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  1. Sequential effects in olympic synchronized diving scores

    Kramer, R.S.S
    When judging performances in a sequence, the current score is often influenced by the preceding score. Where athletes are perceived to be similar, a judgement is assimilated towards the previous one. However, if judges focus on the differences between the two athletes, this will result in a contrasting influence on their scores. Here, I investigate sequential effects during synchronized diving events at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Although previous research found assimilation in scores of gymnasts, the current data showed contrast effects-current scores benefited from following a poor performance but were at a disadvantage if they followed a high-scoring...

  2. Fraudulent ID using face morphs: experiments on human and automatic recognition

    Robertson, D. J.; Kramer, R. S. S.; Burton, A. M.
    Matching unfamiliar faces is known to be difficult, and this can give an opportunity to those engaged in identity fraud. Here we examine a relatively new form of fraud, the use of photo-ID containing a graphical morph between two faces. Such a document may look sufficiently like two people to serve as ID for both. We present two experiments with human viewers, and a third with a smartphone face recognition system. In Experiment 1, viewers were asked to match pairs of faces, without being warned that one of the pair could be a morph. They very commonly accepted a morphed...

  3. Integrated flight/thrust vectoring control for jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicles with ACHEON propulsion

    Cen, Zhaohui; Smith, Tim; Stewart, Paul; Stewart, Jill
    As a new alternative to tilting rotors or turbojet vector mechanical oriented nozzles, ACHEON (Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle) has enormous advantages because it is free of moving elements and highly effective for Vertical/Short-Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) aircraft. In this paper, an integrated flight/ thrust vectoring control scheme for a jet powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with an ACHEON nozzle is proposed to assess its suitability in jet aircraft flight applications. Firstly, a simplified Thrust-Vectoring (TV) population model is built based on CFD simulation data and parameter identification. Secondly, this TV propulsion model is embedded as a jet actuator for a benchmark fixed-wing ‘Aerosonde’ UAV,...

  4. Open your eyes: Working on Sit with me for a moment and remember

    Pinchbeck, Michael
    For the forthcoming Performance Research issue ‘On Children’, I reflect on a performance installation I recently created with two of my children – Dylan (8) and Lydia (5). A bench with a plaque reading Sit with me for a moment and remember is placed in a gallery and a live encounter takes place. It is both a dedication to a loved one and an invitation to a stranger. You are invited to sit on the bench to listen to a recording by Dylan and Lydia that reflects on what it means to sit for a moment and remember. A meditation...

  5. A survey of the impact of owning a service dog on quality of life for individuals with physical and hearing disability: a pilot study

    Hall, Sophie S.; MacMichael, Jessica; Turner, Amy; Mills, Daniel S.
    Background Quality of life refers to a person’s experienced standard of health, comfort and happiness and is typically measured using subjective self-report scales. Despite increasing scientific interest in the value of dogs to human health and the growing demand for trained service dogs, to date no research has reported how service dogs may affect client perceptions of quality of life. Method We compared quality of life scores on the 16 item Flanagan quality of life scale from individuals who owned a trained service dog with those who were eligible to receive a dog, but did not yet have one (waiting list control). Data...

  6. ‘A journal of my feelings, mind & Body’: narratives of ageing in the life writing of Mary Berry (1763-1852)

    Culley, Amy
    This article contributes to studies of gender and old age in the Romantic period through an exploration of the life writing of the biographer and historian, Mary Berry (1763-1852). In her manuscript journal, Berry provides a self-conscious and intimate commentary on the experience of ageing, mixing chronological, personal, cultural, and physical definitions. Yet this account of her feelings, mind, and body is radically reshaped for a Victorian readership in the posthumously published work of 1865. Beyond the journal, Berry’s correspondence provides insight into intragenerational sociability through the exchanges of a network of older letter-writers. The theme of ageing also manifests...

