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1. Cross-curricular teaching in the primary school: planning and facilitating imaginative lessons - Kerry, Trevor
How can teaching across the curriculum improve children’s learning? How can you plan meaningful, imaginative topic work? Cross-Curricular Teaching in the Primary School helps teachers plan a more imaginative, integrated curriculum by presenting in accessible language a rationale and framework for teaching across the subjects. Illustrated throughout with examples of effective topic work in successful schools, this book provides guidance on the underpinning theory and strategies to facilitate cross-curricular work with young children. [Publisher]

2. Founding figures and commentators in Arabic mathematics: a history of Arabic sciences and mathematics volume 1 - Rashed, Roshdi; El-Bizri, Nader
In this unique insight into the history and philosophy of mathematics and science in the mediaeval Arab world, the eminent scholar Roshdi Rashed illuminates the various historical, textual and epistemic threads that underpinned the history of Arabic mathematical and scientific knowledge up to the seventeenth century. The first of five wide-ranging and comprehensive volumes, this book provides a detailed exploration of Arabic mathematics and sciences in the ninth and tenth centuries. Extensive and detailed analyses and annotations support a number of key Arabic texts, which are translated here into English for the first time. In this volume Rashed focuses on...

3. Unlocking the business environment - Brinkman, John; Bateman, Ilva Navarro; Harper, Donna; Hodgson, Caroline
The business environment is a fundamental subject in any Business Studies degree course. This new, student-friendly book divides the subject into the internal and external environment and, where relevant, discusses the interface between the two. It is written with the outward-looking student in mind and, as a result, encourages readers to reflect on what they have read and to consolidate their learning through regular self-testing exercises and discussion points. The text contains highly relevant and 'household name' case studies, ensuring that it is a highly topical and engaging book. Where organisational styles differ, the authors put forward the pros and cons...

4. Directors' powers and duties in Vietnam - Pearce, Jeremy
This book explores the effectiveness of Vietnamese directors’ duties and analyses them within the broader context of Vietnamese corporate governance. It argues that Vietnamese corporate law has the core ingredients to evolve a stronger corporate governance model in line with the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and the “law matters” evidence.

5. Doing politics - Briggs, Jacqui

6. Literature and photography in transition, 1850-1915 - Clayton, Owen
Literature and Photography in Transition, 1850-1915 looks at how British and American writers used early photography and film as illustrations and metaphors. It concentrates on five figures in particular: Henry Mayhew, Robert Louis Stevenson, Amy Levy, William Dean Howells, and Jack London, each of whom deals with the transition between photographic methodologies. The book argues that their writing can be analysed most fruitfully via a consideration of technological difference.

7. Education's prisoners: schooling, the political economy, and the prison industrial complex - McGrew, Ken
Education's Prisoners sheds light on the complicated relationship among the educational system, the political economy, and the prison industrial system in the United States. Working within the tradition of critical theory, this critical ethnography posits more than accidental connection among these phenomena, and engages in a debate with existing literature within critical theory related to structure and agency. The life stories of the participants and their perspectives on their social circumstances provide a tool for deepening and questioning our understandings of these matters. In addition to its substantive findings, this book allows us to see in human terms how structures...

8. Essentials of sensation and perception - Mather, George
The study of sensation and perception looks at how we acquire, process, and interpret information about the outside world. By describing key ideas from first principles, this straightforward introduction provides easy access to the basic concepts in the subject, and incorporates the most recent advances with useful historical background. The text takes a uniquely integrative approach, highlighting fundamental findings that apply across all the senses - including vision, hearing, touch, pain, balance, smell and taste - rather than considering each sense in isolation. Several pedagogical features help students to engage with the material. ‘Key Term’ and ‘Key Concept’ boxes describe technical...

9. Foundations of sensation and perception [2nd Ed.] - Mather, George
This comprehensive introduction to Sensation and Perception has been highly praised for its unique approach, which begins with the minor senses and progresses to vision. The book begins with an introductory chapter on general physiological, perceptual and theoretical principles which gives the reader the conceptual tools to build a clear understanding of how we perceive the world. The next two chapters then flesh out basic topics such as transduction, receptive fields, and sensory adaptation via coverage of the minor senses (touch, balance, smell, and taste). Later chapters on hearing and vision build on these foundations. This approach allows students to thoroughly...

10. The motion aftereffect: a modern perspective - Mather, George; Verstraten, Frans; Anstis, Stuart
Motion perception lies at the heart of the scientific study of vision. The motion aftereffect (MAE), probably the best known phenomenon in the study of visual illusions, is the appearance of directional movement in a stationary object or scene after the viewer has been exposed to visual motion in the opposite direction. For example, after one has looked at a waterfall for a period of time, the scene beside the waterfall may appear to move upward when ones gaze is transferred to it. Although the phenomenon seems simple, research has revealed surprising complexities in the underlying mechanisms, and offered general...

