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  1. Ahora me siento más fuerte: estrategias de lesbianas y bisexuales para una vida vivible

    Francisco Amat, Andrea; Moliner Miravet, Lidón
    In this article we present the results of the analysis of 19 life stories of lesbian and bisexual women from Castellón, Barcelona and Valencia to research the personal and collective strategies they have used to transform situations of exclusion derived from living in a heteronormative society. For the analysis of the stories we have use the model Finding Lives. Throughout it, we show how cultural references, meeting spaces, affective bonds, a critical positioning and the visibility of discourses and practices outside the heteronormative system are key to enjoy a livable life.

  2. Acontecimentos e acasos: desejos infames – tomada um… ação

    Melo, Rogério Amador de; Teixeira Filho, Fernando Silva
    In this article we will discuss the multiple possibilities of expressions of desire present in various scenarios of the social context, especially those that make up aesthetic territories of performances such as: cinema, theater, dance. In such scenarios, bodies place themselves in resistance to heteronormative stratifcations and norms, opening space for the invention of policies/ ethics/aesthetics that extend life to its potentialities. Such discussion will take place through the lines that intersect between Psychology, Sexualities, Genders, Desires and Cinema, and will present problematizations and propositions from the analysis of the short flm "I don’t want to go back alone", screened...

  3. Estudios estratégicos: entre la rigurosidad y la subjetividad

    Salgado Espinoza, Raúl; Barreiro Martínez, Daniela Alejandra
    This paper proposes that the limited dialogue and debate amongst groups of academics from different regions and perspectives have contributed to the unlimited expansion of the strategic spectrum and the themes that cover strategic studies. From a methodological perspective and in order to develop this argument, this article provides a descriptive-analytical study of the literature of the field of strategic studies, from three different angles: worldwide, regional and national. The text develops with the fundamental premise that “strategy”, as object of study, has lost its original content as an analytical concept as a result of the broadening of its meaning.

  4. Transdisciplinariedad investigativa: una apuesta en construcción para las Relaciones Internacionales e inteligencia

    Noboa González, María Fernanda
    Betting on a transdisciplinary research strategy between International Relations (RI) and Intelligence Studies (EI) implies a triple commitment: epistemological rigor, theoretical-methodological relevance and a clear political-ethical responsibility, to develop adaptive analytical lines with a voice of its own before the local investigative needs of both fields. Thus, this article constitutes a critical reflection aimed at evaluating the methodological relevance of transdisciplinarity in construction, towards the production of new knowledge that allows to expanding the understanding of the objects of study of the international world and of intelligence in a glocal way. The findings show that a large part of the...

  5. Securitización como supervivencia, securitización como actos del habla: crítica a la Escuela de Copenhague

    Revelo, Michael Daniel
    The present paper addresses how the theoretical framework of the securitisation theory, conceived by the Copenhagen School, embraces unique features of the traditional security studies. Its central focus is the assessment of the conceptions of security as survival embedded in the logic of the speech act theory, and the characterisation of the role endows to the securitising agents and the audience. By analysing those, this work criticises the methodology proposed by the Copenhagen School that restrains the deepening of the referent object and the broadening of the security agenda.

  6. Abordajes teóricos sobre la relación entre seguridad ciudadana y violencia urbana en Colombia: una lectura crítica

    Rincón Morera, Andrés
      This text presents a synthesis of the main analytical trends that have addressed the analysis of the dynamics of citizen security in Colombia. It seeks to demonstrate how the strategic change regarding the object, objectives and dynamics of public security policies in the country has been analyzed. In this sense, it seeks to analyze the way in which the relationship between urban violence and public policies has been thought; from there, it seeks to demonstrate the way in which the transition has been addressed in the treatment of the internal enemy to the diversification in the treatment of multiple violence....

  7. La transformación del Ejército Nacional de Colombia: una interpretación teórica/ Transformation of the Colombian National Army: A theoretical approach

    Gonzalez, Miguel Antonio; Betancourt, Manuel
    The Ejército Nacional de Colombia (ENC) is going through crucial moment in its history. The challenges by the post-agreement phase with the oldest guerrilla in the world Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia (FARC) have forced to accelerate the implementation of the transformation of the Force, through an institutional process establish since 2011, and in part materialized with the implementation of Doctrina Damasco. In this way, the interest of this effort is focused on interpreting from the framework theories of International Relations the institutional transformation that the ENC has assumed. Thus, the question that guides the work is: How interpret the transformation...

