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1. Leading issues in business research methods volume 2 - Mendy, John; Geringer, Susan D.
In selecting the current papers, the editors have sought to cover a representative set of papers from both quantitative and qualitative strands. Papers that set out what research methods were adopted, their epistemological and philosophical positions, considerations of alternative research methods (interviews, surveys, the Web, focus groups…) and epistemological positions (positivism, interpretivism, constructivism…), why these might not have been chosen and what contributions were made to the field have generally been selected for the current volume. It is the editors’ view that established and early career researchers as well as students learning to do research will benefit from the selection.

2. Festival culture in the world of the Spanish Habsburgs - Fernandez-Gonzalez, Laura
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in Early Modern Festivals. These spectacles articulated the self-image of ruling elites and played out the tensions of the diverse social strata. Responding to the growing academic interest in festivals this volume focuses on the early modern Iberian world, in particular the spectacles staged by and for the Spanish Habsburgs. The study of early modern Iberian festival culture in Europe and the wider world is surprisingly limited compared to the published works devoted to other kingdoms at the time. There is a clear need for scholarly publications to examine festivals as...

3. Managing the humanitarian supply chain: developing a generic model to improve collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness - Ramsden, Gary P.
Humanitarian disasters are expected to increase 5-fold over the next 50 years. It is suggested that the scale of resource dedicated to logistics provision in response to disasters accounts for upwards of 80% of the total budget, hence humanitarian logistics is very much in the spotlight. Collaborative working has been promoted as a Silver Bullet in many areas of Supply Chain Management and is contended to be a mechanism to prevent organisations optimising solely their own results, rather than integrating their goals and activities with others to benefit overall end user value. Collaborative techniques inherent within commercial supply chains have...

4. Recent developments in the intellectual history of medicine [Special issue for Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences] - Beccalossi, Chiara; Cryle, Peter
Special issue for Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

5. A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire - Beccalossi, Chiara; Crozier, Ivan
The 19th century saw intense urbanization, the development of a consumer culture, the formalization of gender roles, the solidification of class structures, and various encounters with the exotic customs of the colonies – all of which contributed to enhance sexual anxiety among the middle classes. In response, new social conventions, sanitary prescriptions, practices of self-control, and policies of sex regulation and education were developed as a means to control disorderly sexual behavior. At the same time, though an ideology based on sexual respectability was largely promoted throughout society, significant individuals and subcultures often challenged both the principle and the practice...

6. Italian sexualities uncovered, 1789-1914 - Beccalossi, Chiara; Babini, Valeria O.; Riall, Lucy
Italian Sexualities Uncovered, 1789–1914 breaks new ground in the history of nineteenth-century Italy. It brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore nineteenth-century Italian sexualities from a variety of viewpoints, illuminating the relationships between the personal and political; the presence of male, female and same-sex desires that defied norms of respectability and acceptable gender roles; the sexual behaviour of different classes and subcultures; and transnational sexual encounters. This volume sheds light on the sex lives of nineteenth-century men and women in Italy, on the ways they understood and experienced their sexual desires, and how their sexual behaviour...

7. Female sexual inversion: same-sex desires in Italian and British sexology, ca. 1870-1920 - Beccalossi, Chiara
Between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, a number of women were diagnosed as sexual inverts in Britain and Europe. This book examines the ways in which female same-sex desires were represented across a wide range of Italian and British medical writings during this period. Chiara Beccalossi has undertaken extensive archival research to bring to light new documents and give a detailed account of how the female invert was positioned alongside other figures of same-sex desires, such as the tribade-prostitute, the fiamma (flame), the nymphomaniac, and women with abnormal genitalia or bodily dysfunctions. In...

8. Homes and places: a history of Nottingham's council houses - Matthews, Christopher Paul
Council housing in Nottingham is an essential part of the city’s history and identity. The slums of the nineteenth century laid the foundations for the surge of construction activity in the twentieth. Between the wars, Nottingham was recognised as one of the largest and fastest builders of council housing in the country, with huge garden city estates pushing at the city boundaries. During the 1960s and 1970s attention turned to the inner city, and by 1981 around half of Nottingham’s population lived in council tenancies. The Right to Buy discount of the 1980s heralded a new era of decreasing stock,...

