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  1. Anaïs Nin: shame and sex in contemporary culture

    Charnock, Ruth
    Why is it that some writing embarrasses us? What motivates the desire to publically shame? What are the erotic pleasures produced by shame and shaming? Why are depictions of sex and sexuality in contemporary culture so often also depictions of shame? And what does a minor writer from the 1930s, known more for her colourful sex life than her work, have to do with any of these questions? Anaïs Nin: Shame and Sex in Contemporary Culture argues that there is a series of close and productive relationships between Anaïs Nin’s stories about shame and shamelessness, her critical reception, and contemporary...

  2. Corporate governance and the impact of personality

    Pearce, Jeremy; Okoye, Ngozi
    The impact of personality on corporate governance - theory and practice.

  3. Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts 2015

    Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Daniel
    The book collects essays based on papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts (CTLA), held from June 10-12, 2015, at St Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, New York. The conference was attended by seventy delegates from twenty countries across the world— the twenty-three essays in this book come from delegates from twelve of those countries. The range of essays in the book reflects the range of material presented and discussed at the conference, across the fields or disciplines of philosophy, literature, fine arts, music, dance, performance and theatre. The book, the 6th in the series,...

  4. Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of religious and scientific learning in the middle ages

    Cunningham, Jack P.; Hocknull, Mark
    This text explores a wide range of topics relating to scientific and religious learning in the work of Bishop Robert Grosseteste (c. 1168-1253) and does so from various perspectives, including those of a 21st century scientists, historians, and philosophers as well as several medievalists. In particular, it aims to contribute to our understanding of where to place Grosseteste in the history of science (against the background of the famous claim by A.C. Crombie that Grosseteste introduced what we now might call 'experimental science') and to demonstrate that the polymathic world of the medieval scholar, who recognized no dichotomy in the...

  5. Aging workers and the employee-employer relationship

    Bal, P. Matthijs; Kooij, Dorien T. A. M.; Rousseau, Denise M.
    The world’s population is aging rapidly (United Nations, 2009 ). In 2009, one out of nine persons in the world was older than 60. In 2050, one out of every fi ve persons is expected to be 60 years or older (United Nations, 2009 ). In the world’s more developed regions, estimates are that one out of three will be 60 years or over by 2050. These changes, which are coming rapidly, particularly in the developed world, are attributable to three trends since the end of World War II. First, the baby boom generation currently constitutes the largest birth cohort ever to approach retirement age. Second, declining...

  6. Idiosyncratic deals between employees and organizations: conceptual issues, applications, and the role of co-workers

    Bal, P. Matthijs; Rousseau, Denise M.
    The world’s population is aging rapidly (United Nations, 2009 ). In 2009, one out of nine persons in the world was older than 60. In 2050, one out of every fi ve persons is expected to be 60 years or older (United Nations, 2009 ). In the world’s more developed regions, estimates are that one out of three will be 60 years or over by 2050. These changes, which are coming rapidly, particularly in the developed world, are attributable to three trends since the end of World War II. First, the baby boom generation currently constitutes the largest birth cohort ever to approach retirement age. Second, declining...

  7. The philosophy of media: a short history of ideas and innovations from Socrates to social media

    Hassan, Robert; Sutherland, Thomas
    Since the late-1980s the rise of the Internet and the emergence of the Networked Society have led to a rapid and profound transformation of everyday life. Underpinning this revolution is the computer – a media technology that is capable of not only transforming itself, but almost every other machine and media process that humans have used throughout history. In Philosophy of Media, Hassan and Sutherland explore the philosophical and technological trajectory of media from Classical Greece until today, casting a new and revealing light upon the global media condition.

  8. Mental health and older people: a guide for primary care practitioners

    Ray, Mo; Chew-Graham, Carolyn A.

  9. Social work with older people [4th ed.]

    Phillips, Judith; Ray, Mo; Marshall, Mary
    This fourth edition of a social work 'classic' develops the knowledge, understanding and skill required to practise effectively with older people, enabling the reader to develop a critical approach to this important area of work. Ideal for those coming to the subject for the first time, as well as those simply wishing to refresh their knowledge

  10. Family practices in later life

    Chambers, Pat; Allan, Graham; Phillipson, Chris; Ray, Mo
    There is no shortage of political and moral commentary on family life. Frequently the underlying theme of these commentaries is the decline of contemporary family commitment, particularly when older people's family experiences are the focus. "Family Practices in Later Life" challenges many common stereotypes about the nature of family involvement as people age. The book explores diversity and change in the family relationships older people maintain, looking at how family relationships are constructed and organised in later life. It recognises that the emerging patterns are a consequence of the choices and decisions negotiated within family networks, emphasising older people's agency...

  11. Social work with older people [5th ed.]

    Ray, Mo; Phillips, Judith
    Revised to emphasise the current policy drive towards personalisation and service user participation in care management, the new edition of Social Work with Older People remains an insightful introductory text. Deliberately taking a critical approach to guide readers to consider stereotypes of aging and work with older people, the new edition presents fundamental knowledge alongside thought-provoking and challenging debates. It offers a new chapter on safeguarding and has been updated to reflect current course requirements: • Part I introduces the theory, policy and legislation which influences social work contexts • Part II identifies core elements of practice, for effective interviewing, assessment, planning...

