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Whole no. 19 (November, 1890)

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  1. List of Members

    Includes list of members of the Ohio Institute of Mining Engineers.

  2. Detection of Mine Gases: a lecture delivered before the Ohio Institute of Mining Engineers, at Columbus, Tuesday evening, January 25th, 1890

    Shaw, Thomas

  3. The Coal Fields of Texas

    Weitzell, R. S.

  4. Oils Used in Our Mines

    Love, Thomas H.

  5. Mine Accidents

    Ashton, Roger

  6. The Dog Mines of Muskingum County

    Haughee, James W.

  7. The Black Band Ore Fields of Post Boy, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

    Morris, Joseph L.

  8. Large Shafts Are Not Exclusively Beneficial To Mine Ventilation

    Smith, Thomas F.

  9. Electricity in Mining

    Haseltine, Robert Montgomery, 1846-1905

  10. Certificated Mine Inspectors and Mine Bosses

    Roy, Andrew, 1834-

  11. Shaw's System of Testing Gases

    Haseltine, Robert Montgomery, 1846-1905

  12. Visit to Russell & Co.'s Factory

  13. President Howell's Address

    Howells, Anthony

  14. Summer Meeting held at Massillon, Ohio, June 11, 12 and 13, 1890: [program]

  15. Gases, Ventilations and Explosions

    Smith, Thomas F.

  16. Professor Edward Orton's Talk on the Origin of the Rock Pressure of Natural Gas in the Trenton Limestone of Ohio and Indiana

    Orton, Edward, 1829-1899

  17. Report of the Committee on Miners' Hospitals

    Roy, Andrew, 1834-; Bancroft, Thomas B.; Haseltine, Robert Montgomery, 1846-1905

  18. Minutes of the Annual Meeting held at the old Board of Trade Rooms, Columbus, January 23, 24 and 25, 1890

    Haseltine, Robert Montgomery, 1846-1905

  19. The Advantages of Electricity for Mining Purposes

    Schlesinger, William M.

  20. School of Mines at the O.S.U. [Ohio State University]

    Morris, Joseph L.

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