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  1. The Better Insulated House Programme

    Hildon, A.; Byrd, H.
    The Better Insulated House Programme was conceived in 1973 in awareness of the imminent world shortage of fuel which would in time affect its price. The purpose was to explore the energy savings potential in practice of measures to reduce energy consumption in housing. The programme has aimed to monitor the effects of incorporating higher standards of thermal insulation in occupied dwellings so as to: 1) Measure realised energy savings in practice 2) Identify technical risks 3) Note user's reactions.

  2. Developing a comprehensive energy policy for Birmingham

    Byrd, Hugh; Wainwright, Susan; Watson, Christopher; Gorbing, Peter; Shaw, Martin
    The report is in four parts. Part A considers the case for a comprehensive policy and recommends how such a policy might be devised and implemented. Part B provides a more detailed examination and review of existing activities in departments of the City Council, with some recommendations on action to be taken at departmental level. The work of voluntary bodies is examined in Part C and suggestions are made as to how the local authority might further enhance the work of the voluntary sector in energy conservation and advice. Finally the role of the fuel boards is examined in Part...

  3. ‘The dawn of affluence’: British living standards 1900-1960: a report on the Sussex Teacher-Scholar programme

    Shave, Samantha
    Between 2010 and 2013 the University of Sussex hosted the ESRC-funded project entitled ‘The Living Standards of Working Households in Britain, 1904-1960’ (RES-062-23-2054). The aim of the project was to transcribe and analyse large-scale government surveys administered in the first half of the twentieth century. The aim of the knowledge transfer component of the project was to facilitate the teaching of new research on British living standards in UK schools. The knowledge transfer component of the project was undertaken in partnership with The National Archives. The National Archives had experience of running a number of ‘teacher scholar’ programmes. A ‘teacher...

  4. Online child sexual exploitation material offending: from aetiology to desistance

    Perkins, Derek; Merdian, Hannah Lena
    The onlinePROTECT research team has been researching the aetiology of online child sexual exploitation and abuse for the last five years. There has been an exponential growth in the accessing, producing and distributing of what is commonly called "child pornography", now more appropriately termed Child Sexual Exploitation Material (CSEM), thereby distinguishing it from legal adult pornography and emphasising what it actually is - recorded child sexual abuse.

  5. Making better use of local data in flood frequency estimation

    Dixon, H.; Faulkner, D.; Fry, M.; Kral, F.; Lamb, R.; Macklin, M.; Prosdocimi, I.; Reed, D.; Rogers, P.; Sefton, C.; Stewart, L.; vesuviano, G.
    Flood frequency estimates are an essential part of flood risk management. They are an important ingredient of many important decisions, informing the cost-effectiveness, design and operation of flood defences, flood mapping and planning decisions in flood risk areas. They also inform the National Flood Risk Assessment, the setting of insurance premiums and long-term investment planning. Methods described in the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) published in 1999, and many subsequent updates, are considered the industry standard for flood estimation in the UK. They are used extensively by hydrologists from both the public and private sectors. Flood frequency estimates – also known as design...

  6. In Situ Contaminated Sediments Project – Work Package 1A Report

    Hallas, A.; Dennis, I.; Gardiner, J.; Clay, N.; Brewer, P.; Macklin, M.; Foulds, S.
    Project aims Defra is seeking to understand the magnitude of risks (e.g. to aquatic ecology and human health) or impacts (e.g. on the way that water bodies are managed) posed by contaminated sediment in England, as part of its work towards meeting its environmental objectives. In the context of this project, in-situ contaminated sediment is defined as: Chemically contaminated sediment within the water column, bed, banks and floodplain of a surface water body that has been transported alongside the normal sediment load and deposited by fluvial or coastal processes. This project considers the risk posed by non-agricultural diffuse pollution sources in England that result in the contamination of in-situ...

  7. Parliament's engagement with the public

    Kelly, Richard; Bochel, Catherine
    This Briefing Paper reviews Parliament's engagement with the public. It outlines the concept of procedural justice, defined as: 'the fairness of the process by which decisions are made, and the role participants may have in this' (Bochel, 2016, p 371). This Paper explores the concept's potential in providing a framework of ideas against which it is possible to examine how Parliament engages with the public. This is the first stage of a project undertaken through the House of Commons Academic Fellowship Scheme to examine whether procedural justice can be a helpful tool to explore how Parliament's engagement is conducted.

  8. Playing our part: the work of graduate and registered mental health nurses. An independent review by the Foundation of Nursing Studies

    Butterworth, Tony; Shaw, Theresa
    Playing our Part was completed early in 2017 just as the UK Prime Minister announced a call to action on mental health. The Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS) welcomes any renewed political focus on the mental health agenda. We believe graduate and registered mental health nurses are well placed to play a significant part in public mental health and wellbeing, and this report offers some proposals to optimise this role. It is important to note that the report focuses on the work of graduate and registered mental health nurses; in doing so and in suggesting ways of improvement, we are...

