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  1. Development of social skills among elementary school children

    Selimović, Zehrina; Selimović, Hazim; Opić, Siniša
    The purpose of the research was to explore the development of social skills among elementary school children and identify similarities and differences based on socio-demographic characteristics. The research was conducted in 2017. This study used a sample of 1639 fifth and eighth-grade students from 17 primary schools in the area of the Central Bosnia Canton. The obtained findings provided significant results. The high level of self-assessment of social competence was determined. The results also showed that there is a statistically significant difference between the respondents in the assessment of social competence with regard to the gender and grade of the...

  2. Music education in primary compulsory schools in Croatia and Serbia from 1945 to 1990, in the context of school curricula

    Durakovic, Lada; Đurđanović, Miomira; Vidulin, Sabina
    After the Second World War, one of the priorities of cultural policy in the domain of music was the music education of young generations, which was essential to begin with at an early age. Its goal was to form a versatile person prepared for future work and social tasks, an active participant in the cultural and artistic life of his/her environment. Due to the insufficient researches conducted so far on musical education practices in the immediate post second World War period, in this paper we track the contents of the curricula in Croatia and Serbia. It’s our intention to emphasize...

  3. Concurrent validity of the student teacher professional identity scale

    Živković, Predrag
    The main purpose of study was to examine concurrent validity of the Student Teachers Professional Identity Scale–STPIS (Fisherman and Abbot, 1998) that was for the first time used in Serbia. Indicators of concurrent validity was established by correlation with student teacher self-reported well-being, self-esteem, burnout stress and resilience. Based on the results we can conclude that the STPIS meets the criterion of concurrent validity. The implications of these results are important for researchers and decisions makers in teacher education.

  4. The method of global reading from an interdisciplinary perspective

    Dizdarevikj, Jasmina Delceva; Dizdarevikj, Vedran
    Primary literacy in Macedonian education is in decline. This assertion has been proved both by the abstract theory, and by the concrete empirical data. Educational reforms in the national curriculum are on their way, and the implementation of the method of global reading is one of the main innovations. Misunderstanding of this method has led it its being criticized as a foreign import and as unnatural and incongruous for the specificities of the Macedonian language. We think that this argument is wrong. That is why this paper is going to extrapolate and explain the method of global learning and its...

  5. Decision-making at different levels of ration-ality: Subjects’s cognitive, neural and psycho-dynamic characteristics

    Belykh, Tatyana; Nina Pavlovna, Grishina; Ekaterina Mokhailovna, Zinchenko
    In modern science, the issue of studying the decision-making process is challenging. If these decisions are connected with finances: monetary gains or losses - the problem becomes even more acute. Decision-making is almost always connected with risk and uncertainty. In order to investigate the problem of financial decision-making at risk laboratory studies have been conducted to determine the degree of rationality of such decisions as well as the neural and psychodynamic characteristics of the subject. This paper presents the results of the study of this problem at the extreme values of the probability of a gain or a loss -...

  6. An empirical examination of the relationships among creativity, the evaluation of creative products, and cognitive style among chinese undergraduates

    Tsai, Kuan-Chen
    The current study investigates creativity from a creative product perspective. More specifically, we want to know if a connection exists between an individual’s creativity and his or her evaluation of creative products. We also want to know what role cognitive style plays in this relationship. The sample (139 second-year undergraduates) was collected from an art and design program of an institution in Macau. Convenience sampling was used for the current study. The present study found partial support for the associations between cognitive style, creativity, and evaluations of creative products. Based on zero-order correlations, visual and verbal cognitive styles were moderately...

  7. Cognitive dialog games as cognitive assistants: Tracking and adapting knowledge and interactions in student’s dialogs

    Yengin, İlker; Karahoca, Adem; Karahoca, Dilek
    This study introduces a system design in a form of cognitive dialog game (DiaCog) to support pedagogical factors and student learning model ideas. The purpose of the study is to describe how such a design achieves tracking and adapting students’ knowledge and mastery learning levels as a cognitive assistant. Also, this study shows alternative ways for supporting intelligent personal learning, tutoring systems, and MOOCS. This paper explains method called DiaCog that uses structure for students` thinking in an online dialog by tracking student`s level of learning/knowledge status. The methodology of computing is the semantic that match between students` interactions in...

