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  1. Reliability and validity [Book of proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference of the European Learning Styles Information Network]

    Valcke, M.; Armstrong, S.; Graff, M.; Rayner, S.; Sadler-Smith, E.; Spicer, D.

  2. Learning styles: bridging theory and practice [Book of proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference of the European Learning Styles Information Network]

    Armstrong, S.; Graff, M.; Lashley, C.; Peterson, E.; Rayner, S.; Sadler-Smith, E.; Schiering, M.; Spicer, D.

  3. Learning and cognitive styles: conceptions and uses in teaching and learning

    Hill, Jeanne; Armstrong, Steve; Graff, Martin; Rayner, Stephen; Sadler-Smith, Eugene
    The papers in this book were among those originally presented to the Third Annual Conference of the European Learning Styles Information Network (ELSIN), at the University of Sunderland in June 1998. They demonstrate the diversity of interests and approaches of members of ELSIN and of researchers of learning and cognitive styles everywhere. The original focus on learning styles has broadened to embrace a variety of perspectives on style in individual differences, including: international comparative studies of style theory and measurement of style style and new learning technologies style and managerial and organisational cognition style and human resource development the policy implications of individual differences in style. In...

  4. Facing up to radical changes in universities and colleges

    Armstrong, Steve; Thompson, Gail; Brown, Sally
    This text explores how academics face up to radical changes in the learning environment. With the implementation of new technologies to support teaching and learning there is a need for more strategic approaches to teaching and learning.

  5. Enhancing learning and performance through styles: Proceedings of the 10th annual Learning Styles Information Network Conference

    Armstrong, S.; Evans, C.; Graff, M.; Peterson, E.; Rayner, S.; Sadler-Smith, E.; Schiering, M.

  6. Re-thinking management education: from cognition, to action, to learning

    Armstrong, Steve
    This research memorandum is the transcript used in the inaugural lecture given at the University of Hull on 12th March 2007. The lecture is presented in two parts. Part I begins with an introduction to cognitive style, a psychological construct from within the domain of individual differences psychology. This is discussed in relation to its potential influence on student performance in management education. Part II focuses on more macro aspects of management education. It begins by considering the historical context of Business Schools and the ways in which management education has evolved (generally for the worse). This is followed by...

  7. Motivating students

    Brown, Sally; Armstrong, Steve; Thompson, Gail
    This work brings together the experience of educators, trainers and students searching for ways of increasing student motivation. Links between motivation and training, learning and assessment processes are examined through case studies set in a broad range of subject discipline contexts.

  8. Handbook of management learning, education and development

    Armstrong, Steven; Fukami, Cynthia V.

  9. Electrical power and energy systems for transportation applications

    Stewart, Paul; Bingham, Chris
    This book contains the successful invited submissions to a Special Issue of Energies on the subject area of “Electrical Power and Energy Systems for Transportation Applications”. Electrical power and energy systems are at the forefront of application developments in, for example, more-electric and all-electric aircraft, electric and hybrid road vehicles, and marine propulsion applications. The associated hardware, technologies, and control methods are crucial to achieving critical global targets in energy efficiency, low-carbon, and low-emissions operations. The greatest challenges occur when we combine new technologies at large-scale and often complex system levels. Topics of interest for the call included, but were not limited...

  10. Christoph Schlingensief: sztuka bez granic [translation of 'Christoph Schlingensief: Art without borders']

    Hadrych, Anna; Reichel, Anna; Scheer, Anna; Forrest, Tara
    This is the Polish translation of the edited volume Christoph Schlingensief: Art without Borders, A.T.Scheer and T.Forrest, eds.

  11. Handbook of management

    Wilkinson, A.J.; Armstrong, S.J.; Loundsbury, M.

  12. The women they left behind: stories from Grimsby's fishing families

    Shepherd, Jade; Triplow, Nick; Bramhill, Tina
    At its peak in the 1950s, Grimsby was the largest and busiest fishing port in the world. "The Women They Left Behind" documents the lives of wives and mothers of Grimsby's trawlermen.

