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  1. Virasoro actions and harmonic maps (after Schwarz)

    Vajiac, Mihaela; Uhlenbeck, Karen
    The actions of a half Virasoro algebra have appeared in many integrable systems. In this paper we show that there is an action of a (Half) Virasoro algebra on the space of (2+0) harmonic maps into a Lie group. This action is generated by a natural action on the frames. A similar calculation on the space-time (1+1) harmonic maps yields formulas generated by John Schwarz.

  2. Regularization of currents with mass control and singular Morse inequalities

    Popovici, Dan

  3. Motivic and quantum invariance under stratified Mukai flops

    Fu, Baohua; Wang, Chin-Lung

  4. Analytic torsion for Calabi-Yau threefolds

    Fang, Hao; Lu, Zhiqin; Yoshikawa, Ken-Ichi
    After Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa, we introduce an invariant of Calabi-Yau threefolds, which we call the BCOV invariant and which we obtain using analytic torsion. We give an explicit formula for the BCOV invariant as a function on the compactified moduli space, when it is isomorphic to a projective line. As a corollary, we prove the formula for the BCOV invariant of quintic mirror threefolds conjectured by Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa.

  5. A regularity and compactness theory for immersed stable minimal hypersurfaces of multiplicity at most 2

    Wickramasekera, N.

  6. Pions and generalized cohomology

    Freed, D. S.
    The Wess-Zumino-Witten term was first introduced in the low energy σ-model which describes pions, the Goldstone bosons for the broken flavor symmetry in quantum chromodynamics. We introduce a new definition of this term in arbitrary gravitational backgrounds. It matches several features of the fundamental gauge theory, including the presence of fermionic states and the anomaly of the flavor symmetry. To achieve this matching, we use a certain generalized differential cohomology theory. We also prove a formula for the determinant line bundle of special families of Dirac operators on 4-manifolds in terms of this cohomology theory. One consequence is that there are no global anomalies in the Standard Model (in arbitrary gravitational...

  7. SubRiemannian geometry, a variational approach

    Calin, O.; Chang, D.-C.
    The paper deals with a variational approach of the subRiemannian geometry from the point of view of Hamilton-Jacobi and Hamiltonian formalism. We present a discussion of geodesics from the point of view of both formalisms, and prove that the normal geodesics are locally length-minimizing horizontal curves.

  8. Minimal Lagrangian diffeomorphisms between domains in the hyperbolic plane

    Brendle, S.

  9. Some new Riemannian invariants

    Croke, Christopher B.

  10. On the lower bound for the injectivity radius of $1/4$-pinched Riemannian manifolds

    Cheeger, Jeff; Gromoll, Detlef

  11. The Laplacian and the Kohn Laplacian for the sphere

    Geller, Daryl

  12. Sub-Cartesian spaces

    Aronszajn, N.; Szeptycki, P.

  13. Automorphism groups of some geometric structures

    Ku, Hsü Tung

  14. Abstract Weingarten surfaces

    Milnor, Tilla Klotz

  15. Espaces de nullité du tenseur de courbure sur les fibrés principaux

    Tong Van Duc

  16. Suites de Jordan-Hölder et principales d'un groupe de Lie

    Kumpera, A.

  17. The $\rm{SU}(3)$ Casson invariant for integral homology 3-spheres

    Boden, Hans U.; Herald, Christopher M.

  18. On the topology of birational minimal models

    Wang, Chin-Lung

  19. The finiteness of the mapping class group for atoroidal 3-manifolds with genuine laminations

    Gabai, David; Kazez, William H.

  20. Vanishing theorems on complete Kähler manifolds and their applications

    Ni, Lei

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