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  1. The Future of Power Law Research

    Mitzenmacher, Michael
    I argue that power law research must move from focusing on observation, interpretation, and modeling of power law behavior to instead considering the challenging problems of validation of models and control of systems.
    (application/pdf) - 09-dic-2017

  2. Towards a Theory of Scale-Free Graphs: Definition, Properties, and Implications

    Li, Lun; Alderson, David; Doyle, John C.; Willinger, Walter
    There is a large, popular, and growing literature on "scale-free"€networks with the Internet along with metabolic networks representing perhaps the canonical examples. While this has in many ways reinvigorated graph theory, there is unfortunately no consistent, precise definition of scale-free graphs and few rigorous proofs of many of their claimed properties. In fact, it is easily shown that the existing theory has many inherent contradictions and that the most celebrated claims regarding the Internet and biology are verifiably false. In this paper, we introduce a structural metric that allows us to differentiate between all simple, connected graphs having an identical...
    (application/pdf) - 09-dic-2017

  3. Codes for the World Wide Web

    Boldi, Paolo; Vigna, Sebastiano
    We introduce a new family of simple, complete instantaneous codes for positive integers, called ζ codes, which are suitable for integers distributed as a power law with small exponent (smaller than 2). The main motivation for the introduction of ζ codes comes from web-graph compression: if nodes are numbered according to URL lexicographical order, gaps in successor lists are distributed according to a power law with small exponent. We give estimates of the expected length of ζ codes against power-law distributions, and compare the results with analogous estimates for the more classical γ, δ and variable-length block codes.
    (application/pdf) - 09-dic-2017

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