  8. Specifics of moral choices made by children aged 6 to 8 years in situations with ethnocultural context

    Sushkova, Irina Viktorovna; Gerasimova, Evgenia Nikolaevna; Pronina, Anzhelika Nikolaevna
    The paper describes the experimental study of the children’s specific moral choices from several perspectives. The quantitative and qualitative results of the study were assessed through comparison of the diverse kinds of correct and incorrect moral choices in children aged 6–7 years old and 7–8 years old, the specifics of these choices revealed through resolving two types of specially designed situations with ethnocultural context, namely the situations requiring the child’s personal engagement (situations of moral choice) and depersonalized situations (situations with moral challenges, such as “Continue the sentence”).

  9. Learning problems in children with mild intellectual disability

    Keskinova, Angelka; Ajdinski, Goran
    School failure is one of the more complex, more difficult and unfortunately frequent problem that modern school meets. Many factors can cause school failure, such as: child development characteristics, family and school-originated factors. The purpose of the research is analysis of the specific learning problems in students with a mild intellectual disability. For our research we used ACADIA test, which contains 13 subtests for assessing the overall individual functioning. The research involved 144 students. We divided the sample into two groups, children with intellectual disability (our target group) and control group. We found that generally all students with the intellectual...

  10. Análisis Factorial Confirmatorio para medir las limitantes percibidas en el pregrado para el desarrollo de actividades de investigación

    Magaña Medina, Deneb Elí; Aguilar Morales, Norma; Vázquez Rodríguez, José Manuel
    Abstract Introduction: The objective of this approach was to validate through a confirmatory factor analysis a measurement model to determine the perceived limitations to develop interest in scientific or technological activities in the undergraduate. Method: The study had a quantitative approach with a non-experimental descriptive design and was carried out at a State Public University in Southeast Mexico where 378 undergraduate students with more than 60% of credits were selected in their school career and who represented all the areas of knowledge. An exploratory and confessional factor analysis was performed to determine the psychometric properties of the instrument Results: The...

  11. Modelo de factores críticos del éxito para el despliegue de programas de filosofía organizacional

    Dávila Soltero, Felipe; Noriega Morales, Salvador A; Máynez Guaderrama, Aurora; Hernández Gómez, Andrés; Torres Argüelles, Vianey
    Abstract This paper presents the results of a study to identify the Critical Success Factors (CSF) related to the deployment of the Organizational Philosophy. Presents a review of the literature, as a reference frame for the construction of a questionnaire, explains its validation and application to investigate the variables influencing the deployment. Also presents the exploratory approach applied to develop a theoretical model. The construct validity was assessed through a confirmatory factor analysis. Moreover, the model’s fit was tested applying a Structural Equations System. Results indicate there are five CSF related to the deployment of the philosophy. The CSF identified...

  12. Calculating energy balance for higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) from field productive stages to energy value for whole plant constituents

    Ortiz Laurel, Hipólito; Rössel Kippling, Dietmar; Durán-García, Héctor Martín; González-Muñoz, Liliana; Amante Orozco, Alejandro
    Abstract Introduction: Energy balance trial allows to carefully allocating any inputs for field production of the crop as well as, dosing precisely the amount of energy required for each process, thus determining the efficiency when energy transformation inside the crop is required for a certain task. Method: Castor oil plant (Ricinus communis L.) as an energetic crop was field drillet and cultural practices were undertaken for crop growth and at harvest, the whole plant was collected where each constituent was tested for its energy concentration. Thus, to reach for an energy balance calculation; bilological energy figures from higuerilla plant were...

  13. Nivel tecnológico de invernadero y riesgo para la salud de los jornaleros

    Ortega Martínez, L. D.; Martínez Valenzuela, C.; Waliszewski, S. M.; Ocampo Mendoza, J.; Huichapan Martínez, J.; El Kassis, E.; Soto Ruiz, G.; Pérez Armendáriz, B.
    Abstract Introduction: The greenhouses are classified by under high levels or as technologies to be adapted to create optimal conditions of radiation, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide that improve agricultural production and the development of organisms harmful that fight applying pesticides, exposing laborers to vapors and waste. Method: The cytotoxic damage was determined in samples of oral epithelial cells exfoliation of day laborers through the micronucleus assay, 40 laborers exposed to pesticides, 20 worked in greenhouses low-tech and high-tech 20. Results: The low-tech results showed higher frequency for all nuclear abnormalities compared to the control group, especially of condensed chromatin,...

