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1. Journalism, audiences and diaspora - Ogunyemi, Ola
Journalism, Audiences and Diaspora is an important intervention into the scholarship on diasporic communication, as it reflects the many ways that journalism resists reification in the study of cultural, racial, ethnic communities. This collection takes the study of diasporic communication beyond the level of simply praising its existence, to offering critical engagements and analysis with the systems of journalistic production and dissemination as they relate to people who are living outside the borders of their birth nation, offering compelling case studies of production, process and consumption practices. Taking diasporic journalism seriously, as this book does, means examining how diasporic news...

2. Victims of crime: policy and practice in criminal justice - Hall, Matthew
Over the last thirty years, victims of crime have become a staple topic of media interest and policy-making discourse.Drawing on an extensive programme of first-hand empirical data gathered at some 300 English criminal trials, this book examines the practical outcomes of this reform agenda and assesses the meaning, implications and impact of the government's pledge to put victims 'at the heart' of the criminal justice system.The study also draws on in-depth interviews with barristers and solicitors, as well as court administrators and other Local Criminal Justice Board members. The book delves into the policy-making process behind these reforms, based on...

3. Victims and policy making: a comparative perspective - Hall, Matthew
Victims of crime are now the subjects of intense policy attention and reform across most developed nations, whilst also receiving sustained attention at the highest levels of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and many other transnational organizations. Such moves have been fostered by the continued development of the international victims' movement and driven by a host of complex and interacting drivers which span jurisdictions. This volume sets out to contrast and compare the development of policies related to victims of crime and their place within the criminal justice systems in nine separate jurisdictions (the USA, the Netherlands, England...

4. Victims of environmental harm: rights, recognition and redress under national and international law - Hall, Matthew
In recent years, the increasing focus on climate change and environmental degradation has prompted unprecedented attention being paid towards the criminal liability of individuals, organisations and even states for polluting activities. These developments have given rise to a new area of criminological study, often called ‘green criminology’. Yet in all the theorising that has taken place in this area, there is still a marked absence of specific focus on those actually suffering harm as a result of environmental degradation. This book represents a unique attempt to substantively conceptualise and examine the place of such ‘environmental victims’ in criminal justice systems...

5. Robert Grosseteste as Bishop of Lincoln: the episcopal rolls 1235-1253 - Hoskin, Philippa
An edition of the rolls of Bishop Grosseteste with an extensive introduction considering his approach to pastoral care and its practical effect in the parish as revealed particularly in those rolls and pointing the way for further research in this area Robert Grosseteste, teacher, scholar and pastor, remains one of the dominant figures of the medieval English church. A major influence on the early history of Oxford University, his writings on a wide range of theological and scientific subjects have been widely studied. His concern for pastoral care is also well attested; as bishop of Lincoln from 1235 until his death...

6. Culture on drugs: narco-cultural studies of high modernity - Boothroyd, Dave
This book argues that the ideas and concepts by which modernity has attained its measure of self-understanding are themselves the products of encounters with drugs and their effects. In each study of the ideas of key theorists, such as Freud, Benjamin, Sartre, Derrida, Foucault and Deleuze, the reader is directed to the points at which drugs figure in the formulation of 'high theory', and it is revealed how such thinking is never itself a drug-free zone. Consequently there is no ground on which to distinguish 'culture' from 'drug culture' in the first place.

7. Open Access and the humanities: contexts, controversies and the future - Eve, Martin Paul
If you work in a university, it is likely that you have heard the term “open access” in the past couple of years. You may also have heard either that it is the utopian answer to all the problems of research dissemination or perhaps that it marks the beginning of an apocalyptic new era of pay-to-say publishing. In this book, Dr. Martin Paul Eve sets out the histories, contexts and controversies for open access, specifically in the humanities. Broaching practical elements alongside economic histories, open licensing, monographs and funder policies, this book is a must-read for both those new to...

8. Towns in Britain: Jones the planner - Jones, Adrian; Matthews, Chris
This lavishly illustrated book takes an irreverent, sometimes angry and amusing journey exploring our towns and cities, from Hackney and its hipsters to Rab C. Nesbitt's Govan, from the screaming incoherence of Cardiff Bay to the alleged idyll of Hertfordshire's garden cities. Written for the informed general reader, Towns in Britain looks at what is happening to our cities today and is essential reading for those interested in urban design, architecture and town and transport planning. Towns in Britain stimulates discussion about important topics which affect us all: the housing crisis, the quality of urban regeneration, place-making and the creation...

9. Mobility and fantasy in visual culture - Burgin, Victor; Bann, Stephen; Lent, Michael; Johnson, Lewis
This volume offers a varied and informed series of approaches to questions of mobility—actual, social, virtual, and imaginary—as related to visual culture. Contributors address these questions in light of important contemporary issues such as migration; globalization; trans-nationality and trans-cultural difference; art, space and place; new media; fantasy and identity; and the movement across and the transgression of the proprieties of boundaries and borders. The book invites the reader to read across the collection, noting differences or making connections between media and forms and between audiences, critical traditions and practitioners, with a view to developing a more informed understanding of visual...

