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  1. A contrastive study of reporting in The Guardian and The Economist: metaphors in the transition from Keynesian economics to monetarism

    CAERS, Eric

  2. Evaluation of confocal microfluorimetric methods for the study of lateral diffusion in model systems and oligodendroglial cell membranes

    Gielen, Ellen

  3. Statistical techniques for planning type I singly censored reliability experiments with two stress factors

    Croes, Kristof
    A crucial consequence of the ongoing miniaturization in the microtechnology is that producing reliable integrated circuits (IC's) gets more and more difficult. The subject of this thesis can be situated in the world of testing the reliability of such IC's. These tests are important because the competitiveness of manufacturers strongly depends on the demonstrable reliability of the produced IC's. The major building blocks of an IC can be subdivided into off-chip and on-chip elements. At the on-chip level, active components as well as so-called back-end elements have to be considered. Active components, mainly transistors and diodes, care for the information...

  4. The effect of soil contamination on real estate value: a hedonic pricing approach based on different risk measures

    Clauw, Frederik
    The aim of this doctoral thesis is an attempt to work multidisciplinary. This means that several fields of research will be interconnected, i.e. we will try to look for a link between the results of site research, epidemiological research and economic research. It is our intention with this research to reveal the effect of changes in the environment on social welfare, more specifically translated in following general research question: How do different risk measures of soil pollution affect the social benefit estimates of a potential soil remediation program? We will first develop a theoretical framework in which soil pollution will...

  5. Valorisation of heavy metal contaminated biomass by fast pyrolysis

    LIEVENS, Caroline

  6. Adaptive heavy metal tolerance in the ectomycorrhizal fungi Suillus bovinus and Suillus luteus

    Adriaensen, Kristin
    In the vicinity of non-ferrous industrial plants, the soil is often moderately to heavily contaminated with heavy metals (Zn, Cd, Cu, Pb). This historical pollution has resulted in the development of large unvegetated areas that are now slowly recolonised by pioneer vegetations dominated by typical metallophytes (e.g. Viola calaminaria, Thlaspi caerulescens) and metal tolerant ecotypes of some grass species (e.g. Agrostis capillaris). These grasslands are evolving towards open pioneer forests with birches, pines and willows. The absorption roots of these trees are colonised by ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi. In these low-fertility ecosystems, pines and most other tree species depend strongly on...

  7. Increasing the mean grain size in copper films and features

    Vanstreels, Kris
    This thesis discusses the introduction of super grains in both sputtered and electroplated copper films and the implementation of these grains in copper interconnects, whose dimensions vary from the micrometer regime to the nanometer regime. The final chapter summarizes the major results of this research and provides some perspectives for future work. Nowadays, a clear increase in the resistivity of copper interconnect wires is observed for scaled wire geometries. This increase embodies several scattering mechanisms such as surface and grain boundary scattering which contribute to the classic electron-phonon scattering in bulk materials. Finding ways to increase the mean grain size...

  8. Phytotoxic concentrations of copper and zinc induce antioxidative defense in Phaseolus vulgaris, cv. Limburgse vroege : A comparative study

    CUYPERS, Ann

  9. Classification methods multi-class multivariate longitudinal data

    Wouters, Kristien
    In this thesis, we have focussed on the classification of multiple class, multivariate longitudinal data. This research was driven by a study conducted to classify psychotropic drugs based on electro-encephalogram or EEG data. For each of the compound-by-dose combinations in the five psychotropic drug classes, data on the sleep-wake behaviour of rats were collected during a 16 hours period. The sleepwake behaviour was summarized into six standard sleep-wake stages, resulting in a six-variate longitudinal profile per rat. From a statistical point of view, analyzing EEG data poses important challenge, because of the high-dimensionality and the longitudinal character of the data....

  10. Thin nanocrystalline MW PE CVD diamond films: nucleation, growth,doping and electrical transport phenomena

    Daenen, Michaël
    Diamond is an interesting material that is under study for many years. Nowadays, while science evolves towards the small scales, also diamond research has found its way into the “nano” world studying so called nanocrystalline diamond (NCD). An overview of the diamond growth history and the outstanding properties is given in the first chapter. Here is also defined what NCD is and where it is positioned in the broad range of carbon materials. The second chapter gives an overview of all the important experimental techniques that were applied in this research. Experimental setups for surface and structural characterisation, such as...

