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  1. Nonlinear optical microscopy for the invisible: vibrational imaging of small molecules in live cells and electronic imaging of fluorophores into the ultra deep

    Wei, Lu
    Nonlinear optical microscopy (NOM) has become increasingly popular in biomedical research in recent years with the developments of laser sources, contrast mechanisms, novel probes and etc. One of the advantages of NOM over the linear counterpart is the ability to image deep into scattering tissues or even on the whole animals. This is due to the adoption of near-infrared excitation that is of less scattering than visible excitation, and the intrinsic optical sectioning capability minimizing the excitation background beyond focal volume. Such an advantage is particularly prominent in two-photon fluorescence microscopy compared to one-photon fluorescence microscopy. In addition, NOM may...
    (application/pdf) - 12-jun-2018

  2. MEMS IMU navigation with model based dead-reckoning and one-way-travel-time acoustic range measurements for autonomous underwater vehicles

    Kepper, James H., IV
    Recent advances in acoustic navigation methodologies are enabling the way for AUVs to extend their submerged mission time and maintain a bounded XY position error. Additionally, advances in inertial sensor technology have drastically lowered the size, power consumption, and cost of these sensors. Nonetheless, these sensors are still noisy and accrue error over time. This thesis builds on the research and recent developments in single beacon one-way travel-time (OWTT) acoustic navigation and investigates the degree of bounding position error for small AUVs with a minimal navigation strap-down sensor suite, relying mostly on a consumer grade microelectromechanical system (MEMS) inertial measurement...
    - 30-mar-2018

  3. Strength properties of nanoporous materials: Theoretical analyses and Molecular Dynamics computations

    Brach, Stella
    Since the recent arising of advanced nano-technologies, as well as of innovative engineering design approaches, nanoporous materials have been extensively studied in the last two decades, leading to a considerable worldwide research interest in both industrial and academic domains. Generally characterised by high specific surface area, uniform pore size and rich surface chemistry, nanoporous materials have allowed for the development of challenging ultra-high performance devices with tailorable properties, finding widespread application in several technical fields, including civil and environmental engineering, petroleum and chemical industries, aeronautics and biomechanics. In order to fulfil to these promising applications, one of the most fundamental research aspect...
    (application/pdf) - 21-sep-2017

  4. Astronomical Searches for Nanosecond Optical Pulses

    Howard, Andrew William
    With "Earth 2000" technology we could generate a directed laser pulse that outshines the broadband visible light of the Sun by four orders of magnitude. This is a conservative lower bound for the technical capability of a communicating civilization; optical interstellar communication is thus technically plausible. This thesis considers interstellar communication with nanosecond optical pulses. Its topics are the theory of such signaling, natural sources, two astronomical searches--their search methodologies, experimental implementations, candidate events, and implications--and a custom integrated circuit designed to detect such signals. The targeted search examined some 6000 Sun-like stars with a sensitivity of ≥100 photons/m^2 in ≤5...
    (application/pdf) - 28-ago-2017

  5. Three essays in empirical industrial organization

    Shum, Matthew
    This thesis consists of three empirical essays on topics in industrial organization. Chapter 1 introduces the three essays and describes their main results. In chapter 2, I measure the effects of advertising on households' choices among competing brands of differentiated products when households are habit persistent. In markets characterized by habit persistent consumers, an important role for advertising may be to encourage consumers to "switch" to newer, less familiar brands. This potentially enhances competition between competing brands by reducing household-level differentiation between brands that a household is and is not experienced with, contrary to the traditional Bainian arguments that advertising...
    (application/pdf) - 12-sep-2017

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