  7. Optimized Ziegler-Nichols based PID control design for tilt suspensions

    Hassan, Fazilah; Zolotas, Argyrios C.; Smith, Tim
    PID control design using optimized modified Ziegler-Nichols tuning is for active suspensions of tilting nature is presented. The study of this refers to non-precedent tilt active suspensions for railway vehicles which comprises a cumbersome design trade-off. No study exists on detailed Ziegler-Nichols PID tuning for Single-Input-Single-Output type non-precedent tilt control. We therefore investigate such an approach, referred to here as simple3 tilt, emphasizing control performance that can be achieved in such type of tilting suspension problem. The aim is to provide a baseline design tool for control practicioners, in active suspensions of that nature, who may be more familiar with...

  8. Wing resonances in a new dead-leaf-mimic katydid (Tettigoniidae: Pterochrozinae) from the Andean cloud forests

    Baker, Andrew Alexander; Sarria, Fabio; Morris, Glenn K.; Jonsson, Thorin; Montealegre-Z, Fernando
    Day-camouflaged leaf-mimic katydids Typophyllum spp. have a remarkable way of evading predators as male and female forewings appear as bite-damaged leaves complete with necrotic spots. As in all other katydids, males produce sound signals to attract females by rubbing their forewings together. The biophysical properties of these special leaf-like forewings remain obscure. Here we study the wing mechanics and resonances of Typophyllum spurioculis, a new species of leaf-mimic katydid with a broad distribution in the Andes from Western Ecuador to the middle Central Cordillera in Colombia. This species performs an unusual laterally directed aposematic display, showing orange spots that simulate...

  9. Evidence of direct reciprocity, but not of indirect and generalized reciprocity, in the grooming exchanges of wild Barbary macaques (Macacasylvanus)

    Molesti, Sandra; Majolo, Bonaventura
    Reciprocity is one of the mechanisms that have been proposed to explain the exchange of social behaviors, such as grooming, in animals. Reciprocity assumes that individuals act as the donor and recipient of grooming and switch roles over time to balance the benefits and costs of this behavior. Three main patterns of reciprocity may follow a grooming given: (1) direct reciprocity, where the former recipient returns the grooming to the former donor; (2) indirect reciprocity, where another individual returns the grooming to the former donor; and (3) generalized reciprocity, where the former recipient returns the grooming to another individual. While...

  10. "My father wasn’t really interested in machinery”: New perspectives on the modernisation of agriculture in 20th century Lincolnshire.

    Hunt, Abigail
    This article explores the emergence of modern agriculture in twentieth century Lincolnshire as represented by the shift from threshing drums to combine harvesters and from real horse power to motor horse power. It attempts to historically resituate the emergence of modern agriculture in the county, demonstrating that change did not uniformly take place across the county just before, during, or immediately after World War Two. It also offers a new perspective on a well-covered historical topic; that of the human experience of modernisation as told by the people who bore witness to a monumental shift in methods of agricultural production.

  11. "My father wasn’t really interested in machinery”: New perspectives on the modernisation of agriculture in 20th century Lincolnshire.

    Hunt, Abigail
    This article explores the emergence of modern agriculture in twentieth century Lincolnshire as represented by the shift from threshing drums to combine harvesters and from real horse power to motor horse power. It attempts to historically resituate the emergence of modern agriculture in the county, demonstrating that change did not uniformly take place across the county just before, during, or immediately after World War Two. It also offers a new perspective on a well-covered historical topic; that of the human experience of modernisation as told by the people who bore witness to a monumental shift in methods of agricultural production.

  12. Making politics visible: Discourses on gender and race in the problematisation of sex-selective abortion

    Anitha, Sundari; Gill, Aisha
    This paper examines the problematisation of sex-selective abortion (SSA) in UK parliamentary debates on Fiona Bruce’s Abortion (Sex-Selection) Bill 2014-15 and on the subsequent proposed amendment to the Serious Crime Bill 2014. On the basis of close textual analysis, we argue that a discursive framing of SSA as a form of cultural oppression of minority women in need of protection underpinned Bruce’s Bill; in contrast, by highlighting issues more commonly articulated in defence of women’s abortion rights, the second set of debates displaced this framing in favour of a broader understanding, drawing on post-colonial feminist critiques, of how socio-economic factors...

