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  1. The concept of waste as understood in lean construction

    Sarhan, Saad
    This blog explains the concept of waste as understood in lean construction
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Commissioned translation of Founding and owning churches in early medieval Álava: the creation, transmission and monumentalisation of memory

    Santos Salazar, I.; Quirós Castillo, J. A.; [Portass, R.]
    - 29-ago-2017

  3. Commissioned translation of Archaeology of architecture and archaeology of houses in early medieval Europe

    Quirós Castillo, Juan Antonio; [Portass, Robert]
    This paper aims to introduce the «Archaeology of Architecture and Household Archaeology in Early Medieval Europe» dossier, the object of which is to explore the different approaches, methodologies and themes analysed in the study of early medieval architecture in western Europe. More specifically, in what follows, analysis is undertaken of the contexts which explain the recent development of studies on this topic, as well as the main contributions of the seven papers which form this dossier. In addition, the main historical and archaeological problems raised by the analysis of this material record are also discussed.
    (application/pdf) - 29-ago-2017

  4. London's Silent Cinemas

    O'Rourke, Chris; Nightingale, Sam
    The scholarly website London’s Silent Cinemas explores the history of cinema exhibition in London from the emergence of permanent film venues in 1906 to the end of the silent film era around 1930. It documents the early lives of over 700 cinemas across London and its suburbs, using information gathered from local histories, city council records, film trade journals and directories, cinema programmes, street directories and historic maps and plans.
    - 29-ago-2017

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