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Volume 13, no. 5 (March, 1930)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Novel Oil Well Camera

  3. Cranks and Countershafts

  4. Engineering Abstracts

  5. Alumni News

  6. Campus Notes

  7. Beaux-Arts Ball

    Allen, Mark L.

  8. Editorial

  9. The Bookshelf

  10. New York

    Rosenfeld, Millard
    Recently, I received from home several clippings from a New York newspaper. They set me to thinking that soon many of our seniors, graduates- about-to-be, will be taking up their life work and residence in the great metropolis to the east. And for those who are still undecided whether they might like life in New York, perhaps a few impressions of one who has lived there may be of some value.

  11. The Equatorial Telescope Mounting

    Bucher, William E.

  12. A Crankless Motor

    Bedell, Robert J.

  13. Keeping Up With Aviation

    Ewing, Robert M.

  14. Sway of Skyscrapers

    Dickerson, Frank James Jr.

  15. Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University

    Dreese, Edwin E.

  16. Front Matter

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