  13. 2008 Agricultural History Annual Meeting University of Nevada, USA

    Hunt, Abigail
    This article reviewed the 2008 Agricultural History Annual Meeting University of Nevada, USA

  14. Assessment of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay for diagnosis of tuberculosis with gastric lavage aspirates in children in sub-Saharan Africa: a prospective descriptive study

    Bates, Matthew; O'Grady, Justin; Maeurer, Markus; Tembo, John; Chilukutu, Lophina; Chabala, Chishala; Kasonde, Richard; Mulota, Peter; Mzyece, Judith; Chomba, Mumba; Mukonda, Lukundo; Mumba, Maxwell; Kapata, Nathan; Rachow, Andrea; Clowes, Petra; Hoelscher, Michael; Mwaba, Peter; Zumla, Alimuddin
    BACKGROUND Rapid and accurate diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in children remains challenging because of difficulties in obtaining sputum samples and the paucibacillary nature of the disease. The Xpert MTB/RIF assay is useful for rapid diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis with sputum and nasopharyngeal samples. We assessed this assay for the detection of tuberculosis and multidrug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis with gastric lavage aspirate (GLA) samples in children admitted to hospital. METHODS We did a prospective study to assess the sensitivity and specificity of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay with GLA samples for the detection of pulmonary tuberculosis and MDR tuberculosis in new paediatric...

  15. Advances in tuberculosis diagnostics: the Xpert MTB/RIF assay and future prospects for a point-of-care test

    Lawn, Stephen D.; Mwaba, Peter; Bates, Matthew; Piatek, Amy; Alexander, Heather; Marais, Ben J.; Cuevas, Luis E.; McHugh, Timothy D.; Zijenah, Lynn; Kapata, Nathan; Abubakar, Ibrahim; McNerney, Ruth; Hoelscher, Michael; Memish, Ziad A.; Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Kim, Peter; Maeurer, Markus; Schito, Marco; Zumla, Alimuddin
    Rapid progress has been made in the development of new diagnostic assays for tuberculosis in recent years. New technologies have been developed and assessed, and are now being implemented. The Xpert MTB/RIF assay, which enables simultaneous detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) and rifampicin (RIF) resistance, was endorsed by WHO in December, 2010. This assay was specifically recommended for use as the initial diagnostic test for suspected drug-resistant or HIV-associated pulmonary tuberculosis. By June, 2012, two-thirds of countries with a high tuberculosis burden and half of countries with a high multidrug-resistant tuberculosis burden had incorporated the assay into their national tuberculosis...

  16. Tuberculosis comorbidity with communicable and non-communicable diseases: integrating health services and control efforts

    Marais, Ben J.; Loennroth, Knut; Lawn, Stephen D.; Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Mwaba, Peter; Glaziou, Philippe; Bates, Matthew; Colagiuri, Ruth; Zijenah, Lynn; Swaminathan, Soumya; Memish, Ziad A.; Pletschette, Michel; Hoelscher, Michael; Abubakar, Ibrahim; Hasan, Rumina; Zafar, Afia; Pantaleo, Guiseppe; Craig, Gill; Kim, Peter; Maeurer, Markus; Schito, Marco; Zumla, Alimuddin
    Recent data for the global burden of disease reflect major demographic and lifestyle changes, leading to a rise in noncommunicable diseases. Most countries with high levels of tuberculosis face a large comorbidity burden from both non-communicable and communicable diseases. Traditional disease-specific approaches typically fail to recognise common features and potential synergies in integration of care, management, and control of non-communicable and communicable diseases. In resource-limited countries, the need to tackle a broader range of overlapping comorbid diseases is growing. Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS persist as global emergencies. The lethal interaction between tuberculosis and HIV coinfection in adults, children, and pregnant women...

