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1. Data journalism: mapping the future - Mair, John; Keeble, Richard Lance
The idea of the journo-coder, programmer-journalist, hacker-journalist, journo-programmer (the terminology is undecided) is gaining ground as data journalism develops both in Britain and internationally. Programmers are coming into newsrooms, journalists are venturing further into programming and there is some blurring where the two meet. Data journalism (DJ) is certainly becoming the Big Buzz Story in the media but so far little has been written about it. This new, jargon-free text, edited by John Mair and Richard Lance Keeble (with Teodora Beleaga and Paul Bradshaw), provides an original and thought-provoking insight into DJ. The first section, with contributions from Teodora Beleaga...

2. The ostrich: biology, production and health - Deeming, D. Charles
The ostrich is a relatively new agricultural animal in many parts of the world and even in South Africa it was domesticated only a little over a century ago. Recently however there has been a huge growth in interest in ostrich farming, and production of ostriches for low-fat meat and leather is now a reality in many parts of the world. This book is the first comprehensive volume to review the world scientific literature on ostrich biology, production and health:Written by leading authors from South Africa, Europe, Israel and the USA. Deals with the ostrich in farmed and natural environments....

3. Space and place in children's literature, 1789 to the present
Focusing on questions of space and locale in children’s literature, this collection explores how metaphorical and physical space can create landscapes of power, knowledge, and identity in texts from the early nineteenth century to the present. The collection is comprised of four sections that take up the space between children and adults, the representation of “real world” places, fantasy travel and locales, and the physical space of the children’s book-as-object. In their essays, the contributors analyze works from a range of sources and traditions by authors such as Sylvia Plath, Maria Edgeworth, Gloria Anzaldúa, Jenny Robson, C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Knox,...

4. Blindsided - Stephens, Simon; Bolton, Jacqueline
We're just the least lucky girls in all the world. All three of us. You and me and Ruthy have been given a big sad spoon of bad luck. A girl growing up in a battered part of Stockport in a battered time at the end of the Seventies falls in love with the man who will break her heart into a thousand pieces. Blindsided is a surprising and romantic play about warped love, jealousy, and damaged lives, spanning from the beginnings of the Thatcher Government in 1979 to the birth of New Labour in 1997.

5. The Rushdie Fatwa and its aftermath: a lesson to the circumspect - Winston, Brian
The legacy of the Satanic Verses affair remains with us, casting a pall across Western creativity. However, despite the attention it has received, Brian Winston makes the case that it has not been properly accounted for as a watershed moment in the history of free expression in the West. Much of the literature stands in line with general orientalist study and polemic. In fact, there is no succinct history which embraces all that is currently known of the causes of Khomeini's action in February of 1989. Nor is there any single volume bringing together the major copycat events over the...

6. Objects of desire: consumer behaviour in shopping centre choices - Dennis, Charles
What determines where people shop? Why would shoppers visit one shopping centre rather than another? Developers, backers, planners and Government will wish to make reliable estimates of the viability of proposed new centres. Developers wish to plan, build and/or improve shopping centres to maximise profitable retail sales. Shopping centre managers want to create lively environments that enhance the shopping experience. From a broader perspective there is a need to understand shopping as a fundamental aspect of modern society. This book explores a range of perspectives from traditional (e.g. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Gravitation Theory) to the latest thinking (e.g....

7. [Information system of the primary health care in the autonomous community of Extremadura, 2009] - Corrales, Nuria; Godoy Caballero, Ana Luisa; de Miguel, Francisco; Morillo, Juan; Murillo Zamorano, Luis R.; Nogales, Luciano; Vega, Juan
This book includes a report about the primary health system in the autonomous community of Extremadura (Spain) for the year 2009. Throughout this research different aspects characterizing this health system are presented, Among them, we include variables which inform about the activity of the different health units, their quality, inputs or costs. This reports aims to provide clear and easily accessible information that can be used to make appropriate decisions by those involve in the health system.

