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  1. Oblique duals associated with rational subspace Gabor frames

    Akinlar, M.A.; Gabardo, J.P.

  2. Channel Identification under Doppler and Time Shifts using Mixed Training Signals

    Xia, X.G.

  3. Pontryagin Principle in Abstract Spaces

    Craven, B.D.

  4. Constant-sign solutions of a system of Volterra Integral Equations in Orlicz Spaces

    Agarwal, R.P.; O'Regan, D.; Wong, P.J.Y.

  5. Boundary Integral Equations in bending of Thermoelastic Plates with Mixed Boundary Conditions

    Chudinovich, I.; Constanda, C.

  6. Stabilizability of integro-differential parabolic equations

    Prato, Giuseppe Da; Lunardi, Alessandra

  7. On the correctness of the problem of inverting the finite Hilbert transform in certain aeroelastic models

    Madych, W.R.

  8. On an extension of the Trotter-Kato theorem for resolvent families of operators

    Lizama, C.

  9. Spectral approximations for Weiner-Hopf operators

    Anselone, P.M.; Sloan, I.H.

  10. On the stable and unstable subspaces of a critical functional differential equation

    Staffans, Olaf J.

  11. Integral equations for transmission problems in linear elasticity

    Costabel, M.; Stephan, E.P.

  12. Distributional solutions of singular integral equations

    Frisch, H.; Mee, C.V.M. Van Der; Zweifel, P.F.

  13. Application of orthogonality relations to singular integral equations

    Mee, C.V.M. Van Der; Zweifel, P.F.

  14. On a generalized integral equation which originates from a problem in diffusion theory

    McGregor, M.T.

  15. Convergence of inner/outer source iterations with finite termination of the inner iterations

    Nelson, Paul; Katti, C.P.; Neta, Beny

  16. Pointwise error estimates for the trigonometric collocation method applied to singular integral equations and periodic pseudodiΘerential equations

    McLean, W.; Pröbdorf, S.B.; Wendland, W.L.

  17. Discrete numerical solvability of Hammerstein integral equations of mixed type

    Ganesh, M.; Joshi, M.C.

  18. Projection methods for singular integral equations

    Elliott, David

  19. A comprehensive approach to the approximate solution of singular integral equations

    Elliott, David

  20. Global stability condition for collocation methods for volterra integral equations of the second kind ByM.R. Crisci, Z. Jackiewicz, E. Russo and A Vecchio

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