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  1. Low oxygen treatment prior to cold storage decreases the incidence of bitter pit in Golden Reinders apples

    Val Falcón, Jesús; Fernández, Victoria; López, Paola; Peiró, J. M.; Blanco Braña, Álvaro
    17 pag., 3 Tabl., 2 Fig.

  2. Crystal structures of Ophiostoma piceae sterol esterase: structural insights into activation mechanism and product release

    Gutiérrez Fernández, Javier; Vaquero, María Eugenia; Prieto, Alicia; Barriuso, Jorge; Martínez, María Jesús; Hermoso, Juan A.
    32 p.-4 fig.-3 tab.

  3. Estudios sobre la interacción entre pared bacteriana de Agrobacterium tumefaciens y la célula huésped vegetal.

    Beltra, R.; Serrada, J.; Sánchez Serrano, José J.; Solar, Gloria del; Alonso, E.
    [EN]In the present work we have related, in three different strains of A. tumefaciens, the presence or absence of Ti plasmid with the structure and linking capacity of the LPS to the vegetal cells,as well as to the production to the EPS.The following strains were used in this work: ATV wild strain isolated from a grapevine tumor of crown gall; AO4 strain isolated from the former one by treating it with acridine orange.Both of them were virulent.The third strain used AT7 was not virulent and it was obtained spontaneously from ATV. This last strain, in agreement with the phenotype it...

  4. Fungal genomes mining to discover novel sterol esterases and lipases as catalysts

    Barriuso, Jorge; Prieto, Alicia; Martínez, María Jesús
    8 p.-3 fig.-1 tab.

  5. A specific immunological method to detect and quantify bacterial 2-substituted (1,3)- β-D-glucan

    Werning, María Laura; Pérez-Ramos, Adrián; Fernández de Palencia, P.; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz; Dueñas, María Teresa; Prieto, Alicia; López, Paloma
    30 p.-1 tab.-5 fig.-2 fig. supl.

  6. Old hormones of the insulin family as new developmental signals

    Pablo, Flora de; Hernández-Sánchez, Catalina; Vicario-Abejón, Carlos; De la Rosa, Enrique J.
    Insulin was first identified as an anabolic pancreatic hormone responsible for glucose homeostasis, and Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-I) as the mediator of the action of Growth Hormone on postnatal growth. New molecular, pharmacological and embryological information has broadened the scope of the physiological roles of these hormones and their related molecules, particularly the insulin precursor proinsulin, during vertebrate development. Studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that proinsulin is expressed and functional before emergence of the pancreas. Proinsulin gene expression in the chick and mouse embryo shows fine transcriptional and postrancriptional regulation with generation of specific embryonic transcripts which are differentially...

  7. Immunomodulation of human macrophages and myeloid cells by 2-substituted (1-3)-β-D-glucan from P. parvulus 2.6

    Notararigo, Sara; Casas-Engel, Mateo de las; Fernández de Palencia, P.; Corbí, Angel L.; López, Paloma
    17 p.-3 fig.

  8. Enzymatic degradation of Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) stems: Influence of the pith and bark in the total hydrolysis

    Pérez-Boada, Marta; Prieto, Alicia; Prinsen, Pepijn; Forquin-Gomez, Marie-Pierre; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana; Martínez, Ángel T.; Faulds, Craig B.
    28 p.-1 tab.-4 fig.

  9. Biochemical and functional analysis of Drosophila-Sciara chimeric Sex-lethal proteins.

    Ruiz, María Fernanda; Sarno, Francesca; Zorrilla, Silvia; Rivas, Germán; Sánchez, Lucas
    Background The Drosophila SXL protein controls sex determination and dosage compensation. It is a sex-specific factorcontrolling splicing of its own Sxl pre-mRNA (autoregulation), tra pre-mRNA (sex determination) and msl-2 pre-mRNA plustranslation of msl-2 mRNA (dosage compensation). Outside the drosophilids, the same SXL protein hasbeen found in bothsexes so that, in the non-drosophilids, SXL does not appear to play the key discriminating role in sex determination anddosage compensation that it plays in Drosophila. Comparison of SXL proteins revealed that its spatial organisation is conserved, with the RNA-binding domains being highly conserved, whereas the N-and C-terminal domains showingsignificant variation. This manuscript focuses...

  10. Procedimiento de acilación para la obtención de compuestos de interés alimenticio y/o farmacéutico utilizando esterol esterasas fúngicas

    Barba, Víctor; Prieto, Alicia; Martínez, Ángel T.; Martínez, María Jesús
    Procedimiento de acilación de fitosteroles libres o de derivados saturados de éstos con ácidos grasos catalizado por una enzima esterol esterasa, caracterizado porque comprende una reacción de acilación en presencia de una esterol esterasa producida por hongos del género Ophiostoma, preferentemente de la especie O. piceae. Ésteres de fitoesteroles o de los derivados saturados de éstos obtenidos por el procedimiento descrito. Un producto enriquecido con los ésteres de fitosteroles o de los derivados saturados de éstos de la invención, elegido entre un alimento, un preparado alimenticio, un suplemento dietético y un medicamento. Así como el uso de cualquiera de estos...