  11. An Architecture for Large-scale Virtual Interactive Communities

    Quax, Peter
    Following the popularity of text-based Internet chat channels and instant messaging applications, virtual interactive communities are often advertised as ‘revolutionary’ applications that allow large groups of people to share ideas, experiences and make new friends. What is largely unknown by the general public is that these applications share the underlying technology with networked computer games, and were founded in research for military purposes. We start this dissertation by analyzing the behavior (in terms of bandwidth usage) of applications based on networked virtual environments technology, such as networked games and virtual interactive communities. Also, the impact of common network-related problems, in...

  12. Flexible modeling tools for continuous longitudinal data


  13. Anti-myelin T cells in multiple sclerosis: pathogenic role and therapeutic strategies

    Van der Aa, Annegret
    Multiple sclerosis is generally considered to be a T cell-mediated autoimmune disease, targeting components of the myelin sheaths in the central nervous system. Although there is evidence indicating that autoreactive T cells are the key players in the initiation of chronic inflammation, the exact mechanisms of the onset of disease are not completely understood. This study is aimed to further characterize the potentially pathogenic role of myelin reactive T cells in the disease process. We focused on T cell responses towards a minor component of the myelin that recently has been suggested to play a primary role in MS. Furthermore,...

  14. New proteomic initiatives to study multiple sclerosis

    Dumont, Debora
    Neurological diseases, including MS, often provoke changes in the functioning of the endothelial and epithelial brain barriers and give rise to disease associated alterations of the CSF proteome. Therefore, CSF analysis is believed to represent a valuable approach to identify disease-related proteins. The goal of this chapter is the construction of a protein database of CSF from MS patients, using gel-based and gel-free identification approaches. In a first setup, twodimensional gel electrophoresis was applied on individual CSF samples of five MS patients and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled to electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-MS/MS) resulted in the identification of...

  15. Relations between morphology and electro-optical properties of MDMO-PPV:PCBM bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

    MARTENS, Tom

  16. Investigating validity of psychiatric symptom scales and surrogate market

    ALONSO ABAD, Ariel
    Conclusions: A new methodology to evaluate criterion and predictive validity of psychiatric symptom scales was proposed based on surrogate marker validation techniques. Two families of parameters were introduced to evaluate surrogacy at individual and trial level when repeated measures are present. - The relationship between these families and previous proposals was shown. - The LRF offers a unifying approach to the validation problem based on some of Prentice’s Criteria.

  17. Topics in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics : I. Collective behavior of coupled parametric oscillators, II. Hydrodynamic fluctuations in Kolmogorov flow

    Bena, Ioana
    This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to the study of an analytically solvable model of coupled parametric oscillators. The model comprises an infinite set of globally coupled harmonic oscillators whose frequencies are subjected to time-periodic, piecewise-constant modulations with randomly distributed quenched phases. This system exhibits a variety of amplitude instabilities. In addition to the familiar parametric instability of the individual oscillators, two kinds of collective instabilities are identified. In one, the mean amplitude diverges monotonically, while in the other the divergence is oscillatory. The frequencies of the collective oscillatory instabilities bear no simple relation...

  18. Dynamic User Interface Generation for Mobile and Embedded Systems with Model-Based User Interface Development

    Luyten, Kris
    A user’s physical and virtual environments are becoming increasingly interwoven. Mobile and embedded devices have become more the rule than the exception: many present-day users are inexperienced when it comes to traditional computers, but are in daily contact with computerized systems. The increasing diversity of all kinds of devices, together with the possibilities of running arbitrary software autonomously, result in a thousand-and-one potential areas of use, whether mobile or not. The possibility of communicating with the (in)direct environment using other devices and observing that same environment allow us to develop ambient intelligent software which has knowledge of the environment and...

  19. Topics in modeling multilevel and longitudinal data

    RENARD, Didier

  20. Mogelijkheden en beperkingen van AP-TPR

    Mullens, Steven

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