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  1. Staying Well in Calderdale: programme evaluation final report

    Windle, K.; George, T.; Porter, R.; McKay, S.; Culliney, M.; Walker, J.; Vos, J.; Essam, N.; Saunders, H.

  2. MacMillan Get Active, Feel Good Physical activity programme: final evaluation report

    Windard, Donna; Henderson, Hannah; Cooper, Natalie; Pickerden, Alex; Mullineaux, David; Evans, Adam
    1.0 Executive Summary The purpose of this report was to examine data collected by Lincolnshire Sport and the University of Lincoln in relation to the implementation, impact and receipt of the Lincolnshire GAFG programme. The primary findings are summarised below. In relation to the reach and efficiency of the programme (including uptake, adherence and attrition) it was evident that during the first 24 months of the GAFG programme:  193 individuals had attended the initial screening and 53 had reached 12months on the programme.  Participants had an average age of 63.5 (+15.9) and were predominantly female (54% female, 46% male).  Whilst the sample was incomplete, 34% of...

  3. U.S. monetary policy normalization and global interest rates

    Caceres, Carlos; Carriere-Swallow, Yan; Demir, Ishak; Gruss, Bertrand
    As the Federal Reserve continues to normalize its monetary policy, this paper studies the impact of U.S. interest rates on rates in other countries. We find a modest but nontrivial pass-through from U.S. to domestic short-term interest rates on average. We show that, to a large extent, this comovement reflects synchronized business cycles. However, there is important heterogeneity across countries, and we find evidence of limited monetary autonomy in some cases. The co-movement of longer term interest rates is larger and more pervasive. We distinguish between U.S. interest rate movements that surprise markets versus those that are anticipated, and find...

  4. How does the use of scaling from the the OSKAR framework impact upon student progress and emotional wellbeing?

    Stork, Andrew; Walker, Ben
    In 2014-15, along with my colleague Andrew Stork, I was successful in obtaining a Research Development Fellowship (RDF) funded by The Education and Training Foundation and supported by the University of Sunderland’s Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training. I investigated the impact of specific coaching tools and techniques on students’ performance and emotional well-being. This is the final report, a summary of which was published in the Journal, Intuition The Journal for Professional Teachers and Trainers in the Further Education and Training Sector, and can be found under journal publications in my staff profile. Supporting educational coaching conversations with students...

  5. An investigation into the effect of lifestyle intervention on sleep and health markers: qualitative component.

    Mason, Rachael; Johnson, Milly; Duff, Carol; Kane, Ros
    During 2016 staff in the Human Resources Department at the University of Lincoln approached Dr Carol Rea from the School of Human Sciences and Dr Ros Kane from the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln and invited them to undertake a staff wellbeing intervention. Planning meetings were held during May 2016 and a decision was taken to conduct a pre- and post- intervention measures of a range of biomedical markers (quantitative component) and a series of in-depth interviews with a sample of intervention participants (qualitative component). The quantitative component was led by Dr Rae and is...

  6. How irrelevant is work and organizational psychology really?

    Bal, P. Matthijs
    In this short opinion piece, I reflect on why WOP research is irrelevant, and may even be dangerous in complying to existing norms in society about how workers should behave. The views expressed in this piece are solely my own, and I solely carry any responsibility for what is expressed here. In order to elicit positive, constructive change, we need to be able to have an open mind, and acknowledge our own weaknesses.

  7. Preliminary assessment of a pair of wall paintings in the nave at the Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Burgh le Marsh, Lincolnshire

    Croft, Paul
    Ss. Peter & Paul is a grade I listed building and therefore of exceptional interest. The church is planning re-roofing work to the nave and tower in 2017 along with a number of associated investigations. Further to this, Historic England requested a preliminary investigation of a pair of wall paintings (included in the listing notice) extant in the nave. Little, or no investigations have been carried on the paintings in the past and until this point have remained largely enigmatic. The wall paintings were assessed in terms of their: significance, conservation needs and opportunities, and recommendations for further research. An...

  8. Analysis of historic decorative schemes: "Thornbank", Falcon Cliff Terrace, Douglas, Isle of Man.

    Croft, Paul
    Thornbank is one of a group of four terrace houses built in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1897 to a design by the renowned Arts & Crafts architect MacKay Hugh Baillie Scott. This report was commissioned by Manx National Heritage to investigate and research the original appearance of the house, both externally and internally. The results of this research are based on: the material evidence uncovered on site and in the Manx National Heritage Library & Archive, census returns and other pertinent material. A number of physical paint samples were removed for cross sectional analysis to determine the paint colours...

  9. Understanding the lives of separating and separated families in the UK: what evidence do we need?

    Bryson, Caroline; Purdon, Susan; Skipp, Amy; Barlow, Anne; Ford, Tamsin; Hunt, Joan; Kiernan, Kathleen; Low, Hamish; McKay, Steve; Miles, Joanna; Trinder, Liz
    This study was designed to address three broad questions:  What are the evidence – and data – needs around family separation in the UK?  How far are these needs met by administrative, survey and other research data that currently exist or are in the process of being developed?  What additional data are required, and how would these best be collected?

  10. Greater Lincolnshire's Digital Landscape summary report

    Price, Liz; Annibal, Ivan
    The report provides a better understanding of use of digital technology within businesses in Greater Lincolnshire, and enables comparison of the area’s digital landscape with other areas profiled in the Tech Nation 2016 report

  11. Enhancing intellectual access for blind and partially sighted visitors to local and regional galleries and museums: Guidance on the inclusive exhibition design and curatorship of non-permanent exhibitions.

    Chick, Anne
    A guidance report containing innovative guidelines and insights in how to inclusive exhibition design and curator a non-permanent exhibitions for local and regional museums and galleries. This report is particularly focused on providing intellectual access to blind and partially sighted visitors.