  11. Enzymatic removal of free and conjugated sterols forming pitch deposits in environmentally sound bleaching of eucalypt paper pulp

    Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Ibarra, David; Rencoret, Jorge; Romero Sánchez, Javier; Speranza, Mariela; Camarero, Susana; Martínez, María Jesús; Martínez, Ángel T.
    Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología, CSIC, PO Box 1052, E-41080, Seville, Spain; Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, CSIC, Ramiro de Maeztu 9, E-28040 Madrid, Spain; CIT, ENCE, Carretera de Campañó s/n, E-36157 Ribeiro Vao, Pontevedra, Spain

  12. Highly acylated (acetylated and/or p-coumaroylated) native lignins from diverse herbaceous plants

    Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Rencoret, Jorge; Marques, Gisela; Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana; Ibarra, David; Santos, José Ignacio; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Zhang, L.; Martínez, Ángel T.
    The structure of lignins isolated from the herbaceous plants sisal (Agave sisalana), kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus), abaca (Musa textilis) and curaua (Ananas erectifolius) has been studied upon spectroscopic (2D-NMR) and chemical degradative (Derivatization Followed by Reductive Cleavage) methods. The analyses demonstrate that the structure of the lignins from these plants is highly remarkable, being extensively acylated at the γ-carbon of the lignin side-chain (up to 80% acylation) with acetate and/or p-coumarate groups, and preferentially over syringyl units. While the lignins from sisal and kenaf are γ-acylated exclusively with acetate groups, the lignins from abaca and curaua are esterified with acetate and...

  13. The Fusarium oxysporum gnt2, Encoding a Putative NAcetylglucosamine Transferase, Is Involved in Cell Wall Architecture and Virulence

    López-Fernández, Loida; Ruiz-Roldán, M.C.; Pareja-Jaime, Yolanda; Prieto, Alicia; Khraiwesh, Husam; Roncero, M. Isabel G.
    21 páginas, 9 figuras, 1 tabla

  14. Negative regulation of pPS10 plasmid replication: Origin pairing by zipping-up DNA-bound RepA monomers.

    Gasset-Rosa, F.; Díaz-López, T.; Lurz, Rudi; Prieto, Alicia; Fernández-Tresguerres, M.E.; Giraldo, R.
    13 páginas, 7 figuras, 1 tabla -- PAGS nros. 560-572

  15. Structural analysis of the interactions between hsp70 chaperones and the yeast DNA replication protein Orc4p.

    Moreno-del Álamo, María; Sánchez-Gorostiaga, Alicia; Serrano-López, Ana; Prieto, Alicia; Cuéllar, Jorge; Martín-Benito, Jaime; Valpuesta, José M.; Giraldo, R.
    You need the Java runtime environment to see the additional information in this article as Protein Structures.

  16. A novel approach to study the regulation of cell proliferation

    De la Torre, Consuelo; Giménez-Abián, M. I.; Giménez-Martín, G.
    [EN] In this paper we explain how the regulation of cell proliferation is being tackled nowadays, mostly by dissecting transition points. Photoinactivating (313 nm light under anoxia) the fidelity of transcripts from segments of DNA wich have been previously bromosubstituted is a new method which our group has recently developed for the analysis of a number of areas of the cycle which behave as if formed of sequential cell cycle controls. The main results obtained in Allium cepa L. meristens, as well as the futures perspectives for this approach, are concisely described.

  17. Biodeinking of flexographic inks by fungal laccases using synthetic and natural mediators

    Fillat, Ursula; Prieto, Alicia; Camarero, Susana; Martínez, Ángel T.; Martínez, María Jesús
    7 páginas, 5 figuras, 2 tablas -- PAGS nros. 97-103

  18. Aryl-alcohol Oxidase Involved in Lignin Degradation: A mechanistic study based onsteady and pre-steady state kinetics and primary and solvent isotope effects with two alcohol substrates

    Ferreira, Patricia; Hernández-Ortega, Aitor; Herguedas, Beatriz; Martínez, Ángel T.; Medina, Milagros
    8 páginas, 6 figuras, 3 tablas, 1 esquema -- PAGS nros. 24840-24847

  19. Characterization of a Novel Dye-Decolorizing Peroxidase (DyP)-Type Enzyme from Irpex lacteus and Its Application in Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Wheat Straw

    Salvachúa, Davinia; Prieto, Alicia; Martínez, Ángel T.; Martínez, María Jesús
    9 páginas, 7 figuras, 4 tablas -- PAGS nros. 4316-4324(2013)

  20. Versatile peroxidase as a valuable tool for generating new biomolecules by homogeneous and heterogeneous cross-linking

    Salvachúa, Davinia; Prieto, Alicia; Mattinen, Maija-Liisa; Tamminen, Tarja; Liitiä, Tiina; Lilleb, Martina; Willför, Stefan; Martínez, Ángel T.; Martínez, María Jesús; Faulds, Craig B.
    9 páginas, 8 figuras, 2 tablas -- PAGS nros. 303-311

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