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Tobacco Control

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  1. Working to make a disease

    Malone, Ruth E
    Philip Morris's “extreme makeover”

  2. News analysis

  3. Philip Morris's website and television commercials use new language to mislead the public into believing it has changed its stance on smoking and disease

    Friedman, Lissy C

  4. Smoking cessation attempts among adolescent smokers: a systematic review of prevalence studies

    Bancej, Christina; O'Loughlin, Jennifer; Platt, Robert W; Paradis, Gilles; Gervais, André

  5. “I always thought they were all pure tobacco”: American smokers' perceptions of “natural” cigarettes and tobacco industry advertising strategies

    McDaniel, Patricia A; Malone, Ruth E

  6. $rec.titulo

  7. Investigating cigarette affordability in 60 cities using the cigarette price‐daily income ratio

    Kan, Ming‐yue

  8. The Lighter Side

  9. Comprehensive smoke‐free legislation in England: how advocacy won the day

    Arnott, Deborah; Dockrell, Martin; Sandford, Amanda

  10. Tobacco Control Online:

  11. Disease burden of adult lung cancer and ischaemic heart disease from passive tobacco smoking in China

    Gan, Quan; Smith, Kirk R; Hammond, S Katharine; Hu, Teh‐wei

  12. Nicotine replacement therapy, professional therapy, snuff use and tobacco smoking: a study of smoking cessation strategies in southern Sweden

    Lindström, Martin

  13. $rec.titulo

  14. The costs of smoking in Vietnam: the case of inpatient care

    Ross, Hana; Trung, Dang Vu; Phu, Vu Xuan

  15. Assessing the impact of smoking cessation services on reducing health inequalities in England: observational study

    Bauld, Linda; Judge, Ken; Platt, Stephen

  16. The Lighter Side

  17. Lifetime medical expenditure and life expectancy lost attributable to smoking through major smoking related diseases in Taiwan

    Chung, Chih‐Wen; Wang, Jung‐Der; Yu, Cheng‐Fen; Yang, Ming‐Chin

  18. Ultrafine particle emissions from waterpipes

    Monn, Ch; Kindler, Ph; Meile, A; Brändli, O

  19. Tobacco Control Online:

  20. Use of nicotine replacement therapy to reduce or delay smoking but not to quit: prevalence and association with subsequent cessation efforts

    Levy, Douglas E; Thorndike, Anne N; Biener, Lois; Rigotti, Nancy A

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