  12. Ideas for change 2017: Extra Care Housing in Lincolnshire

    Paranagamage, Primali
    With current housing models struggling to meet the needs of a changing population now and for the future, students of the School of Architecture and Design, School of Health and Social Care and School of Business, University of Lincoln were challenged with understanding those needs and translating them into innovative design ideas for Extra Care Housing in Lincolnshire. The challenge was made in the form of a competition in 2016 that transferred evidence and knowledge to design principles in response to local needs and challenges. The students identified needs for the wellbeing of older people in Lincolnshire, which endorsed the...

  13. MacMillan Get Active, Feel Good Physical activity programme: interim report

    Windard, Donna; Henderson, Hannah; Pickerden, Alex; Cooper, Natalie; Mullineaux, David; Evans, Adam
    This evaluation report examined data regarding the implementation, impact and receipt of the two year Lincolnshire Sport and MacMillan Get Active, Feel Good programme after 12 months. The analysis was based upon the programme theory generated at the start of the programme. The Get Active, Feel Good programme aims to engage individuals who currently live with a diagnosis of cancer and to provide them with support in undertaking more physical activity. The programme is based on a 1:1 behaviour change model which is facilitated by two MacMillan physical activity practitioners who are working across Lincolnshire over a 12-month period of...

  14. Student as producer: research-engaged teaching, an institutional strategy

    Neary, Mike; Saunders, Gary; Hagyard, Andy; Derricott, Dan
    Student as Producer is a curriculum development project that has been ongoing at the University of Lincoln since 2007. The aim of the project has been to promote research-engaged teaching as the organising principle for teaching and learning across all subjects and all levels of taught provision at Lincoln. While there are many examples of research-engaged teaching in higher education what makes the curriculum distinctive at Lincoln is that research-engaged teaching is the default position for all teaching and learning at the University. While Student as Producer has been under development at Lincoln since 2007 this report focuses on the period 2010-2013, when the University of...

  15. Widening participation in golf: barriers to participation and GolfMark

    Piggott, David; Leslie, Gary; Poller, Greg
    This research was commissioned by the EGU and R&A in 2010. The aims of the research project were threefold: 1) To review the academic literature on barriers to participation in sport, especially golf; 2) To survey clubs, members and nomadic golfers to describe their perceptions of GolfMark and the issues it intends to address; 3) To gather in-depth data from a range of golf clubs to help understand how different club cultures may lead to the exclusion of underrepresented demographic groups.

  16. Cats and the law: a report for International Cat Care (iCatCare) (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB))

    Nurse, Angus; Ryland, Diane
    This research examines the legal status of cats, within the UK’s legal system (primarily in England and Wales) but also in an international context. It considers a range of different areas of law and conflicting perspectives within the UK’s animal welfare, contract, criminal and environmental law and also addresses issues of ownership and liability. In particular, the research examines how both domestic and wild cats are subject to different protection under the law and the manner in which ambiguities concerning the status of wild and domestic cats impose liability on humans for their actions in dealing with cats. The research was commissioned by the Feline Advisory Bureau...

  17. An evaluation of the economic impact of broadband in Lincolnshire: updated final report

    Price, Liz; Shutt, Jim; Atherton, Andrew; Noke, Hannah
    The Lincolnshire Broadband Initiative, ‘onlincolnshire’, was launched in 2003 to bring a range of broadband supply and demand stimulation activities to businesses across the county. The initiative has used £15 million of European funding, together with matched funding from Lincolnshire County Council, to support a series of significant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) interventions to provide support and financial assistance to eligible Lincolnshire businesses. The ‘onlincolnshire’ initiative has four long term strategic objectives. By 2010: • Lincolnshire will be the foremost rural County in the UK, with regards to ICT usage and skills and will have a commercial environment that embraces ICT; • The main employment sites and premises...

  18. Broadway rhythm: imaging the city in song

    Symonds, Dominic
    Broadway showtunes are legendary anthems to showbiz and paeans to ‘the city that never sleeps’. Time and again Broadway has turned a mirror on itself, writing songs, shows and storylines about showbiz, New York, or the great white way itself. This monograph explores New York through the music, the dance and the performance of its celebrated showtunes; more than this, it explores how Broadway as a phenomenon has ‘mapped’ the cultural and social development of Manhattan in its songs. Broadway Rhythm brings a post-structuralist approach to New York and its showtunes to consider how the songsmiths 'musicalise their vision of the...

  19. A boatload of wild Irishmen

    Winston, Brian; Hainstock, Chris; O Curraidhin, Mac Dara
    The Cinema of Robert Flaherty A 90 minute documentary about the life and film work of Robert Flaherty. Edited at University of Lincoln, filmed in HD from locations around the world. SCript written by Prof Brian WInston. Robert Flaherty (1884-1951) was the man credited with being the father of the modern documentary film after he produced and directed "Nanook of the North" in 1922. Flaherty is one of the great name directors in the history of cinema and to this day films such as "Nanook of the North", "Moana", "Man of Aran" and "Louisiana Story" are widely regarded as classics and still...

  20. On the merits of the Gaussian Mixture as a model for oriented edgel distributions

    Assheton, Philip; Hunter, Andrew
    The aim of this report is to establish the credibility of the Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) as a model for the distributions of oriented edgels of rigid and biological objects in noisy images. This is tackled in two stages: first, the response of the Soble filter to noisy pixels is analysed to show that the result holds for smooth ridid objects. Second, arguments are presented to support the proposition that the model can also effectively capture the added uncertainty introduced by natural shape variation, as found in images of biological objects. The result has particular application in the extension of...

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