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Volume 14, no. 1 (October, 1930)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. The New Welland Ship Canal Built for Deep Draft Vessels

  3. Engineering Abstracts

  4. Alumni News

  5. Cranks and Countershafts

  6. The Bookshelf

  7. Campus Notes

  8. Keeping Up With Aviation

    Ewing, Robert M.

  9. Editorial

  10. Using Students For Part-Time Work

    Faust, H. M.
    The university is quite liberal in endeavoring to assist students in a financial way. Besides the Loan Fund, which gives such help in a direct way, every attempt to employ students is fostered. Undergraduates who are in search of part-time work often secure such through the department with which they are affiliated. Of course, those students who have had the good fortune to be associated with a particular industry or trade are usually given the preference, but this is not always essential. In this article, Mr. Faust gives us an interesting account of student employment in the college of engineering. Evidently much is to be gained...

  11. Some New Aircraft Types

    Ewing, Robert M.

  12. Gravel

    Trimmer, Fred H.

  13. A Smoke Eliminator

    Sheets, W. D.

  14. Padlocks : A WEAO Radio Talk

    Clark, Edgar C.

  15. Elevator System on Tallest Building

  16. Bridges in Ohio

    Burroughs, William E.

  17. Front Matter

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