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2008-09 Conferences

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  1. Women in Politics: Global Perspectives

    Mann, Melanie
    Women in Politics: Global Perspectives is a one-day workshop featuring three panels of speakers with planned discussion and extended opportunity for informal communication. Three panels will be convened: (1) Women and Democracy, National Security, and Conflict, (2) Women's Global Organizing, and (3) Women in Politics - Gaining Access, Changing Institutions. The goal of the panels is to demonstrate multiple approaches to the same topics, spark conversations about fruitful ways to explain women's representation in regions and countries where traditional explanations are less helpful, and provide the backdrop for facilitated discussions of practical concerns in researching women in politics globally.

  2. Great Lakes Ottoman Workshop

    Mann, Melanie
    The Great Lakes Ottoman Workshop was launched in 2005 as a more intimate and intensive supplement to the Middle East Studies Association meeting. It encourages exchange among scholars of the history, art, architecture, and folklore of the Ottoman Empire from the Great Lakes region and beyond. Emphasis is on intensive discussion of pre-circulated papers. Since its inaugural meeting at Northwestern University in March 2005, GLOW has met every spring (after initially meeting twice in 2005) at a major Midwestern institution. Past hosts have been (in order) Northwestern University, DePaul University, University of Toronto, University of Michigan, and University of Notre Dame....

  3. Empire at End: Global Transformations in the Late Cold War

    Mann, Melanie
    Empire at End: Global Transformations in the Late Cold War is the third conference on global history at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies. This symposium brings together junior faculty and advanced Ph.D. candidates to examine the patterns, limits, and agents of global change in late 20th century. Panelists will consider to what extent, and for what reasons, the bipolar balance of power that characterized the Cold War was challenged, particularly from the 1970s on. By examining the interplay of new forces for change with forces resisting change, we hope to better understand the relationships between the global transformations of...

  4. The Race in Culture: 20th-Century Ethnology and Empire in Comparative Perspective

    Mann, Melanie
    Keywords of the modern period, "race" and "culture" have persisted as concepts shaping both institutional and vernacular practice. The imperialist context in which scientific representations of human difference emerged has been intensively studied. The Race in Culture: 20th-Century Ethnology and Empire in Comparative Perspective examines the persistence of such representations in post-imperial states and international institutions. We compare the 20th century trajectories of three states torn among nationalist, imperialist, and universalist aspirations: France, the United States, and China. The conference will have two principal foci. First we examine ethnological museums, their original importance as knowledge institutions, and their contested roles today as...

  5. Military Frontiers: A Graduate Symposium

    Mann, Melanie
    Military Frontiers: A Graduate Symposium brings together leading graduate students engaged in national academic debate within military history. The conference seeks to revive discussions of the successful "Theatrum Militarum" graduate conference held at Ohio State in the 1990s. This year, discussion will focus on issues raised by emerging scholars of the "Great War." Panelists will present on the role the United States played in providing humanitarian relief from 1914-1924 in response to war sufferings, the American military identity as presented in uncensored war testimonies gathered during the Great War, and the impact of changing military technology on leadership development of the...

  6. Mirrors and Compasses: An 85th Birthday Symposium for Erika Bourguignon

    Mann, Melanie
    Known for pioneering work on the relationship of religious trance to gender roles and social change, Erika Bourguignon set long-term agendas in psychological and psychiatric anthropology, religious studies, women's studies, and African American performance studies. More recently her explorations of her family past have garnered attention in Jewish studies and the study of memory in Central Europe.

  7. The Limits of Empire in the Early Modern World: A Conference in Honor of Geoffrey Parker

    Mann, Melanie
    Conference on Diplomacy and Imperial Limitation, Information, Rumor and the Practice of Power

  8. China Plural: Local Identites, Contesting Visions, and Constructing Nations

    Yeo, Kwang-Kyoon
    How much do we know about China, the most populous country on earth? Is it in the clutches of the Chinese Communist Party? Is it an awakening dragon with aspirations to dominate the global economy? Or, is it the convinced host of the 2008 Beijing Olympics with the motto of "One World, One Dream"?

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