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  1. Automatic synthesis of anthropomorphic pulmonary CT phantoms

    Jimenez Carretero, Daniel; Estepar San José, Raúl; Díaz Cacio, Mario; Ledesma Carbayo, María Jesús
    The great density and structural complexity of pulmonary vessels and airways impose limitations on the generation of accurate reference standards, which are critical in training and in the validation of image processing methods for features such as pulmonary vessel segmentation or artery–vein (AV) separations. The design of synthetic computed tomography (CT) images of the lung could overcome these difficulties by providing a database of pseudorealistic cases in a constrained and controlled scenario where each part of the image is differentiated unequivocally. This work demonstrates a complete framework to generate computational anthropomorphic CT phantoms of the human lung automatically. Starting from...

  2. Optimising the design of textured surfaces for reducing lubricated friction coefficient

    Echávarri Otero, Javier; Guerra Ochoa, Eduardo de la; Bellón Vallinot, Irene; Chacón Tanarro, Enrique
    Under operating conditions which are unfavourable for lubrication, such as high load and low velocity, the use of textured surfaces significantly promotes the formation of a thick lubricant film and an improvement of the friction coefficient. This paper relates to the manufacture of textures using a photolithography and chemical etching process. Different surface geometries, texturing densities and depths were designed to analyse the influence of these parameters. The friction coefficient was measured in a ball-on-disc tribometer under different lubrication regimes, and the results have been used to develop an artificial neural network with texturing optimisation potential.

  3. Electricity Price Forecasting by Averaging Dynamic Factor Models

    Alonso, Andrés M.; Bastos, Guadalupe; García-Martos, Carolina
    In the context of the liberalization of electricity markets, forecasting prices is essential. With this aim, research has evolved to model the particularities of electricity prices. In particular, dynamic factor models have been quite successful in the task, both in the short and long run. However, specifying a single model for the unobserved factors is difficult, and it cannot be guaranteed that such a model exists. In this paper, model averaging is employed to overcome this difficulty, with the expectation that electricity prices would be better forecast by a combination of models for the factors than by a single model....

  4. Análisis por técnicas morfológicas y secuenciación de ADN del polen atmosférico de la Comunidad de Madrid: estudios preliminares. Morphological analysis and DNA sequencing of atmospheric pollen in Madrid region: preliminary study

    Gutiérrez-Bustillo, A. Montserrat; Ferencova, Zuzana; Núñez, Andrés; Alcamí, Antonio; Campoy Cervera, Pascual; Guantes, Raúl; Moreno Gómez, Diego Alejandro
    Hasta el momento, el estudio de las partículas biológicas en el aire que respiramos, se ha dirigido, principalmente, al conocimiento y control del polen y esporas, aeroalérgenos cuyo impacto en salud es bien conocido. Recientemente la comunidad científica ha sugerido que el aire es un ecosistema en sí mismo, que tendría su propia “aerobiota”, compuesta principalmente por virus, bacterias, esporas de hongos y polen. Para estudiar en conjunto toda esta biodiversidad en el aire urbano en la Comunidad de Madrid, surge el consorcio pluridisciplinar AIRBIOTA-CM, que integra a cinco grupos de investigación de áreas muy diferentes, que pretenden obtener una...

  5. Monitoring of airborne biological particles in outdoor atmosphere. Part 2: Metagenomics applied to urban environments

    Núñez, Andrés; Amo de Paz, Guillermo; Rastrojo, Alberto; García Ruiz, Ana María; Alcamí, Antonio; Gutiérrez-Bustillo, A. Montserrat; Moreno Gómez, Diego Alejandro
    The air we breathe contains microscopic biological particles such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and pollen, some of them with relevant clinic importance. These organisms and/or their propagules have been traditionally studied by different disciplines and diverse methodologies like culture and microscopy. These techniques require time, expertise and also have some important biases. As a consequence, our knowledge on the total diversity and the relationships between the different biological entities present in the air is far from being complete. Currently, metagenomics and next-generation sequencing (NGS) may resolve this shortage of information and have been recently applied to metropolitan areas. Although the...

  6. Monitoring of airborne biological particles in outdoor atmosphere. Part 1: Importance, variability and ratios

    Núñez, Andrés; Amo de Paz, Guillermo; Rastrojo, Alberto; García Ruiz, Ana María; Alcamí, Antonio; Gutiérrez-Bustillo, A. Montserrat; Moreno Gómez, Diego Alejandro
    The first part of this review ("Monitoring of airborne biological particles in outdoor atmosphere. Part 1: Importance, variability and ratios") describes the current knowledge on the major biological particles present in the air regarding their global distribution, concentrations, ratios and influence of meteorological factors in an attempt to provide a framework for monitoring their biodiversity and variability in such a singular environment as the atmosphere. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen and fragments thereof are the most abundant microscopic biological particles in the air outdoors. Some of them can cause allergy and severe diseases in humans, other animals and plants, with the...