  14. Gestión participativa en la elaboración de estrategias de revitalización urbana para el barrio histórico de San José, Puebla

    Ramírez Rosete, Norma Leticia; Calderón Calderón, Basilio; Millán Ávila, Guadalupe
    Abstract The need to influence how to intervene the historic center of Puebla to improve living conditions and social cohesion in the neighborhood of San Jose, leads us to build a methodological proposal multidisciplinary approach that is an intervention model. Thus, should analyze policies, strategies and impact generated by urban rehabilitation projects implemented by the government in the Historical Center and mainly emphasize the role of community participation in the protection, rescue and conservation of their neighborhoods. This research concern leads to theoretical reflection and study of the art of sustainable urban regeneration, of great importance in the international arena...

  15. Factorial composition of the Dimensional Self-Concept Questionnaire AUDIM-M in Mexican university students

    Aguirre Chávez, Juan Francisco; Blanco Vega, Humberto; Peinado Pérez, Jesús Enrique; Mondaca Fernández, Fernando; Rangel Ledezma, Yunuen Socorro
    Abstract Introduction: The present study aims to investigate if the psychometric results proposed by Revuelta, Rodríguez, Ruiz de Azúa y Ramos (2015) for the Dimensional Self-Concept Questionnaire (AUDIM) are replicated. Method: The total sample was of 1518 Mexican university students, with an average age of 20.56 years (SD = 1.88). The factorial structure of the questionnaire was analyzed through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Results: The analysis shows that four factors structure is feasible and adequate. Discussion or Conclusion: The structure of four factors (personal self-concept, physical self-concept, social self-concept and Academic self-concept), based on statistical and substantive criteria, has...

  16. Uma análise histórico-geográfica da importância do rio Beberibe para o abastecimento de água da Região Metropolitana do Recife

    Loebler Campos, Hernani; Pacheco, Soênia Maria
    The objective of this article is to present some considerations on the river Beberibe and its historical and geographical importance for the water supply for the Metropolitan Area of Recife. In this text, the main public and private water supply projects are reviewed, from the foundation of the Olinda city to the present day, with emphasis on the relationship between the increase in population density and consequences for the Beberibe source.

  17. Atria, Fernando y Salgado, Constanza, 2015, La propiedad, el dominio público y el régimen de aprovechamiento de aguas en Chile, Santiago, Legal Publishing Chile. ISBN 978-956-346-740-6.

    Aravena Rodríguez, Brandon Luis

  18. (Un) sustainability in the lower course of São Francisco River in the States Sergipe and Alagoas (Brazil)

    Silva de Araujo, Sergio; Oliveira de Aguiar Netto, Antenor
    This article presents a tool, which if it is not a novelty, seeks to collaborate with discussions about sustainable development, identifying indicators and indexes for assessing the sustainability degree of human interventions in the lower course of São Francisco River in in the States Sergipe and Alagoas (Brazil). The purpose of the research was to establish the influence of environmental parameters, specifically, the water flows of São Francisco River, in the socioeconomic indicators of the lower course of the river, related to rice production, not only by natural but also by irrigation flood. The documentary sources and statistics were the...

  19. Las políticas públicas de abastecimiento de agua potable y saneamiento para la localidad de Escalerillas, San Luis Potosí – México: escenarios y percepción ciudadana

    Mballa, Louis Valentin; Hernandez Espericueta, Fernando
    This article aims to show the scenarios of the drinking water supply and sanitation service for Escalerillas belonging to the Municipality of San Luis Potosí in Mexico. This service has been deficient, mainly due to inconsistencies and the unfinished processes of the public policies implemented by the municipal government. For data collection and analysis, different methodological tools were used (observation, interviews, literature review, surveys, etc.). With the results obtained, the main conclusion shows that, the residents of Escalerillas, currently do not have a potable water and sanitation service that meets their needs, despite their proximity to downtown of San Luis...

  20. Águas poluídas: uma história da poluição hídrica na Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio dos Sinos, RS

    Marques Harres, Marluza
    The article analyzes the process of water pollution in the Sinos River Basin, in the State do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The text focuses on the historicity of the different forms of perception and representation of the problem of water contamination in the region and on the reactions of society and government to this matter. Issues such as the perception of the water pollution process, the mortality of fish that occurred in the Sinos River, the participation of the press in the matter, the work of the environmental movements and the government's position towards the problem are investigated in...

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