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  1. Breaking Out of the Historical Private Sphere: Women's Involvement in the American Revolution

    Kidd, Franchesica
    Women in early America were going beyond their private spheres of homemaking, farming, cooking and things of the like--they were stepping into the public sphere, historically where men were, and immersing themselves in the political spectrum during the years of the American Revolution. Women boycotted, fought in battles, were spies, and even corresponded with George Washington during this time to prove not only were there Sons of Liberty, but Daughters of Liberty as well.

  2. Aging in Multisensory Integration

    Parker, Jessica
    Multisensory integration is the simultaneous processing of multiple sensory inputs into a single percept. The current study aims to further the understanding of multisensory integration across development and the individual contributions of visual and auditory information. Integration was observed using the Sound-Induced Flash Illusion task. In the first experiment, young children, young adults, and older adults participated in a variant of the Sound-Induced Flash Illusion, and found that auditory input had a stronger effect on visual processing than vice versa, and this effect increased with age. Experiment 2 used a similar version of the Sound-Induced Flash Illusion task on young...

  3. The effect of prosody on decision making

    Porter, Brandon
    This study sought to induce mood through affective prosody and then measure whether this had a significant effect on decision making. Prosody can be defined as tone, rate, or stress patterns that occur during speech. Prosody, when used to convey emotion, is termed affective prosody. Prior research suggests that mood is a viable predictor of performance on risky decision making tasks. More specifically, positive mood has been linked with heuristic processing, which relies on emotional reasoning. Initially, individuals feel more averse to losses and more pleased with wins, leading to more advantageous decision making. Negative emotion has been linked with...

  4. The Cross-Domain Priming of Language and Motor Rate

    Rike, Lindsey
    Previous research has indicated a possible connection between language, visual, and musical domains suggesting domain-general processing of temporal information. While some within-and cross-domain research has been conducted, little behavioral research has investigated a possible connection between the language and motor domains. The current research investigated a connection between the motor and language domains in temporal processing. It was expected that participants primed with a fast motor rate would speak at a faster rate, and those primed with a slow motor rate would speak more slowly. Participants (n = 81) were primed with a specific rate (fast/slow) in the tactile domain...

  5. The Perception of Research Quality Based on Institutional Esteem

    Bowman, Wyatt
    The present study examined whether institutional esteem contributes to how readers were persuaded by presented research information. It was hypothesized that the prestigious reputation of an institution may cause readers to process the presented information less thoroughly, and that they would use the institution as a heuristic cue when forming an attitude towards the presented topic. In Study 1, 267 participants on Amazon’s MTurk read an argument in favor of junk food taxation that varied based on the esteem (high, low) of the institution that conducted the research and on the strength of the argument (strong, weak). Results indicated a...

  6. Attention Bias Reduction in Individuals with Williams Syndrome

    McKenna, Erin
    Individuals with Williams syndrome (WS) have high levels of anxiety. In attention tracking tasks, individuals with WS and typically developing individuals with high levels of anxiety allocate greater attention to threatening images than typical individuals. In individuals with high levels of anxiety, Attention Bias Reduction (ABR) tasks reduce attention bias and anxiety symptoms. The purpose of this project is to investigate the use of ABR to reduce attention bias toward pictures of lightning in individuals with WS. This research includes two studies. Study One is an internet based survey in which individuals with WS rate nonthreatening (nature scenes) and threatening...

  7. The role of gesture meaningfulness in word learning across genders

    Gingras, Mary
    The focus of this study is adult word learning through the use of gestures. Previous research has shown that children use word and gesture combinations during word learning and that meaningful gestures, when paired with the object name being learned, facilitate greater word learning. Participants were measured on their word learning through three gesture conditions: meaningful gesture, nonsense gesture, and no gesture. Analyses also focused on learning outcomes of nouns versus verbs, as well as high frequency versus low frequency words. A secondary study was conducted to address possible limitations of the primary study. Neither study found a significant difference...

  8. Narcissism and the Motivation to Engage in Volunteerism

    Tumblin, Laraine
    Research suggests that volunteerism and narcissism are at all-time highs amongst young people (Corporation for National & Community Service, 2007; Twenge & Campbell, 2009). The present study used a Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000; Ryan & Deci, 2002) framework to understand why people volunteer and examined whether volunteer motivation was associated with narcissism. Because narcissists strive to self-promote (Wallace, Baumeister, & Vohs, 2005), it was predicted that narcissism would be positively associated with extrinsic motivations to volunteer (e.g., enhancement) and negatively associated with intrinsic motivations to volunteer (e.g., enjoyment). For the study, 350 participants completed a series of personality...

  9. Cross-Domain Priming of Language and Music

    Dickerson, Sara
    There is much evidence that domain-general learning is possible, but understanding the breadth of possible transfer will shed light on how different processing mechanisms are related. Evidence has shown that domain-specific transfer is possible in both the language domain and the music domain such that participants can be primed with information that later affects production in that same domain. This study used rate priming to look into cross-domain transfer between the language and music domains. Participants listened to a series of 20 recordings, either language or music stimuli, to prime a fast or a slow rate. After each prime, the...

  10. "An Experiment in Democracy:" Civilian Public Service and Conscientious Objectors in World War II

    Yoder, Marcus
    An overview of the impact of Civilian Public Service and the Historic Peace Churches in World War II.

  11. "Hell is Empty, and All the Devils are Here": The Influence of Doctor Faustus on The Tempest

    Holmes, Jonathan
    There are a number of analogous scenes and characters between Doctor Faustus and The Tempest that contribute to an argument for the influence of Marlowe's play upon Shakespeare's. Such an influence can have a profound effect on how we read The Tempest, specifically regarding how we perceive Prospero and Ariel.

  12. Perceptions of past and present attachment relationships

    Hagley, Anna M.
    The purpose of the present study was to investigate the extent to which individuals’ recollections of their attachment relationships during childhood were associated with their present attachment relationships, and how attachment was associated with the willingness to sacrifice for a relationship and psychological well-being. 177 participants completed questionnaires concerning their perceptions of their attachment relationships, their willingness to sacrifice in order to maintain their relationships, and their psychological well-being. Results revealed that perceptions of past attachment relationships with mother, father, and best friend were positively associated with present relationships, including the present relationship with one’s romantic partner. Past and present attachment relationships were positively associated with the willingness to...

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