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1. Archival afterlives. Life, death, and knowledge-making in early modern British scientific and medical archives - Roos, Anna Marie
This conference edition explores the posthumous fortunes of scientific and medical archives in early modern Britain. If early modern natural philosophers claimed all knowledge as their province, theirs was a paper empire. In a series of essays, this book explores how did these (often) disorderly collections of paper come to be 'the archives of the Scientific Revolution.' Inspired by calls for the wholesale reform of natural philosophy and schooled in humanist note-taking practices, early naturalists generated correspondence, reading notes, experimental and observational reports, and drafts of treatises intended for circulation in manuscript or further replication in print. In our own day,...

2. Formulation in action: applying psychological theory to clinical practice - Dawson, Dave; Moghaddam, Nima
When people seek psychological support, formulation is the theory-driven methodology used by many practitioners to guide identification of the processes, mechanisms, and patterns of behaviour that appear to be contributing to the presenting difficulties. However, the process of formulating – or applying psychological theory to practice – can often seem unclear. In this volume, we present multiple demonstrations of formulation in action – written by applied psychologists embedded in clinical training, research, and practice. The volume covers a range of contemporary approaches to formulation and therapy that have not been considered in extant works, and includes unique sections offering critical counter-perspectives and...

3. Essential theory for social work practice [Second edition] - Beckett, Chris; Horner, Nigel

4. Cross-curricular teaching in the primary school: planning and facilitating imaginative lessons [2nd edition] - Kerry, Trevor
Cross-Curricular Teaching in the Primary School helps teachers plan a more imaginative, integrated curriculum by presenting in accessible language a rationale and framework for teaching across the subjects. This second edition has been fully updated in light of the new curriculum, and shows how cross-curricular work can contribute to deeper subject knowledge. Illustrated throughout with examples of effective topic work in successful schools, this book provides guidance on the underpinning theory and strategies to facilitate cross-curricular work with young children. With a new structure to emphasise the importance of careful planning and preparation, issues covered include: •How children learn •The theory...

5. International encyclopaedia of the information age - Winston, Brian
The International Encyclopaedia of the Information Age surveys the current field of mass communications as it has been overtaken and transformed by the technological revolution. From the telegraph to the Internet, this unique reference will span print, photographic, electrical and electronic communication systems, international and national institutional forms, the structure of content, the history of technological and cultural development and the biographies of the people concerned with them currently and in the past. Chronicling two hundred years of technological development, The Encyclopaedia of the Information Age will cover all the major media––advertising, books, cinema, print, theatre, radio, television, new media, public...

6. The quest for television quality: the documentary - Winston, Brian
Prix Italia 1996

7. Producing for the web - Whittaker, Jason
Web Production for Writers and Journalists is a clear and practical guide to planning, setting up and managing a website.

8. Developing student engagement in higher education - Crawford, Karin; Derricott, Dan
This book is an authored text that provides a contemporary overview of processes that enable change towards embedded student engagement and partnership working within all areas of Higher Education institutions. It develops a focus on student engagement in the sense of students taking a more active role in evaluating, assuring and enhancing the quality of the educational experience, while drawing on the dependencies on and implications of how students engage with their learning. In its content, the text draws on current literature and research to explore different perspectives on key issues that relate to this work. The book is underpinned...

9. Innovative clusters: drivers of national innovation policy - den Hertog, P.; Bergman, E.; Charles, D. R.

10. ‘Monferrato' medievale. Crocevia di culture e sperimentazioni - Vescovi, Michele Luigi
From the 19th Century, scholars have considered the architecture of Piedmont as the product of the so-called “Monferrato School”, from the historic name of a part of the region. My book reconsiders the development of the area in and around Monferrato in the 11th and 12th centuries and suggests a new interpretative model of historical geography, one which considers the institutional rule of dioceses. Through analysis of twenty churches, most of them never before published, this book offers new insights into dynamics of patronage and craftsmanship, civic self-representation at the time of the Crusades and the Commune.

11. Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis - Lambrou, Tryphon; Ye, Xujiong
The Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, held at Lincoln, 15-17 July 2015.

12. Social work with adults - Rogers, Jim; Bright, Lucy; Davies, Helen
Social work with vulnerable adults is becoming increasingly centred on a key piece of legislation: the Mental Capacity Act. The Act provides a framework for protecting the vulnerable while allowing those who may lack capacity to have certain safeguards enshrined in law. This book will help support students to learn two things: first, how the Mental Capacity Act operates and what its key principles are when applied to safeguarding adults; and second, what are the compassionate skills and values that need to be interwoven with legislative knowledge? The authors show how these two principles interact and inform one another and how...

