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  1. The direct sum decomposability of e M in dimension 2

    Yao, Yongwei

  2. The Chern coefficients of local rings

    Vasconcelos, Wolmer

  3. Generalized test ideals and symbolic powers

    Takagi, Shunsuke; Yoshida, Ken-ichi

  4. Toric geometry of cuts and splits

    Sturmfels, Bernd; Sullivant, Seth

  5. Longest alternating subsequences of permutations

    Stanley, Richard

  6. Noncommutative resolutions and rational singularities

    Stafford, J. T.; Van den Bergh, M.

  7. Rational singularities associated to pairs

    Schwede, Karl; Takagi, Shunsuke

  8. Almost regular sequences and the monomial conjecture

    Roberts, Paul

  9. Rationality of Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities: A likely counterexample

    Monsky, Paul

  10. A property of the absolute integral closure of an excellent local domain in mixed characteristic

    Lyubeznik, Gennady

  11. On points at infinity of real spectra of polynomial rings

    Lucas, Francios; Schaub, Daniel; Spivakovsky, Mark

  12. A vanishing theorem for finitely supported ideals in regular local rings

    Lipman, Joseph

  13. Oriented cohomology, Borel-Moore homology, and algebraic cobordism

    Levine, Marc

  14. Syzygies of multiplier ideals on singular varieties

    Lazarsfeld, Robert; Lee, Kyungyong; Smith, Karen E.

  15. Frobenius splitting of certain rings of invariants

    Lakshmibai, V.; Raghavan, K. N.; Sankaran, P.

  16. A local ring such that the map between Grothendieck groups with rational coefficients induced by completion is not injective

    Kurano, Kazuhiko; Srinivas, Vasudevan

  17. F-Thresholds, tight closure, integral closure, and multiplicity bounds

    Huneke, Craig; Mustata, Mircea; Takagi, Shunsuke; Watanabe, Ken-ichi

  18. Adjoints of ideals

    Hübl, Reinhold; Swanson, Irena

  19. Lifting seminormality

    Heitmann, Raymond

  20. Multi-ideal-adic completions of Noetherian rings

    Heinzer, William; Rotthaus, Christel; Wiegand, Sylvia

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