10. Pharmacology - Boothroyd, Dave
The popular trope which depicts the origin of life on earth as emerging from a ?chemical soup? continues to have an enduring hold over the imagination. Of course, whether this ?soup? was a prebiotic puddle on the surface of this third rock from the Sun, originally ?canned?, superheated and pressurised in one of its internal faults, or a kind of extraterrestrial material reheated in some way after having reached the early Earth from elsewhere in universe, may not be known for sure. Nevertheless, advances in sciences such as paleogenomics and paleohistology have shown us that at least a part of...

11. Ethical subjects in contemporary culture - Boothroyd, Dave
This title shows how ethical subjectivity is not based on individual morals but contemporary culture. Taking his lead from the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, and engaging with a number of ethical thinkers, Dave Boothroyd addresses a number of key contemporary ethical subjects. In doing so, he reveals how responsibility is grounded in the everyday encounters and situations we are all familiar with. It pays particular attention to the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas. It engages with a number of important theorists of ethics and culture: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Lacan, Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, Irigaray, Nancy and Badiou. It focuses on ethical concerns from...

12. A substantive environmental right: an examination of the legal obligations of decision-makers towards the environment - Turner, Stephen J.
Acute global awareness of environmental degradation seems at last to have created a consensus that environmental obligations should be imposed on decision-makers, whether state or non-state actors. However, although substantive environmental rights have been developed to a limited degree, there is as yet no international treaty or agreement that provides a globally accepted substantive human right to a good or clean and healthy environment. This impressive book proposes such a right. In unprecedented depth, the author probes the legal obligations of decision-makers within states, companies, multilateral development banks and the World Trade Organization and develops a sound substantive human right...

13. British women's life writing, 1760-1840: friendship, community, and collaboration - Culley, Amy
British Women’s Life Writing, 1760-1840 brings together for the first time a wide range of print and manuscript sources in order to explore the innovative ways in which women wrote the stories of their lives and the lives of others. It argues for the importance of personal relationships, communal affiliations, and creative collaborations in these texts, in order to challenge the traditional conception of autobiography as an individualistic practice and offer new insights into female relationships and networks in this period. By focusing on the spiritual writing of Methodist preachers, the memoirs and journals of courtesans, and British travellers’ accounts...

14. International perpectives on higher education: challenging values and practice - Kerry, Trevor
Trevor Kerry draws together contributions from leading academics in the field based in Europe, Canada and Australia to examine key themes in higher education, including: • academic freedom • leadership and management • the nature of learning and teaching • ethical behaviour • curriculum innovation •attitudes to globalization and internationalization The contributors explore what might constitute effective higher education provision, drawing on innovative practice from around the world and encouraging higher education practitioners to become more analytical and critical about their institutions, about their own roles, and about the ways in which they and their work serve their client-base. In so doing the book...

15. The Diary of Foo Ping-sheung, 1944 - Foo, Yee-Wah
This is an original copy (in traditional Chinese characters) of Fu Bingchang's (Foo Ping-sheung) diary. It was written in Moscow in 1944. The diary is annotated, and there is an introduction. Foo Ping-sheung (1896-1965) was born in Foshan, Guangdong. He was sent to St. Stephen’s College in Hong Kong, trained as a civil engineer at Hong Kong University and received honorary Doctor of Laws from HKU. He had been worked as an attendant to the delegation of the Canton Constitutional Government to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, as secretary to Sun Yatsen 1918-24, governor of Hainan Island 1919-1922, as superintendent...

16. The Diary of Foo Ping-sheung 1945 - Foo, Yee-Wah
This is an original copy (in traditional Chinese characters) of Fu Bingchang's (Foo Ping-sheung) diary, written in Moscow in 1945. The diary contains an introduction and annotations. Foo Ping-sheung (1896-1965) was born in Foshan, Guangdong. He was sent to St. Stephen’s College in Hong Kong, trained as a civil engineer at Hong Kong University and received honorary Doctor of Laws from HKU. He had been attaché to the delegation of the Canton Constitutional Government to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, secretary to Sun Yatsen 1918-24, governor of Hainan Island 1919-1922, superintendent of Customs and Commissioner for Foreign Affairs at Canton...

17. Academic commentary on the University staff's involvement in the Global Corporate Challenge - 2013 - Middleton, Geoff
This monograph is a collection of small articles provided to University staff engaged in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC); a pedometer-based workplace health initiative. The articles highlight the conceptual journey of initial engagement, progression and cessation of the initiative with focus on participant interaction, behaviour and subsequent performance. At each stage, each article is linked to health promotion theory and attempt to relate to the participant experience of sustaining and maintaining physical activity during the GCC's active time-frame. The articles where shown in an email newsletter to staff engaging in the initiative in the spring - summer 2013 period.

18. Groupwork activities: the resource manual for everyone working with elderly people - Walsh, Danny
A manual of group work techniques and exercises for those working with older adults. The book is of particular relevance for those working with elders with mental mental problems and dementia.

19. English Episcopal Acta 44: Coventry and Lichfield 1258-1295 - Hoskin, Philippa; Denton, Jeffrey H.
An edition of the documents of the bishops of Coventry and Lichfield 1259-1295 with a consideration of supporting administrative records of the period

20. English Episcopal Acta 43: Coventry and Lichfield 1215-1256 - Hoskin, Philippa; Denton, Jeffrey H.
An edition of the surviving documents issued by the bishops of Coventry and Lichfield 1215-1258, with a full scholarly analysis of these documents and their place in the ecclesiastical, administrative, social and political history of the period

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