13. Leading issues in business research methods volume 2 - Mendy, John; Geringer, Susan D.
In selecting the current papers, the editors have sought to cover a representative set of papers from both quantitative and qualitative strands. Papers that set out what research methods were adopted, their epistemological and philosophical positions, considerations of alternative research methods (interviews, surveys, the Web, focus groups…) and epistemological positions (positivism, interpretivism, constructivism…), why these might not have been chosen and what contributions were made to the field have generally been selected for the current volume. It is the editors’ view that established and early career researchers as well as students learning to do research will benefit from the selection.

14. Festival culture in the world of the Spanish Habsburgs - Fernandez-Gonzalez, Laura
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in Early Modern Festivals. These spectacles articulated the self-image of ruling elites and played out the tensions of the diverse social strata. Responding to the growing academic interest in festivals this volume focuses on the early modern Iberian world, in particular the spectacles staged by and for the Spanish Habsburgs. The study of early modern Iberian festival culture in Europe and the wider world is surprisingly limited compared to the published works devoted to other kingdoms at the time. There is a clear need for scholarly publications to examine festivals as...

15. Managing the humanitarian supply chain: developing a generic model to improve collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness - Ramsden, Gary P.
Humanitarian disasters are expected to increase 5-fold over the next 50 years. It is suggested that the scale of resource dedicated to logistics provision in response to disasters accounts for upwards of 80% of the total budget, hence humanitarian logistics is very much in the spotlight. Collaborative working has been promoted as a Silver Bullet in many areas of Supply Chain Management and is contended to be a mechanism to prevent organisations optimising solely their own results, rather than integrating their goals and activities with others to benefit overall end user value. Collaborative techniques inherent within commercial supply chains have...

16. Recent developments in the intellectual history of medicine [Special issue for Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences] - Beccalossi, Chiara; Cryle, Peter
Special issue for Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

17. A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire - Beccalossi, Chiara; Crozier, Ivan
The 19th century saw intense urbanization, the development of a consumer culture, the formalization of gender roles, the solidification of class structures, and various encounters with the exotic customs of the colonies – all of which contributed to enhance sexual anxiety among the middle classes. In response, new social conventions, sanitary prescriptions, practices of self-control, and policies of sex regulation and education were developed as a means to control disorderly sexual behavior. At the same time, though an ideology based on sexual respectability was largely promoted throughout society, significant individuals and subcultures often challenged both the principle and the practice...

18. Italian sexualities uncovered, 1789-1914 - Beccalossi, Chiara; Babini, Valeria O.; Riall, Lucy
Italian Sexualities Uncovered, 1789–1914 breaks new ground in the history of nineteenth-century Italy. It brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore nineteenth-century Italian sexualities from a variety of viewpoints, illuminating the relationships between the personal and political; the presence of male, female and same-sex desires that defied norms of respectability and acceptable gender roles; the sexual behaviour of different classes and subcultures; and transnational sexual encounters. This volume sheds light on the sex lives of nineteenth-century men and women in Italy, on the ways they understood and experienced their sexual desires, and how their sexual behaviour...

19. Female sexual inversion: same-sex desires in Italian and British sexology, ca. 1870-1920 - Beccalossi, Chiara
Between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, a number of women were diagnosed as sexual inverts in Britain and Europe. This book examines the ways in which female same-sex desires were represented across a wide range of Italian and British medical writings during this period. Chiara Beccalossi has undertaken extensive archival research to bring to light new documents and give a detailed account of how the female invert was positioned alongside other figures of same-sex desires, such as the tribade-prostitute, the fiamma (flame), the nymphomaniac, and women with abnormal genitalia or bodily dysfunctions. In...

20. Homes and places: a history of Nottingham's council houses - Matthews, Christopher Paul
Council housing in Nottingham is an essential part of the city’s history and identity. The slums of the nineteenth century laid the foundations for the surge of construction activity in the twentieth. Between the wars, Nottingham was recognised as one of the largest and fastest builders of council housing in the country, with huge garden city estates pushing at the city boundaries. During the 1960s and 1970s attention turned to the inner city, and by 1981 around half of Nottingham’s population lived in council tenancies. The Right to Buy discount of the 1980s heralded a new era of decreasing stock,...

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