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  1. Impact of food matrix and processing on the in vitro bioaccessibility of vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and hydrophilic antioxidant activity from fruit juice-based beverages

    Rodríguez-Roque, M. Janet; Ancos, Begoña de; Sánchez-Moreno, Concepción; Cano, M. Pilar; Elez-Martínez, Pedro; Martín-Belloso, Olga
    The effect of food matrix (water-, milk-, or soymilk-fruit juice beverages) and processing [high-intensity pulsed electric fields (HIPEF); high-pressure processing (HPP); and thermal treatment (TT)] on the in vitro bioaccessibility of vitamin C and phenolic compounds, as well as on the hydrophilic antioxidant activity (HAA) of fruit juice-based beverages was analysed. HIPEF and HPP improved or did not change the bioaccessibility of vitamin C and certain phenolic compounds in comparison with untreated beverages. In contrast, TT diminished the bioaccessibility of most of these compounds. The greatest vitamin C bioaccessibility was obtained in soymilk-fruit juice beverages (SB), whereas water-fruit juice beverages...

  2. Essential role of protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B in the modulation of insulin signaling by acetaminophen in hepatocytes

    Mobasher, Maysa A.; Toro Martín, J. de; González-Rodríguez, Águeda; Ramos, Sonia; Muntané, J.; Álvarez, Carmen; Valverde, Ángela M.
    et al.

  3. Comparative study of two analytical procedures for the determination of acid insoluble ash for evaluation of nutrient retention in broilers | Estudio comparativo de dos metodologías analíticas utilizadas para la determinación de cenizas insolubles en ácido para evaluar la retención de nutrientes en pollos de engorde

    Coca-Sinova, A. de; Mateos, G. G.; González-Alvarado, J. M.; Centeno, Carmen; Lázaro, Rosa; Jiménez-Moreno, E.
    Inert markers are routinely used in research to estimate nutrient retention and apparent metabolisable energy nitrogen-corrected (AMEn) content of poultry diets. Acid insoluble ash (AIA) is used as a marker to substitute metal compounds because of environmental concerns. In the current research, two methodologies recommended for determining AIA content in feeds and excretas for the evaluation of total tract apparent retention (TTAR) of nutrients, were compared in 12 broiler diets. The experimental design was completely randomised with 2 AIA analytical techniques and 12 dietary treatments that resulted from a combination of two cereals (corn and rice), two heat processing of...

  4. Tannic Acid-Dependent Modulation of Selected Lactobacillus plantarum Traits Linked to Gastrointestinal Survival

    Reverón, Inés; Rodríguez, Héctor; Campos, Gema; Curiel, José Antonio; Ascaso, Carmen; Carrascosa, Alfonso V.; Prieto, Alicia; Rivas, Blanca de las; Muñoz, Rosario; López de Felipe, Félix
    This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

  5. Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B modulates GSK3b/Nrf2 and IGFIR signaling pathways in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity

    Mobasher, Maysa A.; González-Rodríguez, Águeda; Santamaria, Beatriz; Ramos, Sonia; Martín, M. Ángeles; Goya, Luis; Rada, Patricia; Cuadrado, Antonio; Martín-Pérez, Jorge; Valverde, Ángela M.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.-- et al.

  6. Influence of mono- and divalent salts on water loss and properties of dry salted cod fillets

    Martínez Álvarez, Óscar; Gómez Guillén, M. C.
    Salted cod is a product highly appreciated by consumers, especially in Southern Europe and Latin America. In recent years there has been increasing consumer demand for products with low sodium content, and this has led the salting industry to seek new salt mixtures to help to reduce Na+ levels without producing alterations in the properties of the final product. In this study, Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) was initially brined with various mixtures of salts based on NaCl, at various pH levels and including KCl, MgCl2 and/or CaCl2. After subsequent dry salting with NaCl, the Na+, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ cation...

