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  1. Institutional mechanisms for effective inter-local governmental planning and management of fisheries resources : the case study of four municipalities in Baler Bay, Philippines

    Orencio, Pedcris; Cabrido, Candido; Fujii, Masahiko
    In the Philippines, Coastal Resource Management (CRM) is a major devolved function of the local government units (LGU) as provided by Republic Act 7160. However, to date despite the many interventions, evidence shows that LGUs have not been able to come to terms with their mandate. One reason for this is the LGUs’ lack of capacity to provide the enabling mechanisms towards a successful CRM program. Moreover, the fragmented management scheme of coastal areas and the poor policies for effective institutional arrangements hampered the improvements in environmental conditions. In the Province of Aurora, four LGUs in Baler Bay started fisheries...
    - 15-nov-2017

  2. Management options to mitigate environmental impact of aquaculture in the Philippines

    Edpalina, Rizalita Rosalejos
    Asia-Pacific represents the most important region for fisheries and aquaculture production. It is world's largest contributor to the world's aquaculture, producing 46.9 million tons or 91% of the global aquaculture production (FAO, 2005). The growth of aquaculture production has been very strong for the last ten years due to the increased production from China. The aquaculture production in Southeast Asia is diversified comprising 41.6% freshwater fish, 23.5% of aquatic plants, 6.7% crustaceans, 7.3% marine/diadromous fish and 21.1% of mollusks. The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands and islets which has rich in marine and inland resources. In terms of coastline resources,...
    - 06-jun-2018

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