  17. Tuberculosis 2013:5 Drug-resistant tuberculosis: time for visionary political leadership

    Abubakar, Ibrahim; Zignol, Matteo; Falzon, Dennis; Raviglione, Mario; Ditiu, Lucica; Masham, Susan; Adetifa, Lfedayo; Ford, Nathan; Cox, Helen; Lawn, Stephen D.; Marais, Ben J.; McHugh, Timothy D.; Mwaba, Peter; Bates, Matthew; Lipman, Marc; Zijenah, Lynn; Logan, Simon; McNerney, Ruth; Zumla, Adam; Sarda, Krishna; Nahid, Payam; Hoelscher, Michael; Pletschette, Michel; Memish, Ziad A.; Kim, Peter; Hafner, Richard; Cole, Stewart; Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Maeurer, Markus; Schito, Marco; Zumla, Alimuddin
    Two decades ago, WHO declared tuberculosis a global emergency, and invested in the highly cost-effective directly observed treatment short-course programme to control the epidemic. At that time, most strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis were susceptible to first-line tuberculosis drugs, and drug resistance was not a major issue. However, in 2013, tuberculosis remains a major public health concern worldwide, with prevalence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis rising. WHO estimates roughly 630 000 cases of MDR tuberculosis worldwide, with great variation in the frequency of MDR tuberculosis between countries. In the past 8 years, extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis has emerged, and has been reported...

  18. Burden of tuberculosis at post mortem in inpatients at a tertiary referral centre in sub-Saharan Africa: a prospective descriptive autopsy study

    Bates, Matthew; Mudenda, Victor; Shibemba, Aaron; Kaluwaji, Jonas; Tembo, John; Kabwe, Mwila; Chimoga, Charles; Chilukutu, Lophina; Chilufya, Moses; Kapata, Nathan; Hoelscher, Michael; Maeurer, Markus; Mwaba, Peter; Zumla, Alimuddin
    Background Patients with subclinical tuberculosis, smear-negative tuberculosis, extrapulmonary tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and asymptomatic tuberculosis are difficult to diagnose and may be missed at all points of health care. We did an autopsy study to ascertain the burden of tuberculosis at post mortem in medical inpatients at a tertiary care hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. Methods Between April 5, 2012, and May 22, 2013, we did whole-body autopsies on inpatients aged at least 16 years who died in the adult inpatient wards at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. We did gross pathological and histopathological analysis and processed lung tissues from patients with...

  19. An introduction to black humour as a coping mechanism for student paramedics

    Christopher, Sarah
    Black or gallows humour has long been recognised as having therapeutic value, particularly when used by individuals dealing with traumatic incidents. With this in mind, it is no surprise that this type of humour is commonly used by emergency services personnel. It is a bona fide coping mechanism which can contribute to the resilience, health and wellbeing of emergency services personnel but one which, to the uninitiated, may appear callous and uncaring. With student paramedics now taking the higher educational route into paramedicine, they will have had less exposure to ambulance service culture before qualifying than would have been the...

  20. Religious motivation, nepotism and conflict management in Jordan

    Caputo, Andrea
    Purpose - The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the role of individual and cultural differences, specifically religious motivation and attitudes toward nepotism, in the selection of conflict management styles (obliging, avoiding, forcing, integrating, and compromising), in the Middle-Eastern context. Design/methodology/approach - The research surveyed a sample of 588 individuals (both Muslims and Christians), representative of the Jordanian population. Data were analyzed through multiple ANOVAs and Multiple Regressions. Findings - Results suggest that both religious motivation and attitude toward nepotism affect the choice of conflict management styles, while demographic variables, such as age and gender, do not seem to have...

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