  13. The act of documenting: documentary film in the 21st century

    Winston, Brian; Vanstone, Gail; Chi, Wang
    Documentary has never attracted such audiences, never been produced with such ease from so many corners of the globe, never embraced such variety of expression. The very distinctions between the filmed, the filmer and the spectator are being dissolved. The Act of Documenting addresses what this means for documentary's 21st century position as a genus in the “class” cinema; for its foundations as, primarily, a scientistic, eurocentric and patriarchal discourse; for its future in a world where assumptions of photographic image integrity cannot be sustained. Unpacked are distinctions between performance and performativy and between different levels of interaction, linearity and...

  14. Reflection for nursing life: principles, process and practice.

    Mckinnon, John
    Over the past decades reflection has taken centre stage in nursing education. However it is easy to get stuck in a superficial cycle of storytelling and self examination without getting any further insights into your own practice and abilities. Reflection for Nursing Life starts with a basic introduction to reflective practice and moves on to look at more critical perspectives with guidance for reflecting on the complex realities of practice. The text is designed to support a deeper understanding of the value of reflection and its relationship with the needs of practice. Beginning with discussions on self awareness and the...

  15. Evidence-based practice for nurses and healthcare professionals

    Linsley, Paul; Hurley, John; Van Der Zwann,
    In the current healthcare climate, it is more important than ever to be able to select and find the right evidence for your practice to ensure patients receive safe, high quality care. The fully updated new edition of this comprehensive book helps nurses and healthcare professionals understand how to use evidence in all aspects of care, with plenty of examples and activities to help relate concepts to practice. The new edition features: * Explanation of what values-based practice means and how it fits alongside evidence-based practice * A new chapter on innovation and improvement to help you make a difference in your...

  16. Christoph Schlingensief: art without borders

    Scheer, Anna; Forrest, Tara
    The work of acclaimed German artist Christoph Schlingensief spans three decades and a diverse range of fields, including, film, television, activism, opera, and theatre. Christoph Schlingensief: Art Without Borders is the first book to be published in English on Schlingensief’s groundbreaking, politically engaged body of work. Leading scholars in the field offer a critical assessment of Schlingensief’s hybrid practice, and an interview with Schlingensief himself provides the reader with insight into past and present projects. The book will be an essential resource for artists, curators, students, and academics in the fields of theatre and performance studies, film studies, cultural studies,...

  17. Rethinking gamification

    Fuchs, Mathias; Fizek, Sonia; Ruffino, Paolo; Schrape, Niklas
    Gamification marks a major change to everyday life. It describes the permeation of economic, political, and social contexts by game-elements such as awards, rule structures, and interfaces that are inspired by video games. Sometimes the term is reduced to the implementation of points, badges, and leaderboards as incentives and motivations to be productive. Sometimes it is envisioned as a universal remedy to deeply transform society toward more humane and playful ends. Despite its use by corporations to manage brand communities and personnel, however, gamification is more than just a marketing buzzword. States are beginning to use it as a new...

  18. Acting for the silent screen: film actors and aspiration between the wars

    O'Rourke, Chris
    Publisher's description: A shop girl wins a newspaper competition and is transformed overnight into a transatlantic celebrity. An aristocrat swaps high society for the film studio when she 'consents' to perform in a series of films, thus legitimising acting for what some might have considered a 'low' art. Stories like these were the stuff of newspaper headlines in 1920s and reflected a 'craze' for the cinema. They also demonstrated radical changes in attitudes and values within society in the wake of World War I. Chris O'Rourke investigates the myths and material practices that grew up around film actors during the...

  19. Cities of the north

    Jones, Adrian; Matthews, Chris
    Cities of the North takes an irreverent and often amusing look at the changing townscape, special character, architecture and planning of the great Northern English cities. Lavishly illustrated, it is a companion to Towns in Britain published by Five Leaves in 2014 and it builds on the popular Jones the Planner blog. It explores the process and politics of development and ‘regeneration’ which is reshaping Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Hull and Newcastle amongst others, always focusing on the intrinsic character of place. Cities of the North reviews both the successes and lost opportunities of recent years and considers the...

  20. Cosmopolitanism in twenty-first century fiction

    Shaw, Kristian
    Offers new readings of key post-millennial texts and analyses recent texts that have yet to attract critical attention Has interdisciplinary appeal - is relevant to social sciences as well as humanities scholarsExamines works by prominent contemporary authors such as David Mitchell, Zadie Smith, Teju Cole, Dave Eggers and Hari Kunzru

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