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1. DMCA notices @ Caltech - Porter, George S.
DMCA takedown notices come into campus in at least four different channels – direct to faculty, or organizationally through campus computing, the Office of General Counsel (OGC), and the Caltech Library. From whichever channel the notice arrives, as a campus it has been decided to have the Library take the lead in evaluating the legitimacy of the notice and to prescribe whatever actions, if any, are necessary to achieve legal compliance. The Library works with affected faculty to take corrective action, when justified, educating faculty on their contractual obligations with publishers and offering the institutional repository, CaltechAUTHORS as a...

2. Quantum homomorphic encryption for circuits of low T-gate complexity - Broadbent, Anne; Jeffery, Stacey
Fully homomorphic encryption is an encryption method with the property that any computation on the plaintext can be performed by a party having access to the ciphertext only. Here, we formally define and give schemes for quantum homomorphic encryption, which is the encryption of quantum information such that quantum computations can be performed given the ciphertext only. Our schemes allows for arbitrary Clifford group gates, but become inefficient for circuits with large complexity, measured in terms of the non-Clifford portion of the circuit (we use the "π/8" non-Clifford group gate, which is also known as the T-gate). More specifically, two...

3. Fine-Grained Classification of Pedestrians in Video: Benchmark and State of the Art - Hall, David C.; Perona, Pietro
A video dataset that is designed to study fine-grained categorisation of pedestrians is introduced. Pedestrians were recorded “in-the-wild” from a moving vehicle. Annotations include bounding boxes, tracks, 14 keypoints with occlusion information and the fine-grained categories of age (5 classes), sex (2 classes), weight (3 classes) and clothing style (4 classes). There are a total of 27,454 bounding box and pose labels across 4222 tracks. This dataset is designed to train and test algorithms for fine-grained categorisation of people; it is also useful for benchmarking tracking, detection and pose estimation of pedestrians. State-of-the-art algorithms for fine-grained classification and pose estimation...

4. Annular Groove Phase Mask: an achromatic vortex coronagraph for differential polarimetric imaging - Mawet, Dimitri

5. Using the vector vortex coronagraph in the ExAO regime at Palomar: lessons learned - Mawet, D.; Burruss, R.; Serabyn, E.

6. First manufactured diamond AGPM vector vortex for the L- and N-bands: metrology and expected performances - Delacroix, Christian; Forsberg, P.; Karlsson, M.; Mawet, D.; Lenaerts, C.; Habraken, S.; Absil, O.; Hanot, C.; Surdej, J.

7. Need an L-band coronagraph with a small Inner Working Angle on a 10-m class telescope - Absil, O.; Delacroix, C.; Hanot, C.; Mawet, D.; Habraken, S.; Surdej, J.; Karlsson, M.

8. Enhancing the Vector Vector Vortex Coronagraph: Achromatic design and chromatic filtering Mitigation of susceptibility to aberrations and stellar size Immunization to central obscuration, segment gaps and spiders - Mawet, Dimitri

9. An AO Survey of the First Sample of Debris Disk Stars from WISE - Hinkley, Sasha; Mawet, Dimitri; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Padgett, Deborah; Morales, Farisa; Kraus, Adam; Ireland, Mike; Carpenter, John; Serabyn, Eugene; Mennesson, Bertrand; Kuhn, Jonas

10. Deep imaging of β Pictoris at L’: asymmetries in the disc and constraints on planets - Milli, Julien; Mawet, Dimitri; Mouillet, David; Absil, Olivier; Lagrange, Anne Marie; Girard, Julien; Augereau, Jean-Charles; Boccaletti, Anthony; Lannier, Justine; Keppler, Miriam
We demonstrate here the potential of VLT/NaCo at L’ (3.8μm) in Angular Differential Imaging (ADI). We detect the β Pictoris disc above 5σ between 0.4’’ and 3.8’’, after combining data from 7 epochs or 3.1 years. To avoid the smearing of the planet due to its orbital motion within this time span (green arrow), we subtracted the planet from the 7 datasets. We used a star subtraction technique based on PCA (Soummer et al. 2012) and corrected for ADI biases by iterating. We implemented a forward modeling approach to constrain the dust distribution.

