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This site is an institutional repository providing access to the book (monograph) publication output of Caltech. As is the nature of the institute whiles these books cover many different subjects, the majority are concerned with issues of the applied scientific disciplines. Part of the Caltech Online Digital Archives (CODA) project.

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  1. More than a memoir

    Leonard, Nelson J.
    This autobiography was written originally as a test of memory, as a means of diminishing piles of stored papers and file folders, and in an effort to record events as they actually happened. It had been my experience as a child, hearing oral histories presented by adult family members, that there was great variance in their perceptions. Perhaps I could set down the "facts" of a life and leave interpretations up to any readers. Each of the chapters was distributed to my four children, Kenneth, Marcia, James and David. Inasmuch as they read the sporadic mailings, I incorporated their corrections and...

  2. Evolving Brains

    Allman, John Morgan
    Given that all organisms share a common ancestry, why is it that they differ so greatly in their capacities to sense, remember, and respond to the world about them? How did we gain our ability to think and to feel? How do we differ from other organisms in these capacities? Our brain endows us with the faculties and the drive to ask these fundamental questions. The answers depend crucially on understanding how brains have evolved. This inquiry into brain evolution is interdisciplinary and multifaceted, based on converging evidence obtained from the study of the genetic regulation of development, the geological...

  3. Mathematical foundations of elasticity

    Marsden, Jerrold; Hughes, Thomas J. R.
    [Preface] This book treats parts of the mathematical foundations of three-dimensional elasticity using modern differential geometry and functional analysis. It is intended for mathematicians, engineers, and physicists who wish to see this classical subject in a modern setting and to see some examples of what newer mathematical tools have to contribute.

  4. The Rebels of Nantucket

    Mandel, Oscar

  5. The Virgin and the Unicorn: four plays

    Mandel, Oscar
    This volume contains the plays: The Virgin and the Unicorn; Water from an Italian Pump; And the Lord God Planted a Garden; A beautiful Investment

  6. The Kukkurrik Fables: 44 mini-plays for all media

    Mandel, Oscar

  7. Coal Pyrolysis

    Gavalas, George R.
    Prompted by the need of non-petroleum-based fuels, coal research has reemerged to center stage after a lengthy dormant period. Pyrolysis research, in particular, has gained considerable momentum because of its close connection to combustion, hydropyrolysis and liquefaction. Spectroscopic and other instrumental techniques are currently producing prodigious information about coal structure and pyrolysis mechanisms, while modeling efforts are breaking new ground in sorting out chemical and physical phenomena to provide a fundamental although simplified description. The continuing generation of experimental data will lead to revisions, in some cases drastic, of current structural and kinetic precepts. Yet, the postulates and assumptions of...

  8. African field reports, 1952-1961

    Munger, Edwin S.
    Mr. Edwin S. Munger is a successful experiment. The experiment started a number of years ago. It was an experiment with a new method of producing an expert. After World War II ten million men returned from overseas to the United States. Many of them had been in Africa, Asia, Europe and elsewhere for years on end. But the country to which they returned was deeply ignorant of the very world which it had helped to save from conquest by Germany and Japan. There were some experts on Russia and China, fewer still on India and Southeast Asia. On Africa...

  9. Collected plays: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

    Mandel, Oscar
    Vol. 1 contains these plays: General Audax; Honest Urubamba; Living Room with 6 Oppressions; A Splitting Headache; The Virgin and the Unicorn; Island. Vol. 2 contains these plays: The Monk Who Wouldn't; The Fatal French Dentist; Professor Snaffle's Polypon; The Sensible Man of Jerusalem; Adam Adamson; Of Angels and Eskimos.

  10. Fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering

    Davis, Mark E.; Davis, Robert J.
    This book is an introduction to the quantitative treatment of chemical reaction engineering. The level of the presentation is what we consider appropriate for a one-semester course. The text provides a balanced approach to the understanding of: (1) both homogeneous and heterogeneous reacting systems and (2) both chemical reaction engineering and chemical reactor engineering. We have emulated the teachings of Prof. Michel Boudart in numerous sections of this text. For example, much of Chapters 1 and 4 are modeled after his superb text that is now out of print (Kinetics a/Chemical Processes), but they have been expanded and updated. Each...

