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  1. Analysis of an Eco-Epidemiological Model with Time Delay

    Zhu, Hui; Xiong, Zuoliang; Wang, Xin

  2. Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Simplex Distribution Nonlinear Mixed Models via the Stochastic Approximation Algorithm

    Zhang, Wenzhuan; Wei, Hongjie

  3. Dynamic Behavior of a Delayed Impulsive SEIRS Model In Epidemiology

    Zhang, Tailei; Teng, Zhidong

  4. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Global Attractivity of Hopfield-Type Neural Networks with Time Delays

    Zhang, Shangguo; Ma, Wanbiao; Kuang, Yang

  5. Simple Models for Avian Influenza

    Ye, Xingyang; Li, Xuepeng

  6. Global Solutions for a Tritrophic Food Chain Model with Diffusion

    Yang, Fang; Fu, Shengmao

  7. Stability and Bifurcation in a Beddington-Deangelis Type Predator-Prey Model with Prey Dispersal

    Xu, Rui; Ma, Zhien; Gan, Qintao

  8. A Class of Nonlinear Multistage Dynamical System and its Optimal Control

    Wang, Huiyuan; Feng, Enmin; Xiu, Zhilong

  9. A Stage Structured Predator-Prey Model with Time Delays

    Wang, Yan; Wu, Jianhong; Xiao, Yanni

  10. Periodic Solutions in a Delayed Predator-Prey Model with Nonmonotonic Functional Response

    Wang, Lin-Lin; Fan, Yong-Hong; Ge, Wei-Gao

  11. Global Stability and Hopf Bifurcation on a Predator-Prey System with Diffusion and Delays

    Wang, Yuquan

  12. Dynamic Behaviors of a Single-Species Population Model With Birth Pulses in a Polluted Environment

    Tao, Fengmei; Liu, Bing

  13. The Effect of Partial Crop Harvest on Biological Pest Control

    Nundloll, S.; Mailleret, L.; Grognard, F.

  14. Permanence in Multi-Species Competitive Systems with Delays And Feedback Controls

    Nie, Linfei; Peng, Jigen; Teng, Zhidong

  15. Waning Herd Immunity: A Challenge for Eradication of Measles

    Moghadas, Seyed M.; Alexander, Murray E.; Sahai, Beni M.

  16. Mathematical Analysis of a Basic Virus Infection Model With Application to HBV Infection

    Min, Lequan; Su, Yongmei; Kuang, Yang

  17. The Analysis of an HIV/AIDS Model with Vaccination

    Maoxing, Liu; Zhen, Jin

  18. Global Dynamics in a TB Model Incorporating Case Detection And Two Treatment Stages

    Liu, Luju; Zhou, Yicang; Wu, Jianhong

  19. Modeling Disease Spread via Transport-Related Infection By a Delay Differential Equation

    Liu, Junli; Wu, Jianhong; Zhou, Yicang

  20. Modeling and Analysis of a Delayed Competitive System With Impulsive Perturbations

    Liu, Zhijun; Tan, Ronghua; Chen, Yiping

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