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1. Social work and human development [4th edition] - Walker, Janet; Crawford, Karin
In order to practice effectively, social workers need a critical understanding of how people develop and how the different stages in the average life course can alter and affect a person. Covering all stages of the life course, this book looks at the ways in which people develop before birth, as babies and children through adolescence and onto young, middle and older adulthood. With this knowledge, social workers are able to establish and maintain effective partnerships with both service-users and other professionals alike. This book is part of the 'Transforming Social Work Practice' series which has become the market-leading series for...

2. Social work: introducing professional practice - Hardy, Mark; Parker, Jonathan; Crawford, Karin
This major new textbook will offer a core introduction to social work practice with relevance across a range of study levels and programmes. As such it will be a co-authored ‘one-stop shop’ critical introduction to all key aspects of social work practice, providing an initial reference and signpost to a wide range of topics and further learning pathways, rather than aiming for depth in any one particular area.

3. A global environmental right - Turner, Stephen J.
The development of an international substantive environmental right on a global level has long been a contested issue. To a limited extent environmental rights have developed in a fragmented way through different legal regimes. This book examines the potential for the development of a global environmental right that would create legal duties for all types of decision-makers and provide the bedrock for a new system of international environmental governance. Taking a problem solving approach, the book seeks to demonstrate how straightforward and logical changes to the existing global legal architecture would address some of the fundamental root causes of environmental degradation....

4. Global literary journalism: exploring the journalistic imagination [volume 2] - Keeble, Richard; Tulloch, John

5. Egg incubation: its effects on embryonic development in birds and reptiles - Deeming, D. C.; Ferguson, M. W. J.
This book reviews comprehensively incubation effects on embryonic development in birds and reptiles and presents the first ever synthesis of data from these two vertebrate classes. The book is in three parts. The first deals with the structure, shape and function of eggs. The second examines the effects of the four main parameters on the process of incubation: temperature, water relations, respiratory gas exchange, and turning. The third section deals with early embryonic development and the methods used to investigate and manipulate the embryo. Further chapters deal with aestivation, megapodes and oviparity. International experts in each field have contributed to...

6. Social policy - Bochel, Hugh; Daly, Guy
This new edition of a social policy textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to social policy in the United Kingdom. It provides an overview of socio-economic, political and governmental contexts and historical developments in social policy. Other chapters deal with a variety of key social policy areas before the discussion moves on to European and wider international developments.

7. Disability in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union: history, policy and everyday life - Rasell, Michael; Iarskaia-Smirnova, Elena
There are over thirty million disabled people in Russia and Eastern Europe, yet their voices are rarely heard in scholarly studies of life and well-being in the region. This book brings together new research by internationally recognised local and non-native scholars in a range of countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It covers, historically, the origins of legacies that continue to affect well-being and policy in the region today. Discussions of disability in culture and society highlight the broader conditions in which disabled people must build their identities and well-being whilst in-depth biographical profiles outline what living...

8. BartramONeill Actions 2009 - 2014 [iBook] - Bartram, Angela; O'Neill, Mary
Angela Bartram and Mary O’Neill are a collaborative partnership whose work centres on art and ethics and the documentation of performance through situated writing and text that moves beyond formal academic conventions. They offer an alternative creative strategy to the binaries of theory and practice, academic and artist, event and text. The site of their practice is not just the physical location, but includes the artist's body, the anticipated audience, the environment, the document, and the atmosphere. Rather than prioritising one form over another, each manifestation is seen as having generative potential for further creative responses, creating an ongoing work.

9. George Eliot: "Adam Bede", "Mill on the Floss", "Middlemarch": a reader's guides to essential criticism - Armitt, Lucie
George Eliot's reception as a writer has been chequered from the start. Prejudice followed the reluctant revelation of her real identity as a woman, and she suffered from critical neglect at the start of the twentieth century, before a post-war renaissance of interest finally established her as one of the most powerful and accomplished of British novelists. Views of Mary Ann Evans, the woman behind the pseudonym, have always been controversial: castigated during her own time for sexual impropriety with a married man, accused by male 'friends' of being an overly intellectual 'man-woman', rejected by twentieth-century feminists for the opinions...

10. Theorising the fantastic - Armitt, Lucie
This text seeks to show how theory can be used to enrich the reading of texts; but it starts off with both and advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that the literary fantastic is automatically accepted as an interesting object of study. The (potential) disadvantage is that there is little consensus on what constitutes fantasy: romantic fiction?; science fiction?; children's anthromorphic books?; gothic horror?. This study demonstrates the sterility of that approach and focuses instead on the role of the fantastic as "an uncertain and ambiguous problematizing of the accepted conventions of normal reality". With that understanding, it becomes...