9. The role of the EU in the promotion of human rights and international labour standards in its external trade relations - Velluti, Samantha
The book provides a comprehensive legal analysis of the European Union human rights conditionality in its external trade relations including the promotion of social rights.

10. Village, hamlet and field: changing medieval settlements in central England - Lewis, Carenza; Mitchell-Fox, Patrick; Dyer, Christopher
Why is the countryside in some parts of England and Continental Europe dominated by large villages, while in many regions looser groupings of houses in hamlets, or isolated farms, provide the main forms of settlement? The answer lies in the period c.850-1200, when the settlement pattern which still survives was created. This volume sets out to provide explanations of the process behind that great formative movement in the fabric of our culture. Using a combination of archaeological and documentary evidence, the authors show that there is no single, easy reason for the development of villages and hamlets, but that they...

11. The medieval landscape of Wessex - Taylor, Tim; Lewis, Carenza; Harding, Phil; Aston, Mick; Ambrus, Victor
The presenters of "Time Team", Channel 4's archaeology series, describe the development of Timechester, an imaginary British settlement, showing the changes in an archetypal townscape from prehistory to the modern age. The Team also discuss methods used in archaeology and answer viewers' questions.

12. The medieval landscape of Wessex - Aston, Michael; Lewis, Carenza

13. The rising tide: archaeology and coastal landscapes - Aberg, Alan; Lewis, Carenza
The zone where sea meets land is an ever-changing environment, which often reveals fascinating details of human occupation and exploitation of the landscape. This fragile historic environment also creates both research and management problems. The papers published in this book were given at a joint conference of the Nautical Archaeology Society and the Society for Landscape Studies. They review various aspects of and approaches to archaeological research in British coastal landscapes, bringing together research from two traditionally separate disciplines; terrestrial and maritime archaeology.

14. David Greig [special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review] - Bolton, Jacqueline
A special edition of Contemporary Theatre Review focusing on the theatre works of playwright David Greig. Produced following the University of Lincoln's Annual Playwright's Festival 2014.

15. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. GCSE Student Edition - Bolton, Jacqueline
This Methuen Student Edition to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time comprises the play-text, critical commentary (including playwright biography and sections on themes, characters, context and dramatic devices) and on-page glossing/notes. In line with requirements for the AQA GCSE English syllabus, it will include close reading of selected passages, learning activities and exercises.

16. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. GCSE Student Guide - Bolton, Jacqueline
This Methuen Student Guide to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time comprises a critical commentary to the play, featuring expanded sections on theme, dramatic technique, characterisation and context, including the play-text’s relationship to its original source, Mark Haddon’s novel. In line with requirements for the AQA GCSE English syllabus, it includes close reading of selected passages, learning activities and exercises which draw upon other dramatic works from Stephens, as well as short extracts from critical writings on the playwright. This Guide also features interviews with the playwright, director and selected actors from the original National Theatre production...

17. The theatre of Simon Stephens - Bolton, Jacqueline
Simon Stephens is one of Britain’s pre-eminent playwrights. Since the beginning of his professional career in 1998, his award-winning plays have been translated into over a dozen languages, produced on four continents, and feature prominently in the repertoires of theatres across Europe. His collaborations with actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers, novelists, musicians and choreographers have produced a dramaturgically diverse body of plays, musicals, adaptations, texts and monologues; an extensive oeuvre animated by a search for optimism within chaos and violence. In the first book to provide a critical account of the full variety of Stephens’s work, Jacqueline Bolton gives a detailed...

18. Reframing migrant integration - Hack-polay, Dieu
The book provides an understanding of the experience of migration and expands the debate about the degree to which integration of migrants into their host societies needs to be re-thought. The book discusses the importance of community where migrants can share language, religion and memories as. This is set against the potential damage to integration of a closed community where migrants feel less need to learn the languages and culture of the new society, which then has economic and social ramifications.

19. Women in Indian Performance [special issue of: Samyukta, a Journal of Women's Studies] - Madhavan, Arya

20. Women in Asian performance: aesthetics and politics - Madhavan, Arya

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