  7. Sugarcane glycoproteins may act as signals for the production of xanthan in the plant-associated bacterium Xanthomonas albilineans

    Legaz, M. E.; Blanch Rojo, María; Piñón, Dolores; Santiago, R.; Fontaniella, B.; Blanco, Y.; Solas, M. Teresa; Vicente, C.
    Visual symptoms of leaf scald necrosis in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) leaves develop in parallel to the accumulation of a fibrous material invading exocellular spaces and both xylem and phloem. These fibers are produced and secreted by the plant-associated bacterium Xanthomonas albilineans. Electron microscopy and specific staining methods for polysaccharides reveal the polysaccharidic nature of this material. These polysaccharides are not present in healthy leaves or in those from diseased plants without visual symptoms of leaf scald. Bacteria in several leaf tissues have been detected by immunogold labeling. The bacterial polysaccharide is not produced in axenic culture but it is actively...

  8. Rapid detection of D-amino acids in cheese with a chiral ligand-exchange chromatography system

    Sardella, R.; Ianni, F.; Natalini, B.; Blanch, Gracia P.; Ruiz del Castillo, M. Luisa
    Due to the well established difference in the pharmaco/toxicological profile of many amino acid enantiomers, and also for typifying the food quality and origin, the exact knowledge of their presence and relative ratio in foodstuffs, is a matter of growing interest. In this setting, with an interest in identifying the presence of D-amino acids in a selected set of cheese samples, and with the aim to introduce a fast and easily accessible chromatographic procedure, we analyzed six cheese extracts with a CLEC-based chiral stationary phase (CLEC-CSP). The CLEC analyses were run without any pre-or post-column derivatization of the amino acidic...

  9. Study of influential factors on oligosaccharide formation by fructosyltransferase activity during stachyose hydrolysis by pectinex ultra SP-L

    Montilla, Antonia; Olano, Agustín; Martínez Villaluenga, Cristina; Corzo, Nieves
    The influence of reaction conditions for oligosaccharide synthesis from stachyose using a commercial enzymatic preparation from Aspergillus aculeatus (Pectinex Ultra SP-L) was studied. Oligosaccharides were analyzed by gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization–time-of-flight–mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS). Galactosyl-melibiose (DP3) was synthesized as a result of fructosidase activity, whereas fructosyl-stachyose (DP5) and difructosyl-stachyose (DP6) were formed as a consequence of the fructosyltransferase activity of Pectinex Ultra SP-L. The optimal reaction conditions for the synthesis of penta- and hexasaccharides were 60 °C, pH 5.5, 600 mg/mL stachyose, and 34 U/mL enzyme. Reaction time played an important role in oligosaccharide...

  10. Reactivity of acrylamide with coffee melanoidins in model systems

    Pastoriza, Silvia; Rufián Henares, J. A.; Morales, F. J.
    Coffee and its substitutes have been described as complex matrices for acrylamide (ACR) analysis due to both analytical interferences and ACR instability in the matrix. Melanoidins are multifunctional and biochemically active polymers which are formed in large extent during coffee roasting. Model systems composed of ACR (elimination studies) or glucose-asparagine (ACR formation/elimination studies) with/without melanoidins was heated at 180 °C. Washed sea sand and cellulose microcrystalline were used as matrix. Coffee melanoidins had a direct influence on the fate of ACR under heating, while the effect was not observed at room temperature. In addition, ACR decrease was also related to the...

  11. Proteome changes in tomato fruits prior to visible symptoms of chilling injury are linked to defensive mechanisms, uncoupling of photosynthetic processes and protein degradation machinery

    Sánchez-Bel, Paloma; Egea, Isabel; Sánchez Ballesta, M. Teresa; Sevillano, Laura; Bolarín, María C.; Flores, Francisco B.
    A comparative proteomic analysis between tomato fruits stored at chilling and non-chilling temperatures was carried out just before the appearance of visible symptoms of chilling injury. At this stage of the stress period it was possible to discriminate between proteins involved in symptoms and proteins implicated in response. To investigate the changes in the tomato fruit proteome under this specific stressful condition, two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis coupled with spot identification by mass spectrometry was applied. This proteomic approach allowed the identification of differentially expressed proteins which are involved in two main biological functions: (i) defensive mechanisms represented by small heat...

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