11. Characterization, Comparative Genomics and Genome Mining for Antibiotics and Secondary Metabolite of two Actinomycetales isolates - Mariita, R. M.; Bhatnagar, S.; Hanselmann, K.; Hossain, M.; Liles, M.; Moss, A. G.; Leadbetter, J. L.; Newman, D. K.
Actinomycetes are ubiquitous Gram (+) bacteria commonly found to have high G+C content and best known for their metabolic by-products and novel enzymes [1]. Isolates CCMMD2014 & MRMD2014 were co-cultured from soil impacted by a rusty fire hydrant in Woods Hole, MA. The Streptomyces sp. and Curtobacterium sp. isolates were identified by marker genes for 16S rRNA, rpoB, xylose isomerase, tryptophan synthase beta chain and Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase. Both isolates showed lactic acid fermentation and urease activity. The co-isolates were separated by selective culturing with antibiotics. In addition, whole genome sequencing revealed distinct inherent metabolic pathways in each culture that allowed for mutually exclusive selective culture conditions....

12. Interaction of JLP with Plk1 recruits FoxK1 to interact and form a ternary complex - Ramkumar, P.; Lee, C. M.; Sweredoski, M. J.; Hess, S.; Sharrocks, A. D.; Haines, D. S.; Reddy, E. P.
JLP (JNK associated Leucine zipper protein) is a scaffolding protein, which has been shown to interact with and activate JNK/p38MAPK pathway. Its interaction with various signaling proteins is associated with coordinated regulation of cellular process such as endocytosis, motility, neurite outgrowth, cell proliferation and apoptosis. Here we identified a mitotic Serine/Threonine kinase, Polo like kinase 1 (Plk1), as a novel interaction partner of JLP through a mass spectrometry based approach. We show that the N-terminal domain of JLP interacts with the polo-box domain (PBD) of Plk1 in a phosphorylation-dependent manner. Our results indicate that, JLP is phospho-primed on Thr 351 residue on its Nterminus, which is...

13. Developing a Model for Slow Hypoxic Injury and Vascular Degeneration in Amyloid Burdened Brains - Floruta, C. M.; Chaves, F. L.; Medina, C. S.; Bearer, E. L.
The breakdown of neurovascular systems may play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease. However whether this breakdown initiates a degenerative mechanism or is the consequence of some other deleterious process remains unknown. We examined hippocampal pathology in double transgenic mice overexpressing a human mutant gene encoding the amyloid precursor protein (APPSwe/Ind) using a combination of histochemistry and stereologic techniques. Expression of APPSwe/Ind in these mice is driven by a tetracycline-sensitive promoter. Tetracycline transcriptional activator (tTA), the second transgene, is driven in turn by a CAM KIIa promoter that is only active in neurons. Thus this double transgenic construct allows us to control expression of...

14. Witnessing microtubule-based transport in the living brain: Impact of the cargomotor receptor, amyloid precursor protein, and Alzheimer’s plaques - Chaves, F. L.; Medina, C. S.; Zhang, X.; Jacobs, R. E.; Bearer, E. L.
Most amyloid precursor protein (APP)-based Alzheimer’s models overexpress mutant human APP resulting in Abeta plaques. Yet the relative contribution of this elevated APP and the presence of plaques to neurodegeneration remains a big question. APP’s role as a cargo-motor receptor for axonal transport suggests that overexpression might lead to increased transport. Indeed we showed that transport is increased in Down’s syndrome and decreased in APP knockout mice. Hence transport may be elevated in APP overexpressors and lead to either beneficial or deleterious consequences. Here we use high field microMRI with Mn2+, an MR contrast agent useful as a track-tracer, to pose this cell biological quest ion within the...

15. Data Analysis in the Biological Sciences: A 10-week hands-on course to equip students with tools for quantitative cell biology - Bois, J. S.
The big questions in cell biology increasingly require quantitative approaches to get answers. A typical graduate student spends nearly as much time analyzing her data as she does acquiring them. Most graduate students, and indeed even senior researchers, learn analysis techniques as they need them. This often results in choosing the most familiar or commonly used analysis tool, as opposed to the optimal one. To meet the growing needs of students as they begin their careers in quantitative biology, I developed a hands-on course covering basic data analysis techniques useful in cell and developmental biology. The goal is build a repertoire of functional skills with a...