  7. Integration of Multisensorial Stimuli and Multimodal Interaction in a Hybrid 3DTV System

    Luque Oostrom, Francisco Pedro; Galloso Guitard, Iris; Feijoo Gonzalez, Claudio Antonio; Martín Edo, Carlos Alberto; Cisneros Perez, Guillermo
    This article proposes the integration of multisensorial stimuli and multimodal interaction components into a sports multimedia asset under two dimensions: immersion and interaction. The first dimension comprises a binaural audio system and a set of sensory effects synchronized with the audiovisual content, whereas the second explores interaction through the insertion of interactive 3D objects into the main screen and on-demand presentation of additional information in a second touchscreen. We present an end-to-end solution integrating these components into a hybrid (internet-broadcast) television system using current 3DTV standards. Results from an experimental study analyzing the perceived quality of these stimuli and their...

  8. Las técnicas de secuenciación masiva en el estudio de la diversidad biológica

    López De Heredia Larrea, Unai
    En la presente revisión se describe la situación actual de las plataformas de secuenciación masiva, señalando sus ventajas y limitaciones para el análisis en organismos no modelo, para a continuación detallar las bases de dos de las técnicas más populares que se benefician de la secuenciación masiva (RAD-seq y RNA-seq) y señalar algunos ejemplos de su uso para el estudio de la diversidad biológica.

  9. Madrid no tiene suerte

    Tuñón Alvarez, Emilio
    Madrid no tiene suerte

  10. Optical Sensing to Determine Tomato Plant Spacing for Precise Agrochemical Application: Two Scenarios

    Martínez Guanter, Jorge; Garrido Izard, Miguel; Valero Ubierna, Constantino; Slaughter, David; Pérez Ruiz, Manuel
    The feasibility of automated individual crop plant care in vegetable crop fields has increased, resulting in improved efficiency and economic benefits. A systems-based approach is a key feature in the engineering design of mechanization that incorporates precision sensing techniques. The objective of this study was to design new sensing capabilities to measure crop plant spacing under different test conditions (California, USA and Andalucía, Spain). For this study, three different types of optical sensors were used: an optical light-beam sensor (880 nm), a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor (905 nm), and an RGB camera. Field trials were conducted on newly...

  11. Measurement of fracture properties of concrete at high strain rates

    Rey de Pedraza Ruiz, Víctor; Cendón Franco, David Ángel; Sanchez Galvez, Vicente; Galvez Diaz-Rubio, Francisco
    An analysis of the spalling technique of concrete bars using the modified Hopkinson bar was carried out. A new experimental configuration is proposed adding some variations to previous works. An increased length for concrete specimens was chosen and finiteelement analysis was used for designing a conic projectile to obtain a suitable triangular impulse wave. The aim of this initial work is to establish an experimental framework which allows a simple and direct analysis of concrete subjected to high strain rates. The efforts and configuration of these primary tests, as well as the selected geometry and dimensions for the different elements, have been focused to achieve a simple way of identifying the fracture position and...

  12. El Pino Canario: Un superviviente entre volcanes

    López De Heredia Larrea, Unai; López Rodríguez, Rosa Ana; Collada Collada, Maria Carmen; Pita Andreu, Pilar; Miranda García-Roves, José Carlos; Chano González, Victor Manuel; Soto De Viana, Álvaro; Gil Sanchez, Luis Alfonso
    El pino canario constituye una singularidad dentro del conjunto de pinos, ya que presenta una amplia gama de estrategias que permiten su persistencia y que han sido adquiridas a lo largo de su evolución en un ambiente volcánico. Todos los pinos son especies que presentan adaptaciones frente al fuego y de centran en dos estrategias: 1) una eficiente dispersión posincendio basada en una gran capacidad dispersiva y en la presencia de piñas serótinas; y 2) la resistencia individual, con cortezas gruesas que les permiten alcanzar gran longevidad.

  13. Evaluation of wave loads on a new type of perforated caisson

    Vázquez, Miguel; Negro Valdecantos, Vicente; López Gutiérrez, José Santos; Monsó de Prat, José Luis
    Determinación de las fuerzas y esfuerzos horizontales sobre un nuevo cajón denominado Apolonio. A new type of perforated breakwater has been tested combining the advantages of cylindrical geometry with stepped wave energy dissipation. Thus, the new type of caisson implies a significant reduction of maximum wave forces, as well as loads transmitted to the foundation in comparison with conventional vertical breakwater and other types of perforated caissons. Starting from a brief description of the model and test results, this paper describes the development of a methodology for the estimation of maximum wave loads on this type of breakwater, in order to become a generalisable tool for...

