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  1. Haptic role allocation and intention negotiation in human-robot collaboration

    Kucukyilmaz, Ayse
    This dissertation aims to present a perspective to build more natural shared control systems for physical human-robot cooperation. As the tasks become more complex and more dynamic, many shared control schemes fail to meet the expectation of an effortless interaction that resembles human-human sensory communication. Since such systems are mainly built to improve task performance, the richness of sensory communication is of secondary concern. We suggest that effective cooperation can be achieved when the human’s and the robot’s roles within the task are dynamically updated during the execution of the task. These roles define states for the system, in which...

  2. Accepting the ‘Big C’: Exploring the acceptance – quality of Life relationship in a cancer population

    Brabbins, Lucinda J.
    There is a high prevalence of distress amongst cancer patients, with up to 40% reporting clinically-significant levels of distress, such as depression, anxiety, and death anxiety. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has a growing evidence base in health populations, such as in diabetes and chronic pain, counteracting the avoidant behaviours which are negatively implicated in outcomes. ACT claims that experiential acceptance is key to shifting the avoidant responses people exhibit towards their inner experiences and psychological pain. Thus far, there is limited research exploring ACT processes within a cancer population. Traditional existentially-informed theory has claimed that accepting death anxiety would...

  3. Net neutrality: a lack of association between pornography exposure and sexual functioning and well-being

    Charig, Ruth
    Introduction: Since the advent of the internet, individuals have unprecedented access to accessible, anonymous and affordable online sexual content (Cooper, 1998). The literature has highlighted strongly held assumptions about the harmful influence of online sexually explicit material (oSEM) on a number of variables important for psychological health and functioning. These include: sexual behaviour, body image, non-egalitarian gender roles and relationship satisfaction. The veracity of these conclusions is limited by the methodological shortcomings and ideological perspectives inherent in the study designs. Despite this growing body of research, there is still little known about the processes that underlie the relationships between oSEM-use...

  4. ACTing on perfectionism: a single case experimental design examining the effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on multidimensional perfectionism

    Hunt, Jenna
    Perfectionism is a personality construct argued to be widespread with the potential for incapacitation (Pacht, 1984). It has been linked with a host of psychological difficulties impacting on social and occupational problems as well as physical and mental health. Interest in multi-dimensional perfectionism is growing and the search to uncover the domains within perfectionism which are adaptive, and should be nurtured, or maladaptive, and requiring intervention, remains ongoing. Perfectionism is considered transdiagnostic and targeting this construct may lead to symptom reduction across a range of other difficulties (Howell, et al., 2016). Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) are the current focus of interventions for perfectionism. Research has indicated some success in...

  5. Staff and service users’ evaluations of therapeutic principles at a High Secure Learning Disability Therapeutic Community (LDTC)

    Capone, Georgina
    Background: Growing evidence has been provided on the efficacy of Democratic Therapeutic Community (DTC) treatment in forensic LD populations (known as learning disability therapeutic communities, LDTC) in the form of reduced violence, personality pathology and interpersonal difficulties. Recently, the LDTC model has been introduced within a high secure setting at one of three high secure hospitals in the U.K., for males with a dual diagnosis of mild LD and PD, and produced equally successful results. While a number of outcome studies exist, on-going difficulties have remained in regard to applying a post-positivist approach to research design of Therapeutic Communities (TCs) as the approach fails to capture its matrix of interrelated...

  6. Responding to tobacco cravings using acceptance and/or reappraisal: results from an experimental study employing an online craving induction lab

    Stephanopoulos, Evangelos
    Despite recent advances in smoking cessation outcomes, a significant number of people in the UK continue to smoke. Currently available psychological treatments for tobacco addiction include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with research evidence suggesting that both approaches may be effective treatments for tobacco addiction. Nevertheless, relapse rates remain high and there is scope for further improvements in clinical outcomes. The present study examined the effectiveness of two psychological strategies (acceptance and reappraisal) primarily with regard to the regulation of tobacco cravings and secondarily with regard to increasing adult smokers’ self-efficacy in abstaining from smoking. Reappraisal...

  7. The mental health of UK military partners and the variability between stages of deployment

    Bennett, Charlene
    Objectives: The purpose of this study was to identify the prevalence of anxiety, depression, stress, perceived stress, and PTSD symptoms in a UK population of military partners. It also aimed to identify the extent of any relationships between these mental health outcomes and individual differences in previously implicated risk factors (including demographic characteristics and attachment styles) – as well as whether mental health outcomes vary by stage of deployment. Method: A cross-sectional cohort study (n=380) was performed on a sample of UK military partners. A survey was developed and disseminated online which included a number of validated questionnaires measuring constructs of distress (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-42), perceived stress (Perceived Stress Scale-10),...

  8. The development and evaluation of a brief self-practice Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) intervention as a precursor to treatment as usual (TAU) for trauma patients: a pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT).

    Rycroft, Claire Michelle
    Interview data indicated that the recruitment and randomisation procedure, and assessment methods were acceptable. Only one in four of the participants in the ACT arm of the trial completed all chapters of the book with health problems the main barrier to completion. Conclusion: Our findings indicate that a definitive trial examining the effectiveness of a telephone-supported ACT self-help intervention would not be feasible. Many aspects of the trial were acceptable to participants, including the main recruitment strategy, randomisation procedure and data collection methods. However, low recruitment numbers and poor adherence to the self-help manual indicate that a full-scale trial would not...

  9. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy self-help intervention for depression in haemodialysis patients: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

    Vogt, William
    Objective: People with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) experience high rates of depression and this is associated with poorer health-related outcomes. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has shown promising results in a number of long-term conditions and has been translated into a variety of self-help formats. We aimed to determine the feasibility of a trial examining telephone-supported self-help based on ACT for individuals with ESRD who experience depression. A brief and extended account of the research is provided. This is preceded by a systematic literature review examining whether ACT interventions can improve quality of life in long-term physical conditions (see section for more...

