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Volume 2, no. 1 (November 15, 1883)

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  1. List of Members

    Includes list of members of the Ohio Institute of Mining Engineers.

  2. Co-operation

    Roy, Andrew, 1834-
    Co-operation, which is meant the banding together of a number of workingmen for the purpose of applying their earnings in starting a store, opening a coal mine, building a blast furnace, or engaging in other industrial pursuit, and thus becoming at once the possessor of their own capital and labor, had its origin in England in the year 1843.

  3. Discovery of Coal in Ohio and Early Mine Work

    Whittlesey, Charles, 1808-1886

  4. Coal Mining in Ohio

    Roy, Andrew, 1834-

  5. The Ohio Coal Field

    Orton, Edward, 1829-1899

  6. The Establishment of Voluntary Permanent Boards of Arbitration and Conciliation in England

    Weeks, Joseph D.

  7. New Mining Legislation

    Includes full lists of questions for two examinations in Illinois.

  8. Uses of Ohio Coals

    Orton, Edward, 1829-1899

  9. Front Matter

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