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  1. On $Q$-conic Bundles, II

    Mori, Shigefumi; Prokhorov, Yuri

  2. On “M-Functions” Closely Related to the Distribution of L'/L-Values

    Ihara, Yasutaka

  3. Symmetric Crystals for $gl?$

    Enomoto, Naoya; Kashiwara, Masaki
    In the preceding paper, we formulated a conjecture on the relations between certain classes of irreducible representations of a?ne Hecke algebras of type B and symmetric crystals for $gl?$. In the present paper, we prove the existence of the symmetric crystal and the global basis for $gl?$.

  4. Conformally Invariant Systems of Di?erential Equations and Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces of Heisenberg Parabolic Type

    Barchini, L.; Kable, Anthony C.; Zierau, Roger
    Several systems of partial di?erential operators are associated to each complex simple Lie algebra of rank greater than one. Each system is conformally invariant under the given algebra. The systems so constructed yield explicit reducibility results for a family of scalar generalized Verma modules attached to the Heisenberg parabolic subalgebra of the given Lie algebra. Points of reducibility for such families lie in the union of several arithmetic progressions, possibly overlapping. For classical algebras, enough systems are constructed to account for the ?rst point of reducibility in each progression. The relationship between these results and a conjecture of Akihiko Gyoja...

  5. Classi?cation of Deformation Quantization Algebroids on Complex Symplectic Manifolds

    Polesello, Pietro

  6. Retraction Notice: Retraction of ``Infinite Dimensionality of the Middle $\boldsymbol{L}^2$-cohomology on Non-compact Kähler Hyperbolic Manifolds''

  7. Asymptotics of the Spectral Density for Radial Dirac Operators with Divergent Potentials

    Eastham, Michael S. P.; Schmidt, Karl Michael
    We study the asymptotics of the spectral density of one-dimensional Dirac systems on the half-line with an angular momentum term and a potential tending to infinity at infinity. The problem has two singular end-points; however, as the spectrum is simple, the derivative of the spectral matrix has only one non-zero eigenvalue which we take to be the spectral density. Our main result shows that, assuming sufficient regularity of the potential, there are no points of spectral concentration for large values of the spectral parameter outside a neighbourhood of a discrete set of exceptional points.

  8. Simultaneous Linearization of Holomorphic Maps with Hyperbolic and Parabolic Fixed Points

    Ueda, Tetsuo
    We study local holomorphic mappings of one complex variable with parabolic fixed points as a limit of a families of mappings with attracting fixed points. We show that the Fatou coordinate for a parabolic fixed point can be obtained as a limit of some linear function of the solutions to Schröder equation for perturbed mappings with attracting fixed points.

  9. Notes on Microstate Free Entropy of Projections

    Hiai, Fumio; Ueda, Yoshimichi
    We study the microstate free entropy $\chi_{\proj}(p_1,\dots,p_n)$ of projections, and establish its basic properties similar to the self-adjoint variable case. Our main contribution is to characterize the pair-block freeness of projections by the additivity of $\chi_{\proj}$ (Theorem \ref{T-4.1}), in the proof of which a transportation cost inequality plays an important role. We also briefly discuss the free pressure in relation to $\chi_{\proj}$

  10. Corrigendum to ``Decay of Solutions of Wave-type Pseudo-differential Equations over $p-$adic Fields"

    Zuniga-Galindo, W. A.

  11. A Presentation of Lie Tori of Type $B_\ell$

    Yousofzadeh, Malihe
    We give a finite presentation of the universal covering algebra of a Lie torus of type $B_{\ell},$ $\ell\geq3$.

  12. On projective invariance of Brownian motion

    Hida, Takeyuki; Kubo, Izumi; Nomoto, Hisao; Yoshizawa, Hisaaki

  13. A classification of factors. II

    Araki, Huzihiro

  14. The degenerate case of boundary value problems associated with weakly nonlinear differential systems

    Urabe, Minoru

  15. Sur la condition de E. E. Levi concernant des équations hyperboliques

    Mizohata, Sigeru; Ohya, Yujiro

  16. Wave and scattering operators for second-order elliptic operators in {$R\sp{3}$}

    Ikebe, Teruo; Tayoshi, Takao

  17. On type classification of factors constructed as infinite tensor products

    Takenouchi, Osamu

  18. Eigenfunction expansions associated with the Schrödinger operator with a complex potential and the scattering theory

    Mochizuki, Kiyoshi

  19. Wave operators for {$-\Delta $} in a domain with non-finite boundary

    Ikebe, Teruo

  20. On the diagonalization of a bilinear Hamiltonian by a Bogoliubov transformation

    Araki, Huzihiro

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