  10. Dependency as two-way traffic: community-based organisations and non-governmental organisations in the Namibian CBNRM programme

    Stamm, Carolin Hanna
    The Namibian community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) programme has been hailed as the leading wildlife conservation initiative on the African continent. Based on the dual objective of achieving both rural development and nature conservation on communal land, CBNRM has become the principal model for large-scale Western donor-funding for biodiversity conservation in sub-Saharan Africa. Forming local community-based organisations (CBOs) is the essential precondition for rural residents to receive rights over their natural resources. Since the late 1990s, an extensive network of international and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has successfully secured substantial funding to support local CBOs in the endeavour to protect...

  11. How assessment literate are UK business schools teaching staff? A case study of the Department of Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University through published module guides and the LMS

    Hunt, Abigail
    This thesis seeks to agree a set of criteria that could be used to measure assessments against to ascertain whether or not the principles of AL have been applied to the design, management, and marking of the assessment. It asserts that Stiggins’ criteria are still relevant, but new criteria have to be added because of developments in technology and pedagogical thinking. The overarching approach to the research was a scientific, or positivist one, but the way in which the information was collected and reflected on, as with most educational research, fell under Action Research. It is argued that the use...

  12. A strategy for overcoming barriers to the successful implementation of lean construction in the UK

    Sarhan, Saad
    Lean construction efforts could prove to be highly rewarding for the construction industry. Although various countries gained large benefits by adopting the lean concepts, there seems to be a scarce implementation of lean in the UK construction industry over the last two decades even after the publication of the Egan report. Building upon the methodologies and conceptual frameworks used in earlier work in the UK (Common et al., 2000), the Netherlands (Johansen et al., 2002), and Germany (Johansen & Walter, 2007), this study carried out a similar survey to evaluate lean construction as practiced in the UK, and identify the...

  13. Employee recognition at work: a study of employee experiences

    Smith, Charlotte
    Despite evidence of its increasingly widespread use within organisations and a significant body of practitioner and “popular” literature on the subject, employee recognition has received relatively little empirical study by academic researchers. As a result, there are significant gaps in our knowledge, particularly around how recognition schemes actually operate in organisations and the ways in which they impact upon individuals and organisations. This thesis responds to these knowledge gaps through presenting empirical evidence collected through in-depth interviews with employees drawn from two organisations, an insurance company and a local council, about their experiences of recognition in the workplace. Taking...

  14. Decentralized estimation and control for power systems

    Singh, Abhinav Kumar
    This thesis presents a decentralized alternative to the centralized state-estimation and control technologies used in current power systems. Power systems span over vast geographical areas, and therefore require a robust and reliable communication network for centralized estimation and control. The supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems provide such a communication architecture and are currently employed for centralized estimation and control of power systems in a static manner. The SCADA systems operate at update rates which are not fast enough to provide appropriate estimation or control of transient or dynamic events occurring in power systems. Packet-switching based networked control system...

  15. Investigating the prevalence of traditional and novel chronic kidney disease risk factors in a mixed-aged, non-clinical population

    Mullan, Kyle
    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common disorder that currently serves as a major global public health issue due to raised risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), kidney failure, and other complications. With the ever-growing increase of ageing populations and rising global frequency of diabetes and other chronic non-transmissible diseases, present clinical data suggests a corresponding worldwide increase in prevalence of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal failure (ESRF). The overall aims of this thesis was to study the prevalence of known traditional and novel CKD related risk factors in a non-clinical population, examine the applicability of several predictive equations in the...

  16. Understanding the design of energy interventions to reduce end-user demand in organisational and domestic environments

    Foster, Derek
    Energy demand is on the rise globally due to unchecked factors such as population growth, lifestyle choices, and the industrialization of developing countries. Governments are investing in technologies for efficient and renewable energy in an attempt to secure energy for the future over current dependencies on fossil fuels, but the development costs are high, and the rate of developed technologies is projected to fall far short of meeting global requirements. Overshadowing this growing appetite for energy is the global issue of climate change, igniting the scientific and humanitarian debate over the use of fossil fuels and a need for renewable energy,...

  17. Human-robot spatial interaction using probabilistic qualitative representations

    Dondrup, Christian
    Current human-aware navigation approaches use a predominantly metric representation of the interaction which makes them susceptible to changes in the environment. In order to accomplish reliable navigation in ever-changing human populated environments, the presented work aims to abstract from the underlying metric representation by using Qualitative Spatial Relations (QSR), namely the Qualitative Trajectory Calculus (QTC), for Human-Robot Spatial Interaction (HRSI). So far, this form of representing HRSI has been used to analyse different types of interactions online. This work extends this representation to be able to classify the interaction type online using incrementally updated QTC state chains, create a belief about the state of the world, and transform...

  18. DNA recognition and antimicrobial compounds: exploring the versatility of peptides

    Iyer, Abhishek

  19. DNA recognition and antimicrobial compounds: exploring the versatility of peptides

    Iyer, Abhishek

  20. Deep visual learning with spike-timing dependent plasticity

    For most animal species, reliable and fast visual pattern recognition is vital for their survival. Ventral stream, a primary pathway within visual cortex, plays an important role in object representation and form recognition. It is a hierarchical system consisting of various visual areas, in which each visual area extracts different level of abstractions. It is known that the neurons within ventral stream use spikes to represent these abstractions. To increase the level of realism in a neural simulation, spiking neural network (SNN) is often used as the neural network model. From SNN point of view, the analog output values generated by traditional artificial neural network (ANN) can be...

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