  12. Joni Mitchell: New critical readings

    Charnock, Ruth
    Joni Mitchell: New Critical Readings presents a wide range of critical approaches for thinking about the oeuvre of musician and artist Joni Mitchell. It showcases work by leading academics from the fields of popular music and culture on subjects as varied as Mitchell’s environmentalism, the politics of ageing in her work, and her often fraught relationship with feminism.

  13. Magazine production [2nd ed]

    Whittaker, Jason
    Magazine Production is a guide to the practical processes of taking a magazine from initial idea to final print and digital editions, and is aimed at those who wish to produce a title as part of their studies or for distribution on a small scale. It gives readers an overview of the essential elements to take into consideration when creating a magazine, including legal issues, the relation between editorial and design, and preparation for print or digital distribution.

  14. An introduction to criminological theory and the problem of causation

    Warr, Jason
    This text offers a novel contribution to the literature on core criminological theory by introducing the complex issues relating to the structuring and analysing of causation. This text traces the paradigm shift, or drift, that has occurred in the history of criminology and shows how the problem of causation has been a leading factor in these theoretical developments. This short book is the first of its kind and is an introductory text designed to introduce both seasoned criminologists as well as students of criminology to the interesting intersections between the fields of criminology and the philosophy of the social sciences. The...

  15. Photography in the middle: dispatches on media ecologies and aesthetics

    Lockwood, Dean; Coley, Rob
    It’s easy to forget there’s a war on when the front line is everywhere encrypted in plain sight. Gathered in this book’s several chapters are dispatches on the role of photography in a War Universe, a space and time in which photographers such as Hilla Becher, Don McCullin and Eadweard Muybridge exist only insofar as they are a mark of possession, in the sway of larger forces. These photographers are conceptual personae that collectively fabulate a different kind of photography, a paraphotography in which the camera produces negative abyssal flashes or ‘endarkenment’. In his Vietnam War memoir, Dispatches, Michael Herr...

  16. The origin of Roman London

    Wallace, Lacey M.
    In this book Dr Wallace makes a fundamental contribution to the study of urbanism in the Roman provinces. She attempts for the first time to present a detailed archaeological account of the first decade of one of the best-excavated cities in the Roman Empire. Delving into the artefact and structural reports from all excavations of pre-Boudican levels in London, she brings together vast quantities of data which are discussed and illustrated according to a novel methodology that address both the difficulties and complexity of 'grey literature' and urban excavation.

  17. Theatre, performance and design: scenographies in a modernizing Ireland

    O'Gorman, Siobhán
    Theatre, Performance and Design: Scenographies in a Modernizing Ireland contributes to international scholarship in two key ways. Firstly, it proposes recently expanded understandings of scenography as frameworks for uncovering more holistic theatre and performance histories, providing a model for further-reaching genealogies of contemporary practice. Secondly, it contributes to the global field of Irish Studies by offering the first major study of scenography in relation to Irish theatre, a field in which literary critiques have, until recently, dominated historiography. As such, it satisfies an urgent need to account for Irish theatre and performance design, in addition to addressing gaps in the...

  18. Global dynamics in travel, tourism, and hospitality

    Pappas, Nikolaos; Bregoli, Ilenia
    Worldwide, tourism is the third largest economic activity in direct earnings after petroleum and automobile industries, and by far the largest one if indirect earnings are also taken into consideration. Taking into account the profound economic impact the tourism and hospitality industries can have on regions and cities around the world, further research in this area is critical. Global Dynamics in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality takes a holistic approach to tourism and hospitality operations, education, and research. Highlighting the latest research in the field, real-world examples of how these industries are shaping economic development as well as future outlooks and opportunities...

  19. Legal research methodologies in EU and international law

    Hervey, Tamara; Cryer, Robert; Sokhi-Bulley, Bal; Bohm, Alexandra
    “Why do I need theory – my PhD is complex enough without it?” “Where can I find ideas about what to do to solve my research problems?” “I’m not a theorist – what’s the point in theory unless it is useful for my specific research project?” “What is a (legal) research methodology anyway?” “How can I help my PhD students to devise and successfully complete their PhD projects?” PhD students and their supervisors (including those in Law Schools) often ask these kinds of questions. Our aim in this book is to present a practical and theoretically informed approach to grappling with such questions, for those...

  20. A stakeholder approach to managing food: local, national and global issues

    Hingley, Martin; Lindgreen, Adam; Angell, Robert; Memery, Juliet; Vanhamme, Joëlle
    This research anthology explores the concept of food production and supply, from farm gate to plate, bringing together contemporary thinking and research on local, national, and global issues from a stakeholder perspective. A Stakeholder Approach to Managing Food includes a number of sections to represent these challenges, opportunities, conflicts, and cohesions affecting relevant stakeholder groups within food production and supply and their reaction to, engagement with, and co-creation of the food environment. For some, local, national, and global interests may seem at odds. We are in an era of growing and pervasive multi-national corporations, and these corporations have significant influence...

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