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  1. Erratum to ''Asymptotic expansion of the heat kernel for orbifolds''

    Dryden, Emily B.; Gordon, Carolyn S.; Greenwald, Sarah J.; Webb, David L.

  2. (p - 1)th Roots of unity mod p n , generalized Heilbronn sums, Lind-Lehmer constants, and Fermat quotients

    Cochrane, Todd; De Silva, Dilum; Pinner, Christopher

  3. The Chow ring of a Fulton-MacPherson compactification

    Petersen, Dan

  4. Relative asymptotics for general orthogonal polynomials

    Simanek, Brian

  5. Jet schemes and generating sequences of divisorial valuations in dimension two

    Mourtada, Hussein

  6. Slopes of fibered surfaces with a finite cyclic automorphism

    Enokizono, Makoto

  7. The linear strand of determinantal facet ideals

    Herzog, Jürgen; Kaini, Dariush; Madani, Sara Saeedi

  8. A surface with q = 2 and canonical map of degree 16

    Rito, Carlos

  9. Belyi's theorem for complete intersections of general type

    Javanpeykar, Ariyan

  10. Compactification of certain Clifford-Klein forms of reductive homogeneous spaces

    Guéritaud, François; Guichard, Olivier; Kassel, Fanny; Wienhard, Anna

  11. Twisting of composite torus knots

    Nouh, Mohamed Ait

  12. A note on higher-order Gauss maps

    Di Rocco, Sandra; Jabbusch, Kelly; Lundman, Anders

  13. Potential theory for quaternionic plurisubharmonic functions

    Wan, Dongrui; Kang, Qianqian

  14. On generic vanishing for pluricanonical bundles

    Shibata, Takahiro

  15. Intersection of positive closed currents of higher bidegree

    Vu, Duc-Viet

  16. A remark on FI-module homology

    Gan, Wee Liang; Li, Liping

  17. Universality in measure in the bulk for varying weights

    Levin, Eli; Lubinsky, Doron

  18. Rigidity of the strongly separating curve graph

    Bowditch, Brian

  19. On coxeter mapping classes and fibered alternating links

    Hironaka, Eriko; Liechti, Livio

  20. Topological obstructions for rational cuspidal curves in Hirzebruch surfaces

    Borodzik, Maciej; Moe, Torgunn Karoline

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