a cantilever with attached prism under aeroelastic galloping

    Xu-Xu, Ji; Vicente-Ludlam, David; Barrero Gil, Antonio
    The aeroelastic galloping of a cantilever with attached prism has recently attracted the attention of several researchers as a way to harvest energy from an airstream. This arrangement is not entirely analogous to that of classical Transverse Galloping (TG) since the instantaneous attitude of the galloping body (prism) with respect to the incident flow depends both on the velocity of the galloping body and wind speed (like in TG) but also on the rotation angle at the cantilever free end. A new governing parameter emerges, namely the ratio of the cross-section length of the prism to the beam length ?,...

  11. The design of a multilevel envelope tracking amplifier based on a multiphase buck converter

    Vasic, Miroslav; Cheng, Pengming; García Suárez, Óscar; Oliver Ramírez, Jesús Angel; Alou Cervera, Pedro; Cobos Márquez, José Antonio; Tena Ramos, David; Ortega González, Francisco Javier
    Envelope Tracking (ET) and Envelope Elimination and Restoration (EER) are techniques that have gained in importance in the last decade in order to obtain highly efficient Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (RFPA) that transmits signals with high Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR). In this work a multilevel multiphase buck converter is presented as a solution for the envelope amplifier used in ET and EER. The presented multiphase buck converter generates multilevel voltage using “node” duty cycles and non-linear control. In this way the multilevel is implemented using only one simple power stage. However, the complexity of the multilevel converter implementation...

  12. High-accuracy adaptive modeling of the energy distribution of a meniscus-shaped cell culture in a Petri dish

    Gómez Revuelto, Ignacio; García Castillo, Luis E.; Pardo, David
    Cylindrical Petri dishes embedded in a rectangular waveguide and exposed to a polarized electromagnetic wave are often used to grow cell cultures. To guarantee the success of these cultures, it is necessary to enforce that the specific absorption rate distribution is sufficiently high and uniform over the Petri dish. Accurate numerical simulations are needed to design such systems. These simulations constitute a challenge due to the strong discontinuity of electromagnetic material properties involved, the relative low field value within the dish cultures compared with the rest of the domain, and the presence of the meniscus shape developed at the liquid...

  13. El tamaño de los hitos: breve historia de la pequeña escala

    Sainz Avia, Jorge
    Muchas de las revoluciones de la arquitectura se han experimentado primero en tamaños reducidos. Entre otras virtudes, lo pequeño tiene la ventaja de su condición factible.

  14. Modelling land use and transport policies to measure their contribution to urban challenges: the case of Madrid.

    Alonso Ramos, Andrea; Monzón de Cáceres, Andrés; Wang, Yang
    Urban areas play a key role in the development of European territories, and it is essential for them to be sustainable and efficient. However, the European cities are facing some challenges related to certain trends that are threatening their sustainable development and operational efficiency. In this paper, we compare the contribution of three policy measures—cordon toll accompanied by public transport improvements, teleworking and re-densification—to address different city challenges. The policy assessment requires a long term simulation tool, i.e., the MARS (Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator) model, which is able to consider interactions between land use and transport systems. The simulations of the different policy scenarios were carried out...

  15. Evaluación y gestión del ordeño mediante soporte informático

    López, Alejandro; Callejo Ramos, Antonio
    Al hablar de rutina de ordeño, se hacía referencia casi exclusivamente al concepto de repetición, de acción rutinaria y constante en la tarea de preparar a la vaca para el posterior ordeño. Pero se debe tener en cuenta que, detrás del ordeño están los ordeñadores, que son los que en última instancia y por medio de su trabajo extraen la leche de los animales.

  16. Bioseguridad ambiental en vacuno de leche

    Callejo Ramos, Antonio
    La intensificación de la producción lechera ha derivado en la utilización de animales muy productivos pero muy exigentes en lo referente a condiciones de vida, de manejo, de alimentación y de sanidad se refiere, lo que les hace más susceptibles a padecer enfermedades provenientes del exterior o del interior de la granja, al deprimirse su sistema inmunitario.

  17. JD Link, primera prueba de campo de larga duración

    Barreiro Elorza, Pilar; Garrido Izard, Miguel; Rueda, Ismael; Rabasco, Antonio
    JDLink es uno de los elementos de MyJohnDeere, el portal de John Deere para todas sus actividades y servicios, que permite el acceso a máquinas individuales, con posibilidad de descargar los datos de motor en periodos establecidos por uso (horas de motor) o bien por fecha. Nuestro planteamiento en el uso de la telemetría JDLink es claro: ¿Qué recomendaciones prácticas en términos de eficiencia energética y mejora de uso se pueden realizar sobre la base de la información contenida en JDLink? Para dar respuesta a esta pregunta, se han analizado los datos aportados por JDLink durante 1.300 horas de trabajo...

  18. Geostatistical Study of the Rural Property Market Applicable to the Region of Murcia (Spain)

    Morillo Balsera, María del Carmen; García Cepeda, Francisco; Martínez Cuevas, Sandra; Molina Sánchez, Iñigo; García Aranda, César
    Spatial Analysis has been used since the early 1990’s for rural cadastral models. Nowadays, it is necessary to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cartography as well as dedicated software in order to solve problems in Cadastral Models. Among these models, the selection and prioritization of the parameters affecting the rural property valuation assets, as well as the zoning optimization (homogeneous sectors) within a community, are one of the biggest concerns for Cadastral Agencies. This research is focused on rural property in the Region of Murcia, in accordance with data recorded from 2007 to 2009. The...

  19. Use of the gyrotheodolite in underground networks of long high-speed railway tunnels

    Velasco Gómez, Jesús; Prieto Morín, Juan Francisco; Herrero Tejedor, Tomas Ramón; Pérez Martín, Enrique; Molina, I.; Fábrega Golpe, José
    The quality of geodetic networks for guiding Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) inside long tunnels depends largely on the correct use of a gyroscope. These networks are based on a series of control points at the tunnel entrance, and link each station by means of survey observations as they advance along the tunnel. Once, the networks are used to guide the TBM, they are no longer checked again. It is necessary to perform high accuracy astronomical observations to stars in order to determine the gyrotheodolite constant. Since astronomical observations cannot be made inside tunnels, geodetic azimuths have to be used for...

  20. EPIARQ: A Spatial Data Infrastructure for research in medieval epigraphy

    Farjas Abadía, Mercedes; Velázquez, María Isabel; Gutiérrez, Rocío
    n this paper, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid present EPIARQ. Under this acronym an epigraphic data model SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) is described as a first approach to designing and implementing a standard data model to catalogue epigraphic evidence as an aid to research in this scientific field under current European legislation and, in particular, within the framework of the European Directive INSPIRE, OGC standards and ISO 19100 standards. Monumental and architectural epigraphy from Late Antiquity in Hispania (5th to 7th centuries) was chosen for the experimental validation of the new data model database...

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