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  1. Table of Contents, Volume 7

  2. Errata for Raymond D. Gumb and Karel Lambert's "Definitions in Nonstrict Positive Free Logic"

    Gumb, Raymond D.; Lambert, Karel

  3. Updates and corrections to: ``The development of multiset theory"

    Blizard, Wayne D.

  4. Review of Ray Monk, Bertrand Russell: The Spirit of Solitude, 1872--1921

    Anellis, Irving H.

  5. Review of Francisco A. Rodriguez-Consuegra, The Mathematical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell: Origins and Development

    Shosky, John

  6. Review of Martin Goldstern and Haim Judah, The Incompleteness Phenomenon: A New Course in Mathematical Logic

    Murawski, Roman

  7. Review of Witold Marciszewski and Roman Murawski, Mechanization of Reasoning in a Historical Perspective

    Peckhaus, Volker

  8. Review of Shaughn Lavine, Understanding the Infinite

    Fuller, Mark

  9. Edmund Husserl: A Philosopher for all Seasons?: Review of Barry Smith and David Woodruff Smith (editors), The Cambridge Companion to Husserl

    Rosado Haddock, Guillermo E.

  10. Review of Leon Henkin, The Discovery of My Completeness Proofs

    Anellis, Irving H.

  11. Government by Logic: Review of: A Mathematical Approach to Proportional Representation: Duncan Black on Lewis Carroll

    Abeles, Francine F.

  12. Bibliographic Notes

    Anellis, Irving H.

  13. Books Received

  14. Reviews Department

    Abeles, Francine F.

  15. Working Replica ABC computer unveiled

  16. A bibliography of the scientific work of V. A. Smirnov

  17. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Smirnov's works

  18. Basic principles of V. A. Smirnov's conception of scientific philosophy and logic

    Anisov, A. M.

  19. Non-Fregean approach to V. A. Smirnov's combined logics

    Vasyukov, Vladimir L.

  20. Formal reconstruction of the assertoric syllogistic of N. A. Vasiliev

    Kostiouk, T.; Markin, V.

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