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Volume 13, no. 4 (February, 1930)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Alumni News

  3. Engineering Abstracts

  4. Cranks and Countershafts

  5. The Bookshelf

  6. Campus Notes

  7. Editorial

  8. Engineers in Building Construction

  9. The Earth

    Garling, Emerson W.
    First part of a series of articles titled "H. K. N." sponsored by Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering fraternity.

  10. The Beaux-Arts Ball

    McKee, Harley J.

  11. Why the Engineer?

    Gay, Hayward A.

  12. Keeping Up With Aviation

    Ewing, Robert M.

  13. Manufacturing an Airplane

    Sandfort, John

  14. Great Engineers

  15. Washington, the Engineer

    Constance, Eldon G.
    Today, the president of the United States is an engineer; one hundred and forty-one years ago saw the inauguration of another engineer, George Washington, the first president, and "Father of Our Country." Since he possessed such diversified accomplishments it is only natural for us to overlook his more humble occupation of an engineer in favor of the romantic and heroic role of soldier and statesman. Even so, he was essentially an engineer, being a planner, a builder, and a visualizer of the future needs of his country. It was the keen analytical mind of the engineer that enabled him to conquer an army that was thought invincible. Not only do we have accounts...

  16. Modern Tendencies in Surface Transportation

    Doyle, Lee P.

  17. The Metallurgical Engineer

    Dierker, Arthur H. (Arthur Harvey), 1896-1979

  18. Front Matter

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