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Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Underneath

    Harrison, Aimee (Aimee C.)
    Underneath is a full-length novel that follows Maggie Lawrence, a twelve-year-old girl growing up in the late 1970s, through the first eight months of her parents' divorce. To escape their fighting, Maggie crawls under her bed. There, she is transported to the Forest, a place where all the animals who were in the tree when the tree was cut down to make Maggie's bed are trapped. Maggie helps her friends attempt to escape the Forest, a place where nothing can change or grow, while struggling with the feeling that, in her real world, Maggie doesn't want anything to change or...

  2. Catalogue of a Loss

    Berger, Larisa (Larisa A.)
    Catalogue of a Loss is a collection of sixty-two prose poems written within the past year and half. The work is printed on 4x6 cards. Each poem may be read individually from a single card or the poems can be read in sequences. Each poem maps to at least one prescribed sequence that is visually indicated on the card(s). In the case that the poem maps to multiple sequences that poem is reprinted so that each subset it belongs to may be individually represented. Within this document, I've provided re-printings of the cards along with four of the larger possible...

  3. The shield

    Iglesias, Brian (Brian M.)
    A young boy grows up in a future world buried under snow, a great factory and research lab with his father at the head. As he grows he is torn between the desire to be like his beloved father and the equally strong desire to get out from under his shadow in the eyes of those around him, in a world where there is nowhere else to go. Between chapters of this story, a trio of smaller stories set in the present day tells the tale of how the world reached the state shown in the future. Each is the...

  4. Secrets of the MIT mystery hunt : an exploration of the theory underlying the construction of a multi-puzzle contest

    Gottlieb, Mark Louis, 1974-
    This is an exploration of the rules and guidelines that underlie the structure of a multi-puzzle contest (a competition consisting of one large puzzle made up of a number of smaller constituent puzzles). The MIT Mystery Hunt, a multi-puzzle contest held on campus each January, is the second-largest annual event of this nature in the United States. The theories put forth in this exploration were culled from personal experience. Having played in four MIT Mystery Hunts and constructed two, as well as participating in other multi-puzzle contests such as the Miami Herald Tropic Hunt, the Random House $10,000 Trivia Challenge,...

  5. To our health : the role of IT in healthcare

    Powell, Adam C. (Adam Cooper)
    Preventable medical complications are afflicting a growing number of Americans. Meanwhile, the field of healthcare has been slow to uptake information technology. This thesis reviews existing literature in order to produce recommendations on how to use information technology to reduce the cost and increase the quality of healthcare in the United States. Current findings and statistics from academic and governmental sources are cited in order to illustrate the present state of the healthcare system. Changes in the healthcare model are advocated on an individual, corporate, and government level. It is proposed that improvements can be made through the metrication of...

  6. All that is worth remembering

    Young, Jessica Olivia
    In the December of my Senior year, my old piano teacher died. Old not in the sense of age, because he was really quite young (in general, but specifically to die), but in the sense that I took lessons from him when I was a kid and young adult (how I despise that term), and hadn't spoken with him, at least not at length, in years. Standing at his wake-only the second I'd been to in my life and the first that was more than a small room of silent people and the acrid smell of lilies-I found myself, awkwardly,...

  7. Tennessee waltz

    Lewis, Allison (Allison Carol)
    Tennessee Waltz is a collection of short stories, set in Memphis, Tennessee, about the lives of three characters, a mother, daughter, and grandmother. These stories raise a series of questions: What is absolute? What is right and wrong? What are God and heaven? What is beauty? What is love? Centered around the death of the grandfather, Tennessee Waltz addresses these questions and tells how these three women come to understand their mortality by learning to have faith in each other.

  8. Stick shift

    Parness, Aaron J. (Aaron Joseph), 1981-; MIT Program in Writing & Humanistic Studies.
    Stick Shift is a novel that has undergone several rounds of significant revision. Scott, the book's main character, is a sarcastic American who travels to England to move in with an ex-girlfriend. He experiences all of the obstacles involved in moving to a new country, leaving his home, and settling down with a woman in a comic sequence told in seven chapters.The introduction to this piece outlines my history as a writer, primarily focusing on my development at MIT. The thesis project is discussed and followed from its initial seed all the way through to its current state.

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