  9. How does fiction inform working lives? An exploration of the roles of empathy and social sustainability

    Bal, Matthijs; Brokerhof, Inge; Dóci, Edina
    This chapter discusses the relationships between fiction and working lives through exploring the roles of empathy and sustainability in how people read and perceive fiction in relation to their own private and working lives. It discusses how fiction experience may cause an empathic reaction in the reader, subsequently leading to behaviors contributing to greater social sustainability at work. The chapter problematizes some notions manifesting within these relationships by discussing how ideology infiltrates both the understanding of concepts themselves as well as how they relate to each other. Hence, it thereby discusses the multilevel nature of fiction, such that the individual...

  10. It’s time to stop auditing and start acting on racial discrimination

    Hack-polay, Dieu
    After more than 12 months in the making, the UK government’s Race Disparity Audit was launched to much fanfare in October. It revealed that there are substantial differences in employment rates between minority ethnic groups; that ethnic minority employees in public sector organisations are concentrated in the lower grades and ranks; and that white people are less likely to be employed in the three lowest-skilled occupations.

  11. Creative ageing

    Toze, Michael; Ray, Mo
    A series of reports taking a critical look at ageing, and applying gerontological thinking to current debates in services for people over the age of 65.

  12. Confessions of a neoliberal scholar

    Bal, Matthijs
    One of the central claims I have made in my recent work, is that neoliberalism has infiltrated deeply in my scientific discipline, and that a majority of research is profoundly influenced by the beast thatis neoliberalism –the rhetoric of freedom that captures anyone in the prison of capitalism -

  13. The UK landscape for robotics and autonomous systems

    Rolfe, Alan; Bidaut, Luc; Prescott, Tony
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems Special Interest Group Report: Innovate UK - Technology Strategy Board This landscape collates the output from a series of workshops designed to explore the impact on the UK of advances in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS). In overviewing the resulting landscape it is clear that the RAS opportunity, as perceived by the UK community, is extensive and rich and that the UK has the potential to create a strong RAS market. It is also clear that robotics and autonomous systems will impact on each UK market sector and that the total size of this impact will be significantly...

  14. Offender health [PI Position Paper 2/17]

    Sirdifield, Coral; Brooker, Charlie
    This Position Paper addresses the health needs of offenders under supervision in the community and presents principles for improving these services and the take up and use of services.

  15. The checklist on law and disaster preparedness and response in the United Kingdom

    Samuel, Katja; Whitbourn, Simon; Shucksmith, Christy; Eburn, Michael; Collins, Andrew; O'Donnell, Therese; Easthope, Lucy; Aronsson-Storrier, Marie
    This report on domestic law and disaster preparedness and response was commissioned by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as part of a wider global research project. Its overall goal is to support governments in considering key elements to include in their legal framework for disaster risk management to adequately address preparedness and response. Currently, a gap exists within the set of tools developed by the IFRC’s Disaster Law Programme that address legislative considerations for disaster risk reduction and international disaster response. The planned end output will be the development of a Checklist on Law...

  16. Rural England: is there an appetite for culturally diverse art? [The Lincolnshire Diversity in the Arts: Research and Development Project]

    Nair, Sreenath; Madhavan, Arya
    The Lincolnshire Diversity in the Arts: Research and Development project aimed to explore ways to develop cultural and artistic diversity in rural England. The main activity was the production and touring of an Edinburgh Fringe award-winning Indian play, ‘Charandas Chor: The Honest Thief’ to selected arts centres around Lincolnshire to study its impact among the audiences.

  17. Committee witnesses: gender and representation

    Bochel, Hugh; Berthier, Anouk
    This briefing outlines evidence on the diversity of committee witnesses in the Scottish Parliament and elsewhere, with a particular focus on gender diversity. It also makes recommendations on how the diversity of voices heard by committees might be more consistently recorded, and in some instances enhanced.

  18. Lincolnshire diversity in the arts: research and development

    Nair, Sreenath; Madhavan, Arya
    Lincolnshire Diversity in the Arts: Research and Development is an Arts Council England funded project, undertaken by the University of Lincoln, aimed at exploring ways to develop cultural/artistic diversity in rural England, by taking Lincolnshire as a case study. The project commenced on 01 April 2016 and completed on 12 November 2017. The project was co-directed by 1) Dr Arya Madhavan, Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln and 2) Dr Sreenath Nair, Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln. The project: 1. Produced and toured an Edinburgh Fringe Award-winning (1982) Indian play, Charandas Chor (Charandas Chor: The Honest Thief) in selected arts centres around Lincolnshire...

  19. Community connectedness through the arts

    Van de vyver, Julie; Abrams, Dominic
    This essay illustrates the potential of an arts-based community-led intervention for promoting community connectedness and engagement. We first provide a brief overview of the topic area and then describe the specific arts-based intervention led by People United. We describe findings from a comprehensive mixed-methods evaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness of this programme for promoting community connectedness and engagement. Finally, we outline the implications of these findings for practitioners and policy-makers.

  20. Historical and anthropological Report on the land claim submitted by Inkosi Bheki France Ngcobo on behalf of the Nyavini Tribal Authority, on the properties Sikaka, Rosslea, Sea View, Ballyglass, Bouquet, Ardee and Lot RC, Umzinto

    Whelan, Deborah
    Land claim investigation

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