  11. The Theodore von Kármán Collections at the California Institute of Technology: guide to the original collection and a microfiche edition

    History of the Collection and Acknowledgments: Theodore von Kármán left instructions in his will that his papers be given to the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Jet Propulsion named after him at the California Institute of Technology. Shortly after his death in 1963, the U.S. Air Force Academy Library selected several items from the collection for an exhibit at the dedication of the new von Kármán wing of the Academy's library. These items were subsequently presented to the library. The collection itself remained in the custody of the Kármán Laboratory until April 1968, when Professors Duncan Rannie and Frank Marble...

  12. The Frank J. Malina Collection at the California Institute of Technology : guide to a microfiche edition

    Goodstein, Judith R.; Bugé, Carol H.

  13. The Amos Gager Throop Collections: a guide to the papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology and the Chicago Historical Society

    Erwin, Shelley; Bugé, Carol H.; Goodstein, Judith R.

  14. Reinventions: four plays by Oscar Mandel, after Homer, Cervantes, Calderon and Marivaux

    Mandel, Oscar
    The plays in this volume are: Sigismund, Prince of Poland; Agamemnon Triumphant; The Fall of Numantia; Prince Poupon Needs a Wife.

  15. Fundamentals of air pollution engineering

    Flagan, Richard C.; Seinfeld, John H.
    Analysis and abatement of air pollution involve a variety of technical disciplines. Formation of the most prevalent pollutants occurs during the combustion process, a tightly coupled system involving fluid flow, mass and energy transport, and chemical kinetics. Its complexity is exemplified by the fact that, in many respects, the simplest hydrocarbon combustion, the methane-oxygen flame, has been quantitatively modeled only within the last several years. Nonetheless, the development of combustion modifications aimed at minimizing the formation of the unwanted by-products of burning fuels requires an understanding of the combustion process. Fuel may be available in solid, liquid, or gaseous form;...

  16. The Robert Andrews Millikan collection at the California Institute of Technology : guide to a microfilm edition

    The microfilm publication of the papers of Robert Andrews Millikan, American physicist, science adviser, and first executive head of the California Institute of Technology, consists of 80 rolls of film. They span a century of American political, social, and intellectual history. The documents cover the years 1847 to 1953, the year of Millikan's death, but the core of the collection consists of the official papers generated by Millikan after his move to Pasadena in 1921. The collection, which includes more than 125,000 pages of letters, notebooks, unpublished speeches, addresses, lecture notes, and family papers, is the property of the California...

  17. Where is the light? Poems 1955 - 2005

    Mandel, Oscar
    [No abstract]

  18. Philoctetes and the fall of Troy; plays, documents, inconography, interpretations. Including versions by Sophocles, Andre Gide, Oscar Mandel, and Heiner Muller.

    Mandel, Oscar
    [No abstract]

  19. Control in an Information Rich World: Report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems

    Murray, Richard M.
    The field of control provides the principles and methods used to design engineering systems that maintain desirable performance by automatically adapting to changes in the environment. Over the last forty years the field has seen huge advances, leveraging technology improvements in sensing and computation with breakthroughs in the underlying principles and mathematics. Control systems now play critical roles in many fields, including manufacturing, electronics, communications, transportation, computers and networks, and many military systems. As we begin the 21st Century, the opportunities to apply control principles and methods are exploding. Computation, communication and sensing are becoming increasingly inexpensive and ubiquitous, with more...

  20. The theory of linear prediction

    Vaidyanathan, P. P.
    Linear prediction theory has had a profound impact in the field of digital signal processing. Although the theory dates back to the early 1940s, its influence can still be seen in applications today. The theory is based on very elegant mathematics and leads to many beautiful insights into statistical signal processing. Although prediction is only a part of the more general topics of linear estimation, filtering, and smoothing, this book focuses on linear prediction. This has enabled detailed discussion of a number of issues that are normally not found in texts. For example, the theory of vector linear prediction is...

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