  14. Control de Calidad de Productos de IV Gama

    Diezma Iglesias, Belen
    La producción de frutas y hortalizas de IV gama implica la eliminación de su protección contra la deshidratación y la contaminación y potencia los procesos de oxidación y respiración, lo que contribuye a acelerar el deterioro de la calidad sensorial del producto y a reducir su vida útil. El control de microrganismos solo es posible con una higienización muy estricta durante las etapas de elaboración y una adecuada conservación en atmósfera modificada en condiciones de refrigeración. La calidad de los productos vegetales listos para consumir es el resultado de una combinación compleja de atributos. Algunos relativos a la calidad organoléptica...

  15. El carro de compra inteligente

    Barreiro Elorza, Pilar; Correa Hernando, Eva Cristina; Diezma Iglesias, Belen; Muñoz García, Miguel Angel
    En la actualidad sólo en el momento de pago se evalúa la intención de compra del consumidor. No quedan al descubierto en este proceso las necesidades no satisfechas, las dudas en el proceso de adquisición, los deseos inconclusos o incluso los abandonos. Estos son los interrogantes que se pretende con un carro de compra inteligente. La huella de compra (o abandono) anonimizada de cada consumidor contiene potencialmente características del perfil socio-económico y de las necesidades particulares de compra, aspectos que determinan el ecosistema de consumidores, problema que se desea resolver con el desarrollo de los carros inteligentes.

  16. A Simplified Electro-Mechanical Model of a DFIG-based Wind Turbine for Primary Frequency Control Studies

    Ochoa Correa, Danny; Martínez González, Sergio
    In recent years, world-wide power systems are experiencing a steadily growth of wind power penetration. A common concern in the operation of such systems is related to the frequency stability. Modern variable speed wind turbines have a limited capacity in providing ancillary services, such as fast-frequency response and primary frequency regulation. Recent developments in wind plant controllers allow performing active power control from all its units to respond to system frequency deviations. It is thus important to study the effects of the presence of these plants in the system frequency response. Existing detailed models of wind turbines are not suitable...

  17. Response of fish communities in rivers subjected to a high sediment load

    Valero, Celia; Alonso González, Carlos; De Miguel, Ramón J.; Fernández-delgado, Carlos; Garcia De Jalon Lastra, Diego
    Erosion and sediment yield are a significant problem in the Guadalquivir River basin. Such phenomena are largely driven by a land use devoted to intensive cultivation of olive trees, with a large socioeconomic influence in Andalusia. This sediment overload in rivers causes serious impacts on all fluvial ecosystem components. In this study we assess the chronic effect of sediment yield on fish communities at 104 river sites located in two different sub-catchments ? the Bembézar and Guadajoz rivers ? both with different lithological composition and erosion rates. Sediment yield was estimated using a semi-quantitative Factorial Score Model (FSM), developed specifically...

  18. Los Olmos empiezan a recuperar sus territorios

    Gil Sanchez, Luis Alfonso; Gonzalez Doncel, Ines; Collada Collada, Maria Carmen; Garcia Viñas, Juan Ignacio; Martin Garcia, Juan Antonio; Zafra Felipe, Elena Cristina; Domínguez, Jorge; Iglesias, Salustiano; León, David; Macaya-Sanz, David; Medel, David; Miravalles, Oscar; Venturas, Martin David
    El artículo describe la problemática de la grafiosis y el papel del proyecto LIFE+"Olmos Vivos" (LIFE13 BIO/ES/000556)en la recuperación de los olmos.

  19. El pabellón Niels Bohr. Tradición Danesa y Modernidad

    García Sánchez, Carmen
    La casa de invitados de Niels Bohr fue el primer edificio del arquitecto danés Vilhelm Wohlert (1920-2007). Arraigado a la tradición danesa, representa una renovación basada en la absorción de influencias extranjeras: la arquitectura americana y la tradición japonesa. La caja de madera tiene el carácter sensible de un organismo vivo, siempre cambiante según las variaciones de luz del día o temperatura. Puertas plegables y contraventanas generan extensiones de las habitaciones. Cuando se abren, crean una prolongación del espacio interior, que se extiende a la naturaleza circundante, y se expande hacia el espacio exterior, permitiendo su movilización. Se establece una...

  20. Signal penalties induced by different types of optical filters in 100 Gbps PM-DQPSK based optical networks

    Chen, Xiaoyong; Martín Pereda, José Antonio; Rodríguez Horche, Paloma
    Optical filters are crucial elements in optical communication networks. However, they seriously affect the signal quality, especially in the concatenation condition. In this paper, we study and simulate the signal penalties induced by five types of filters, including Butterworth, Gaussian, Bessel, Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and Fabry–Perot (F–P) filters, in order to optimize the optical network performance. Signal penalties, including both filter concatenation effect and filter induced in-band and out-band crosstalk, are analyzed by eye opening penalty (EOP) and Q-penalty. Simulation results show that the Butterworth filter performs best among these four types of filters. Total Q-penalty induced by a...

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