11. Contemporary women's fiction and the fantastic - Armitt, Lucie
This book takes a wide-ranging approach to gendered readings of the fantastic as employed by fifteen contemporary women novelists writing between 1965 and the present day. Focusing on Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Bessie Head, Toni Morrison, Jeanette Winterson and Monique Wittig among others, it addresses a variety of cultural perspectives on the fantastic, including representations of the Jew as vampire, Welshness and fairy lore, Latin America as source of the 'exotic' and Black South Africa as the province of nightmare. Thematically, the book is haunted by two fictive narrators, Freud's Dora and Scheherazade, the narrator of the Thousand and...

12. Where no man has gone before: women and science fiction - Armitt, Lucie
From Mary Shelley onwards, women writers have played a central role in the shaping and reshaping of science fiction, irrespective of its undeniably partriarchal image. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" traces the history of the genre from Frankenstein to the present day, focusing on the work of women whose writing has been central to its development this century. The contributors - writers, readers and critics of science fiction - examine the work of well-known writers such as Doris Lessing and Ursula Le Guin as well as others. These writers have not only subverted the science fiction form and its...

13. Fantasy fiction: an introduction - Armitt, Lucie

14. Remapping 'Crisis': a guide to Athens - Tsilimpounidi, Myrto; Walsh, Aylwyn
This is a crucial collection that provides a new perspective on the social dimension of crisis - exemplified in the new wave of social mobilization gaining ground across the globe. The collection is an invigorating addition to the market of ideas circulating at this time of uncertainty, austerity and social change. It is an important and timely contribution to the study of social movements and the rise of direct civil action in pursuit of democracy. In this milieu of social change, Athens is its muse. This book is one of the first collections of chapters devoted to the specificities of...

15. Is the BBC in crisis? - Mair, John; Tait, Richard; Keeble, Richard Lance
Recent years have been pretty dire for the BBC. The Jimmy Savile revelations, the Newsnight/Lord McAlpine debacle, the ignominious fall from grace of Director-General George Entwistle after just 54 days in the hot seat and the scandal of the top executives' pay-offs have all seriously damaged public trust in the Corporation. But as the BBC heads for negotiations on the new licence fee and charter renewal (both due in 2017) and the country prepares for a general election in 2015, the issues confronting the Corporation concern us all.

16. Data journalism: mapping the future - Mair, John; Keeble, Richard Lance
The idea of the journo-coder, programmer-journalist, hacker-journalist, journo-programmer (the terminology is undecided) is gaining ground as data journalism develops both in Britain and internationally. Programmers are coming into newsrooms, journalists are venturing further into programming and there is some blurring where the two meet. Data journalism (DJ) is certainly becoming the Big Buzz Story in the media but so far little has been written about it. This new, jargon-free text, edited by John Mair and Richard Lance Keeble (with Teodora Beleaga and Paul Bradshaw), provides an original and thought-provoking insight into DJ. The first section, with contributions from Teodora Beleaga...

17. The ostrich: biology, production and health - Deeming, D. Charles
The ostrich is a relatively new agricultural animal in many parts of the world and even in South Africa it was domesticated only a little over a century ago. Recently however there has been a huge growth in interest in ostrich farming, and production of ostriches for low-fat meat and leather is now a reality in many parts of the world. This book is the first comprehensive volume to review the world scientific literature on ostrich biology, production and health:Written by leading authors from South Africa, Europe, Israel and the USA. Deals with the ostrich in farmed and natural environments....

18. Space and place in children's literature, 1789 to the present
Focusing on questions of space and locale in children’s literature, this collection explores how metaphorical and physical space can create landscapes of power, knowledge, and identity in texts from the early nineteenth century to the present. The collection is comprised of four sections that take up the space between children and adults, the representation of “real world” places, fantasy travel and locales, and the physical space of the children’s book-as-object. In their essays, the contributors analyze works from a range of sources and traditions by authors such as Sylvia Plath, Maria Edgeworth, Gloria Anzaldúa, Jenny Robson, C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Knox,...

19. Blindsided - Stephens, Simon; Bolton, Jacqueline
We're just the least lucky girls in all the world. All three of us. You and me and Ruthy have been given a big sad spoon of bad luck. A girl growing up in a battered part of Stockport in a battered time at the end of the Seventies falls in love with the man who will break her heart into a thousand pieces. Blindsided is a surprising and romantic play about warped love, jealousy, and damaged lives, spanning from the beginnings of the Thatcher Government in 1979 to the birth of New Labour in 1997.

20. The Rushdie Fatwa and its aftermath: a lesson to the circumspect - Winston, Brian
The legacy of the Satanic Verses affair remains with us, casting a pall across Western creativity. However, despite the attention it has received, Brian Winston makes the case that it has not been properly accounted for as a watershed moment in the history of free expression in the West. Much of the literature stands in line with general orientalist study and polemic. In fact, there is no succinct history which embraces all that is currently known of the causes of Khomeini's action in February of 1989. Nor is there any single volume bringing together the major copycat events over the...

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