  8. Los Estados fallidos: una visión desde la Geopolítica

    Mancero García, Anita Cecilia; Múnera Perafán, Oscar Eduardo
    This article revises the theoretical and empirical implications regarding the concept of failed state, examining its relationship with the postulates proposed by classic as well as critical geopolitics. From classical geopolitics traditional elements such as State, territory and resources are revised, and the way they converge in the configuration and valuation of a failed State. From critical geopolitics, the failure or death of a state is not a simple process, but elements such as identity and culture should be taken into account. In the same way, the discourse, being an essential element in critical geopolitics, plays a central role in...

  9. Genealogias

    Zamboni, Chiara
    We have two ways we can interpret the term genealogy: tracing our family origins and tracing our historical-political origins. The symbolic value of any genealogy does not revolve around the debt we have contracted with previous generations of women; such a term would make it tantamount to credit and then we would be mired in the world of economic exchange. In reality, genealogy is something born of a kind of acknowledgement that perhaps we could call ‘renewed awareness’, or in other terms a way to reinvent the knowledge passed down to us by previous women and make it our own....

  10. Cantos femininos: a participação da mulher na renovação das tradições luso-brasileiras

    Mattos, Ricardo Mendes
    This article discusses the participation of women's songs in the renewal of Portuguese-Brazilian traditions. To do so, it contrasts traditional verses of Brazilian women's collectives - namely, Catadores de Mangaba, Meninas de Sinhá Girls and songs recorded by Cia. Cabelo de Maria - with some versions of popular Portuguese songbooks. The great number of identical or similar verses makes clear the fundamental role of women's songs in the renewal of Portuguese traditions in Brazil, as well as presenting elements of women's way of life, cultural expression and their struggles  in the traditional communities of the contemporary world.

  11. Discussões de gênero e feminilidades na escola contemporânea

    Mariano da Penha Silva, Melanie Laura; Tenório Salvador da Costa, Maria Aparecida
    In the face of the advances achieved by the feminist movements and the gender and sexuality studies, some understandings about being a woman have been moved, which it has enabled the deconstruction of limiting ideas in relation to feminine subjectivities. In contemporary times, we are constantly discussing women's rights, deconstructing gender stereotypes for girls and boys, fighting for gender equity. Therefore, it is desirable that new understandings on femininities should also be on the agenda of gender equity education from childhood. Thus, this article aims to problematize the persistence of sexist patterns in the school and the role of formal...

  12. Importância do 'upcycling' no desenvolvimento da moda: estudo de caso da marca Recollection Lab

    Lucietti, Tamires Joaquim; Trierweiller, Andréa C.; Ramos, Malena de Souza; Soratto, Rafaela Bett
    The short life cycle of a fashion product has been a major environmental problem. From the raw material to the disposal of the items, several environmental impacts are generated; however, seeking a mitigation of these problems, some brands are bringing the concept of upcycling. Items that otherwise would have the trash as destiny are being relocate in the marketing chain and becoming the object of desire of many consumers. In this study, we focus on sustainability in fashion, as well as a brief case study on the Recollection Lab brand, and how reuse of discarded pieces served as a raw...

  13. Cidade, universidade e percepções docentes no contexto da expansão interiorizada do ensino superior público no Estado do Ceará

    Pinheiro, Carlos Henrique Lopes
    This paper aims to discuss the city/university relationship from the perspective of expansion process and implementation of public tertiary education institutions in the countryside of Ceará State (Brazil). This is a qualitative research that privileges narrative approaches about the professors’ journeys, investigating how they perceive and establish relationships with their workplace. Interviews were carried out with Centres’ directors and 49 professors (27 male and 22 female) in all the campuses in which there are public (federal or state) universities, faculties, classroom courses in Ceará State. Based on this material, it was possible to verify that there are several difficulties expressed...