16. Metastasis Upregulated Genes Have Distinct Function in C. elegans Cell Migrations - Vetrone, S. A.; Kato, M.; Sternberg, P.
Cell migration is vital for normal animal development but also contributes to the invasive spreading of early stage metastatic cancer. From two published databases, we complied 107 genes unregulated in either breast cancer or melanoma metastases and investigated their requirement in two Caenorhabditis elegans cell migrations: the male linker cell (LC) and hermaphrodite distal tip cells (DTC) which have similar functions as gonadal leader cells that undergo a complex migration while pulling non-motile followers. We performed an RNAi screen to identify genes implicated in normal LC and DTC migrations. Thirty-two genes from the metastasis list were required for the cell migration of which 13 genes effected the...

17. Distinct Intracellular Trafficking Patterns of Host IgG by Herpes Virus Fc-Receptors - Ndjamen, B.; Fraser, S. E.; Bjorkman, P. J.
Members of both alpha and beta herpes viruses affects 50–98% of people around the world. They cause severe symptoms in congenitally infected newborns, a lifelong latent infection that is lethal in immunocompromised individuals, and are associated with several types of cancer. Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) viruses express proteins (HCMV gp68 and gp34; HSV-1 gE-gI) that function as Fc receptors (FcRs) by binding to the Fc regions of human IgG. In addition to binding free IgG, these viral FcRs can bind to IgG complexed with an antigen to form an antibody bipolar bridged (ABB) complex. Although HCMV gp68...

18. Mechanochemical feedback regulates the dynamics of the PAR system in C. elegans zygotes - Gross, P.; Kumar, V. K.; Goehring, N. W.; Bois, J. S.; Jülicher, F.; Grill, S. W.
The interplay between regulatory biochemistry and cell mechanics is critical for a broad range of morphogenetic changes. Cell mechanics can induce transport via growth and flow-fields, which in turn affect concentration-fields of regulators. Such systems exhibit an intrinsic feedback-architecture between regulators of cell mechanics and mechanical deformation. While we anticipate that this feedback between biochemistry and cell mechanics is widespread in Morphogenesis, there are few examples that are studied with respect to their potential for generating spatiotemporal patterns. Here we establish at a quantitative level that PAR polarization of C. elegans zygotes represents a coupled mechanochemical system. Using Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) and RNA interference (RNAi), we...

19. Deformation of Drill Pipe Held in Rotary Slips - Vreeland, T., Jr.
This paper presents an analysis of measurements of drill-pipe deformation in the slip area. Drill pipe was loaded in excess of the load at the minimum yield strength with the pipe in VARCO Type SOL and Type SDXL slips. A VARCO Type MSS solid master bushing was used with the type SDL slips and the master bushing of a VARCO KMPC unit was used with the Type SDXL slips. Measurements were made on the reduction in pipe diameter in the slip area as a function of load. Values of load which caused inelastic deformation of the pipe are determined and compared to the values previously calculated from theory.

20. Examining the Abundance of Rare Elements in Solar Energetic Particle Events - Cohen, C. M. S.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Christian, E. R.; Cummings, A. C.; Leske, R. A.; Slocum, P. L.; Stone, E. C.; von Rosenvinge, T. T.; Wiedenbeck, M. E.
Using data accumulated with the Solar Isotope Spectrometer on ACE during 27 large solar energetic pa1ticle (SEP) events the effects of charge-to-mass (Q/M) fractionation on rare elements arc examined. In an attempt to correct for these fractionation effects and obtain preliminary estimates of the coronal abundances of K, Ti, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn, the SEP events are classified according to their Fe/Si ratio. The data from all events within an Fe/Si category are summed and the rare element abundances extracted over an energy interval of 20 to 65 MeV/nucleon. We estimated the apparent Q/M fractionation, corrected for it, and...

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