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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

BMC Medical Physics

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1. Validity of actigraphs uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers for assessment of physical activity in adults in laboratory conditions - Kelly, Louise A; McMillan, Duncan GE; Anderson, Alexandra; Fippinger, Morgan; Fillerup, Gunnar; Rider, Jane

2. Microwave open-ended coaxial dielectric probe: interpretation of the sensing volume re-visited - Meaney, Paul M; Gregory, Andrew P; Epstein, Neil R; Paulsen, Keith D

3. Reviewer acknowledgement 2013 - O'Donovan, Peter

4. Predictions of CD4 lymphocytes’ count in HIV patients from complete blood count - Rodríguez, Javier O; Prieto, Signed E; Correa, Catalina; Pérez, Carlos E; Mora, Jessica T; Bravo, Juan; Soracipa, Yolanda; Álvarez, Luisa F

5. Real-time prostate motion assessment: image-guidance and the temporal dependence of intra-fraction motion - Cramer, Avilash K; Haile, Amanu G; Ognjenovic, Sanja; Doshi, Tulsee S; Reilly, William Matthew; Rubinstein, Katherine E; Nabavizadeh, Nima; Nguyen, Thuan; Meng, Lu Z; Fuss, Martin; Tanyi, James A; Hung, Arthur Y

6. Comparison of the dosimetries of 3-dimensions Radiotherapy (3D-RT) with linear accelerator and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with helical tomotherapy in children irradiated for neuroblastoma - Beneyton, Violaine; Niederst, Claudine; Vigneron, Céline; Meyer, Philippe; Becmeur, François; Marcellin, Luc; Lutz, Patrick; Noel, Georges

7. NEOadjuvant therapy monitoring with PET and CT in Esophageal Cancer (NEOPEC-trial) - van Heijl, Mark; Omloo, Jikke MT; van Berge Henegouwen, Mark I; Busch, Olivier RC; Tilanus, Hugo W; Bossuyt, Patrick MM; Hoekstra, Otto S; Stoker, Jaap; Hulshof, Maarten CCM; van der Gaast, Ate; Nieuwenhuijzen, Grard AP; Bonenkamp, Han J; Plukker, John ThM; Bilgen, Ernst J Spillenaar; ten Kate, Fibo JW; Boellaard, Ronald; Pruim, Jan; Sloof, Gerrit W; van Lanschot, J Jan B

8. Theoretical generalization of normal and sick coronary arteries with fractal dimensions and the arterial intrinsic mathematical harmony - Rodríguez, Javier O; Prieto, Signed E; Correa, Catalina; Bernal, Pedro A; Puerta, Germán E; Vitery, Sarith; Soracipa, Yolanda; Muñoz, Diana

9. Differential radio-sensitivities of human chromosomes 1 and 2 in one donor in interphase- and metaphase-spreads after 60Co γ-irradiation - Pathak, Rupak; Ramakumar, Adarsh; Subramanian, Uma; Prasanna, Pataje GS

10. Prognostic implication of late gadolinium enhancement on cardiac MRI in light chain (AL) amyloidosis on long term follow up - Migrino, Raymond Q; Christenson, Richard; Szabo, Aniko; Bright, Megan; Truran, Seth; Hari, Parameswaran

11. Average arterial input function for quantitative dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of neck nodal metastases - Shukla-Dave, Amita; Lee, Nancy; Stambuk, Hilda; Wang, Ya; Huang, Wei; Thaler, Howard T; Patel, Snehal G; Shah, Jatin P; Koutcher, Jason A

12. Bone turnover markers are correlated with total skeletal uptake of 99mTc-methylene diphosphonate (99mTc-MDP) - Lenora, Janaka; Norrgren, Kristina; Thorsson, Ola; Wollmer, Per; Obrant, Karl J; Ivaska, Kaisa K

13. Chemotherapeutic treatment efficacy and sensitivity are increased by adjuvant alternating electric fields (TTFields) - Kirson, Eilon D; Schneiderman, Rosa S; Dbalý, Vladimír; Tovaryš, František; Vymazal, Josef; Itzhaki, Aviran; Mordechovich, Daniel; Gurvich, Zoya; Shmueli, Esther; Goldsher, Dorit; Wasserman, Yoram; Palti, Yoram

14. Repeatability of regional myocardial blood flow calculation in 82Rb PET imaging - Knešaurek, Karin; Machac, Josef; Zhang, Zhuangyu

15. Multiple window spatial registration error of a gamma camera: 133Ba point source as a replacement of the NEMA procedure - Bergmann, Helmar; Minear, Gregory; Raith, Maria; Schaffarich, Peter M

16. Metabolism of no-carrier-added 2-[18F]fluoro-L-tyrosine in rats - Aerts, Joël J; Plenevaux, Alain R; Lemaire, Christian F; Giacomelli, Fabrice; Warnock, Geoffrey I; Phillips, Christophe L; Luxen, André J

17. A computerized Infusion Pump for control of tissue tracer concentration during Positron Emission Tomography in vivo Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic measurements - Eriksson, Olof; Wallberg, Andreas; Syvänen, Stina; Josephsson, Raymond; Långström, Bengt; Bergström, Mats


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