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  1. Notre Dame Mathematical Lectures, Number 4

  2. On the Theory of Complex Functions

    Artin, Emil

  3. On the Relation Between Calculus of Probability and Statistics

    Menger, Karl

  4. The Teaching of the Calculus of Probability

    Copeland, Arthur H.
    Contents [start-list] *A. Physical Measurements *B. Functions of Sequences *C. Constant Sequences *D. Variance *E. Events *F. Algebra of Events *G. Mutually Exclusive Events *H. Independent Events *I. Fundamental Function *J. Tchebycheff's Inequality *K. Independence of Physical Quantities *L. Error of the Average of n Trials *M. Distribution Functions *N. Integrals *O. Moment Generating Functions *P. The Probability Integral *Q. The Problem of Application[end-list]

  5. Alignment Charts

    Ford, Lester R.
    Contents [start-list] *A. Introduction *B. Scales *C. Slide Rules *D. Three-rowed Determinants *E. Alignment Charts *F. The Quadratic and the Reduced Cubic *G. Parallel Scales *H. Mechanical Details *I. The Transformation Theory *J. Projective Transformations *K. The Straight Line *L. Conics *M. The Problem of the Rectangular Page *N. High Accuracy Charts[end-list]

  6. On the Principles of Statistical Inference

    Wald, Abraham

  7. Proceedings of the Symposium on Value Distribution Theory in Several Complex Variables: On the occasion of the Inauguration of Wilhelm Stoll as the Vincent F. Duncan and Annamarie Micus Duncan Professor of Mathematics, April 28-29, 1990, University of Notre Dame

  8. Some Recent Results and Problems in the Theory of Value Distribution

    Yang, Lo

  9. Diophantine Approximation and the Theory of Holomorphic Curves

    Wong, Pit-Man

  10. Recent Work on Nevanlinna Theory and Diophantine Approximation

    Vojta, Paul

  11. Nevanlinna Theorems in Push-Forward Version

    Ji, Shanyu

  12. $\bold C\sp n$-Capacity and Multidimensional Moment Problem

    Henkin, Gennadi; Shananin, A. A.

  13. On Ahlfor's Theory of Covering Spaces

    Drasin, David

  14. The Nevanlinna Error Term for Coverings, Generically Surjective Case

    Cherry, William

  15. High Points in the History of Value Distribution Theory of Several Complex Variables: Inaugural Lecture

    Stoll, Wilhelm

  16. Direct Decompositions of Finite Algebraic Systems

    Jónsson, Bjarni; Tarski, Alfred

  17. Topics in Local Algebra: Lectures Delivered at the University of Notre Dame

    Dieudonné, Jean

  18. The Model Theory of Groups

  19. The Group Configuration--after E. Hrushovski

    Bouscaren, Elisabeth

  20. On the Existence of $\varnothing$-Definable Normal Subgroups of a Stable Group

    Pillay, Anand

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