  14. Organismos geneticamente modificados: a legalização no Brasil e o desenvolvimento sustentável

    de Melo Salles Ultchak, Alessandra Alvissus
    This article analyses the legalization of transgenic food in Brazil in the face of risks and control mechanisms for production and commercialization of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The chosen method to do so is bibliographic research. The Biosafety Law, nº 11.105 of March 24, 2005, legalized the production of GMOs in Brazil, initially authorizing the genetically modified soybeans planting; since then, the law has been adapted to protect human health and environment safety. It will be analyses the shortcomings of scientific research to assess the safety issues regarding environment and consumers, as well as the receptivity of these genetically modified...

  15. Sartre: uma filosofia em defesa da liberdade e dos direitos do homem

    Favero, Roberto Carlos
    This article aims to show the amplitude and derivations of freedom as a concept in Jean-Paul Sartre’s selected works (1905-1980). In this sense, utilizing bibliographic research, it investigates the conditions of possibility of such a concept as a basis for an ethical-moral commitment that translates itself into responsibility towards society. Is it possible to derive an ethical-moral commitment from freedom? Does Sartre's philosophy contemplate a humanist vision? Based on the central axis of its conceptions, understood as freedom, this philosophy presents itself as a praxis, a process of action and reflection in human history. Supporting the philosophy of engagement, Sartre...

  16. As relações de gêneros e os sujeitos que atuavam, atuam, no comércio de drogas ilícitas

    Tokuda, André Masao Peres; Peres, Wiliam Siqueira
    This article discuss how gender relations and more specifically masculinities interfere in the subjects’ engagement with illicit drugs trafficking.  We have used the cartographic method to map the existential stories of eight people who were imprisoned, problematizing on their experiences until the moment that they were convicted by the article number 33 of the Brazilian Criminal Code. Based on the results of the cartographies it can be stated that there are multiple lines that interfere in the engagement in of some people into illicit drug trafficking. However gender relations have been highlighted by the subjects: the need to prove themselves...

  17. Inseguranças, incertezas e o desalento pós-moderno: o estado de crise nos últimos textos de Zygmunt Bauman

    Feitosa, Rodolfo Rodrigo Santos
    The contemporary social reality is markedly associated with circumstances that generate a "permanent state of crisis". Zygmunt Bauman stood out for the attention devoted to understand the status of crisis in liquid modernity era. This essay sheds light on two of his latest works, namely State of Crisis and Strangers on our doorstep. The arguments and ideas highlighted in the discussion represent possibilities for interdisciplinary approaches that intervene in the human condition and current social practices. In this sense, the loss of State agency power, the diffusion of risks and vulnerabilities, as well as the behavior of estrangement and distrust...

  18. Madness, Dissidence and Transduction

    Walker, Craig Stewart
    Russian dissident artist Pyotr (or Petr) Pavlensky received international attention after a video was broadcast in 2013 that depicted him sitting in Red Square in Moscow with his scrotum nailed to the cobblestones. The incident was later revealed to be part of a series of works of performance art enacted by Pavlensky, which included sewing his own mouth shut, appearing naked within a coil of barbed wire in front of the legislature, building a mock barrier of flaming tires in downtown St Petersburg in imitation of the political uprisings in Kiev, cutting off his own ear while sitting naked on...

  19. Cultural Transduction and Adaptation Studies: The Concept of Cultural Proximity

    Cattrysse, Patrick
    This paper looks at the concept of cultural proximity, as suggested by Joseph Straubhaar in his 1991 paper Beyond Media Imperialism: Assymmetrical [sic] Interdependence and Cultural Proximity. It argues that, based on a polysystem study of film noir adaptations from the early 1990s, both cultural proximity and distance may either enhance or inhibit the cross-cultural or cross-generic flow of media content depending on some specific conditioners such as the stability or instability (e.g., success or lack thereof) of the target genre or context and the conservative or innovating function of the adaptations in their target context.doi: 10.5294/pacla.2017.20.3.3

  20. Transmedial Transduction in the Spider-Verse

    Donoso Munita, José Agustín; Penafiel Durruty, Mariano Alejandro
    Since Spider-Man was born from the hands of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962, thousands of versions of the arachnid have been created. Among them, two call the attention of this investigation: Spider-Man India and nSupaidaman (1978), from Japan. By using a comparative study of the hero’s journey between these two and the original Spider-Man, this study attempts to understand transduction, made to generate cultural proximity with the countries where the adaptations were made. This study also seeks to understand how all the versions of the arachnid were united to generate onemintegrated and coherent universe that has multiple worlds,...

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