11. Royal Court: International - Aston, Elaine; O'Thomas, Mark
Royal Court: International is the first full-length study of the Royal Court Theatre's International Department. It charts the engagement of the UK's premiere theatre for new writing with an internationalist agenda and takes readers inside the process developed by the Court for the workshop projects it has undertaken in different parts of the world since the late 1990s. Covering the theatre's unique programming of international plays and seasons, it highlights new writing from different parts of the globe, including France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Iran, the Near East, North Africa, Nigeria and India. First-hand accounts...

12. Social movement campaigns on EU policy: in the corridors and in the streets - Parks, Louisa
The book explores the impacts of social movement campaigns on EU policy issues, arguing that a ‘political-technical’ divide in campaign styles exists, with corresponding effects on outcomes. Specifically, this argument refers not to the actual content of the issues campaigns form around, but the shapes that campaigns take according to their degree of involvement in consultation processes with the European Commission. Six campaigns (on GMOs, chemicals legislation, the right to water European Citizens' Initiative, the Lisbon Agenda, the Services Directive and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) are investigated using tools from the study of social movements to illustrate this argument.

13. Access to justice: a critical analysis of recoverable conditional fees and no-win no-fee funding - Peysner, John
Access to Justice addresses a remarkable experiment in the funding of money damage claims - largely personal injury claims - which began in 2000 and which the Government effectively abolished in 2013. The model - recoverable conditional fees - adopted by the incoming New Labour administration was unique and, for reasons that the book explains, it has remained so. This book is based on a review of published material, the author's own view as a 'participant' in the process and anonymised semi structured interviews with other participants, from Government; claimant and defendant lawyers and litigation insurers. It covers the development,...

14. Innovative clusters: drivers of national innovation systems - Hertog, Pim den; Bergman, Edward M.; Charles, David; Remoe, Svend
The growth potential of countries increasingly depends on the effectiveness of their innovation systems in creating, diffusing and using knowledge. A large share of market-based or informal knowledge flows occur within industrial clusters that can be seen as reduced-form innovation systems. Policies to stimulate innovation at national and local levels must both build on and contribute to the dynamics of innovative clusters. This book presents a series of papers written by policy makers and academic experts in the field, that demonstrate why and how this can be done in different national contexts

15. Technology transfer in Europe: public and private networks - Charles, David; Howells, Jeremy
The book examines university industry links in the UK, Spain and Greece.

16. Technology and competition in the international telecommunications industry - Charles, David; Monk, Peter; Scibberas, Ed
The book examines the effects of economies of scale and scope and the effects of manufacturing technologies on the competitiveness of firms in the telecommunication subscriber equipment industry. Case studies are drawn from the UK, France, Germany, Japan and the US.

17. Typewriter art: a modern anthology - Tullett, Barrie; Dowling, John; Simpson, Jodi
This book brings together some of the best examples by typewriter artists around the world. As well as key historical work from the Bauhaus, H. N. Werkman and the concrete poets, there is art by contemporary practitioners, both typewriter artists who use the keyboard as a ‘palette’ to create artworks, and artists/typographers using the form as a compositional device.

18. Observations: ornithology - Tullett, Jantze
• Concept, Design & Production: Jantze Tullett • Format: Six page concertina books with end papers and card covers. • Size: 80x100mm (Folded) • Publisher: The Caseroom Press • Publication Date: Spring 2014 Part of a series of eight books. Each one visually exploring a particular theme: Haberdashery / Yarn Cards / Arboretum / Ornithology / Artefacts / Typing / Miscellany / Ark.

19. Observations: Artefacts - Tullett, Jantze
A series of eight books. Each one visually exploring a particular theme: Haberdashery / Yarn Cards / Arboretum / Ornithology / Artefacts / Typing / Miscellany / Ark. • Concept, Design & Production: Jantze Tullett • Format: Six page concertina books with end papers and card covers. • Size: 80x100mm (Folded) • Publisher: The Caseroom Press • Publication Date: Spring 2014

20. Quality improvement in primary care: the essential guide - Gillam, Stephen; Siriwardena, A. Niroshan
This book provides readers with an invaluable set of tools to convert the endless challenges for quality and myriad opportunities for improvement into meaningful and useful change. It begins by considering how to manage primary care organisations in order to improve quality of care. Patient perspectives on quality are examined initially, moving onto market mechanisms and commissioning which are increasingly being used as levers for change. It also considers how general practices are regulated and held accountable for the quality of the services they provide. All doctors work within teams, organisations and the wider health system. How these are designed...

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