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  1. Use of stomach tubing as an alternative to rumen cannulation to study ruminal fermentation and microbiota in sheep and goats

    Ramos Morales, Eva; Arco Pérez, Ana; Martín García, A. Ignacio; Yáñez Ruiz, David R.; Frutos, Pilar; Hervás, Gonzalo
    10 páginas, 4 tablas, 1 figura.

  2. Monomer and linkage type of galacto-oligosaccharides affect their resistance to ileal digestion and prebiotic properties in rats

    Hernández-Hernández, Oswaldo; Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Rubio, Luis A.; Moreno, F. Javier; Sanz, M. Luz; Clemente, Alfonso
    A detailed study was performed to compare the in vivo ileal digestibility and modulatory effects in fecal microbiota of novel galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) derived from lactulose [GOS-Lu; degree of polymerization (DP) ≥2, 14.0% trisaccharides] and commercial GOS derived from lactose (GOS-La; DP ≥3, 35.1% trisaccharides) in growing rats (5wk old). Rats were fed either a control diet or diets containing 1% (wt:wt) of GOS-Lu or GOS-La for 14 d. Quantitative analysis of carbohydrates from dietary and ileal samples demonstrated that the trisaccharide fraction of GOS-Lu was significantly more resistant to gut digestion than that from GOS-La, as indicated by their ileal...

  3. 2S albumin storage proteins: what makes them food allergens?

    Moreno, F. Javier; Clemente, Alfonso
    2S albumin storage proteins are becoming of increasing interest in nutritional and clinical studies as they have been reported as major food allergens in seeds of many mono- and di-cotyledonous plants. This review describes the main biochemical, structural and functional properties of these proteins thought to play a role in determining their potential allergenicity. 2S albumins are considered to sensitize directly via the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The high stability of their intrinsic protein structure, dominated by a well-conserved skeleton of cysteine residues, to the harsh conditions present in the GIT suggests that these proteins are able to cross the gut...

  4. Galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactulose exert a selective stimulation on the growth of Bifidobacterium animalis in the large intestine of growing rats

    Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Abecia, L.; Hernández-Hernández, Oswaldo; Sanz, M. Luz; Montilla, Antonia; Olano, Agustín; Rubio, Luis A.; Moreno, F. Javier; Clemente, Alfonso
    There is increasing interest in identifying novel dietary nondigestible carbohydrates capable of modulating the composition and/or metabolic activities of the gut microbiota. This work assessed the differential modulatory influence of novel galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactulose (GOS-Lu) in comparison with commercial galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactose (GOS-La) in gut microbiota of growing rats (5 weeks old). Rats were fed either a control diet or diets containing 1% (w/w) of GOS-Lu or GOS-La, and cecal and colonic contents were collected after 14 days of treatment. Compared to controls, GOS-Lu had significantly more bifidobacteria within the large intestine, showing a significant and selective increase...

  5. In search of molecular markers for androgenesis

    Pulido Bosch, Antonio; Castillo Alonso, Ana María; Vallés Brau, María Pilar; Olmedilla, Adela
    We have used specific antibodies against callose, pectins and arabinogalactan-proteins, all components of the cell wall involved in embryo development, to study their distribution during androgenesis induced in barley anthers in the hope that they might serve as markers of this process. Callose was found in the outer region of the intine in induced embryos and in the numerous plasmodesmata within these embryos. Anti-callose antibodies proved useful for following the evolution of these structures throughout the formation of the pollen embryo. The monoclonal antibodies JIM5 and JIM7, which recognise unesterified and methylesterified pectins respectively, were used to follow the evolution...

  6. La comisión de mujeres y ciencia del CSIC: Diez años promoviendo la igualdad de oportunidades en el organismo

    López-Sancho, María Pilar; Alvarez-Marrón, Joaquina; Pablo, Flora de; Masegosa, Josefa; Mayoral Gastón, María del Carmen; Molina, Elena; Pérez Sedeño, Eulalia; Puertas, Francisca; Sandalio, Luisa M.
    Este es un artículo de acceso abierto distribuido bajo los términos de la licencia Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial (by-nc) Spain 3.0.

  7. In vitro–in vivo study on the effects of plant compounds on rumen fermentation, microbial abundances and methane emissions in goats

    Martínez Fernández, G.; Abecia, L.; Martín García, A. Ignacio; Ramos Morales, Eva; Hervás, Gonzalo; Molina Alcaide, E.; Yáñez Ruiz, David R.
    10 páginas, 5 tablas, 2 figuras.

  8. Impact of oxalic acid on rumen function and bacterial community in sheep

    Belenguer, Álvaro; Benbati, Mohammed; Hervás, Gonzalo; Toral, Pablo G.; Yáñez Ruiz, David R.; Frutos, Pilar
    8 páginas, 1 figura, 5 tablas.--Received 10 July 2012; Accepted 20 November 2012; First published online 8 January 2013.

  9. The cytotoxic effect of Bowman-Birk isoinhibitors, IBB1 and IBBD2, from soybean (Glycine max) on HT29 human colorectal cancer cells is related to their intrinsic ability to inhibit serine proteases

    Clemente, Alfonso; Moreno, F. Javier; Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Jiménez, Elisabeth; Domoney, Claire
    Bowman-Birk inhibitors (BBI) from soybean and related proteins are naturally occurring protease inhibitors with potential health-promoting properties within the gastrointestinal tract. In this work, we have investigated the effects of soybean BBI proteins on HT29 colon adenocarcinoma cells, compared with non-malignant colonic fibroblast CCD-18Co cells. Two major soybean isoinhibitors, IBB1 and IBBD2, showing considerable amino acid sequence divergence within their inhibitory domains, were purified in order to examine their functional properties, including their individual effects on the proliferation of HT29 colon cancer cells. IBB1 inhibited both trypsin and chymotrypsin whereas IBBD2 inhibited trypsin only. Despite showing significant differences in their...

  10. Characterization of galactooligosaccharides derived from lactulose

    Hernández-Hernández, Oswaldo; Montañés, Fernando; Clemente, Alfonso; Moreno, F. Javier; Sanz, M. Luz
    Trabajo presentado como póster al "28yh International Symposium on Chromatography celebrado en Valencia del 12 al 16 de septiembre de 2010.

  11. Proterra y Biosuelo, siete años de ensayos de cubiertas vegetales para control de la erosión en olivar de verdeo

    Gómez Calero, José Alfonso; Guzmán, Gema; Vanwalleghem, Tom; Campos, Mercedes; Giráldez, Juan Vicente
    6 páginaws, 4 fotos, 4 gráficos.

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