8. Análisis Económico de la Asistencia Sanitaria en Atención Primaria: El caso de la Comunidad Autónoma de Extremadura - Godoy Caballero, Ana Luisa; Murillo Zamorano, Luis R.
The aim of this research work is the analysis of the Primary Health Care System in the region of Extremadura. By doing so, and by applying the Factorial Analysis, some synthetic indexes of health output, which will include activity indicators as well as quality indicators, health input, and costs are built. These indexes describe the main features of each health center. On the other hand, these indicators allow us to classify each Health Zone depending on their level of efficiency. By using the Cluster Analysis we obtain three groups of Health Zones: the efficient and active ones, the efficient and...

9. Análisis Económico de la Teoría de la Producción: Teoría Neoclásica, Eficiencia Económica y Técnicas Frontera - Godoy Caballero, Ana Luisa
This book describes the theoretical foundations of the production theory. The research is divided into two parts. The first one is devoted to the theoretical description of the neoclassical production theory, and the second one develops aspects related to the economic efficiency and frontier techniques. More specifically, a critical and detailed review is performed. The criteria followed in order to classify these methods distinguishes between parametric and non-parametric specifications. The literature review carried out in this book points out the characteristics of each model and its potential advantages

10. How to write well: a guide for health and social care students - Keeling, June; Chapman, Hazel; Williams, Julie
The aim of this book is to demysify acadmeic writing for undergraduate students in health and social care education.

11. The psychology of visual art: eye, brain, and art - Mather, George
What can art tell us about how the brain works? And what can the brain tell us about how we perceive and create art? Humans have created visual art throughout history and its significance has been an endless source of fascination and debate. Visual art is a product of the human brain, but is art so complex and sophisticated that brain function and evolution are not relevant to our understanding? This book explores the links between visual art and the brain by examining a broad range of issues including: the impact of eye and brain disorders on artistic output; the...

12. Observing theatre: spirituality and subjectivity in the performing arts - Meyer-Dinkgrafe, Daniel

13. Robert Southey: later poetical works, 1811-1838 [volume 1: shorter poems and volume 3: poems from the laureate period, 1813-1823] - Southey, Robert; Packer, Ian; Pratt, Lynda; White, Daniel E.; Fulford, Tim; Bolton, Carol
Robert Southey (1774-1843) was once a prolific and celebrated writer of the Romantic school. Yet despite spending thirty years as Poet Laureate, Southey's reputation has long been eclipsed by that of his contemporaries, Wordsworth and Coleridge. Research on Southey's later poetry (and the violent responses it provoked at the time of its publication) has been hampered by the lack of a modern critical edition. These four volumes provide fully-edited, meticulously annotated texts of the poems Southey wrote during the latter half of his career. These volumes build upon the critical success of Robert Southey: Poetical Works 1793-1810 and together they...

14. The prophecy of Christos - Blackburn, Michael

15. Pynchon and philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno - Eve, Martin Paul
This book presents thorough, comprehensive and previously unaddressed philosophical and ethical readings of Thomas Pynchon's fiction through Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault and Theodor W. Adorno. Thomas Pynchon, the most important living American author, is famed for his lengthy, complex and erudite fictions. Given these characteristics, an examination of the philosophical dimensions of Pynchon's works is long overdue. In this book I comprehensively and clearly redresses this balance, mapping Pynchon's interactions with the philosophy, ethics and politics of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault and Theodor W. Adorno, resulting in a fresh approach to these seminal novels. Pynchon and Philosophy is based on the...

16. Glasgow Media Group reader, volume 1 - Winston, Brian; Beharrell, Peter; Davis, Howard; Eldridge, John; Hewitt, John; Oddie, Jean; Philo, Greg; Walton, Paul; Broadbent, Lucinda; Kimmett, Gordon; Spaven, Malcolm; Williams, Kevin
A selection of readings from four sources: Bad news (1976) ; More bad news (1980) ; Really bad news (1982) and War and peace news (1985)

17. Investigative journalism: dead or alive? - Mair, John; Keeble, Richard

18. 'Messages': liberty, media and the west 1455-1991 - Winston, Brian

19. Reporting diversity: curriculum framework - Winston, Brian

20. Lies, damn lies and documentaries - Winston, Brian

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