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MIT Japan Program Working Paper Series

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  1. U.S.-Japan Defense Technology Cooperation: Ten Guidelines to Make It Work

    Green, Michael J.; Samuels, Richard J.

  2. Globalization and the Future of the National Economy

    Boyd, James Patrick
    Many observers are concerned that the growth of globalization will undermine and destroy national economies. For the past six years, Professor Suzanne Berger, the Raphael Dorman and Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science at MIT, our keynote speaker, has worked with a cross-disciplinary research team at the MIT Industrial Performance Center to study the globalization strategies of 500 major companies in the United States, Asia, and Europe. This study addressed such questions as which functions companies were out-sourcing and which they were keeping in-house in the electronics and textile and apparel industries in order to see how faster and slower...

  3. The Japanese Venture Capital Industry

    Hurwitz, Seth

  4. The software factory : an entry for the Encyclopedia of software engineering

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 20-21).

  5. Gambling with globalism : Japanese financial flows to North Korea and the sanctions policy option

    Includes bibliographical references.

  6. National institutions and technological innovation : a case study of Japanese biotechnology

    Includes bibliographical references.

  7. Final adjudication and analysis of the second biannual MIT Asia-Pacific crisis simulation : 5-7 May 1995

    Prepared by Richard J. Samuels ... [et al.].

  8. Exploring the intersection of government, politics and the news media in Japan : the Tsubaki hatsugen incident

    Includes bibliographical references (leaves 33-35).

  9. Multinationals and regional integration : a comparison of the Americans, Europeans and Japanese in the EC and NAFTA

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 26-31).

  10. Subnational power and regional integration : the case of Tumen River development

    Includes bibliographical references.

  11. Japanese materials science and engineering information on the Internet : a case study

    Includes bibliographical references (p. [7-8]).

  12. The sound of one chip clapping : Yamaha and FM synthesis

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 29).

  13. Indigenous innovation and industrialization : foundations of Japanese development and advantage

    Includes bibliographical references (leaves 19-21).

  14. Virtual techo-alliances : a framework for future technology relationships with Japanese businesses

    Includes bibliographical references.

  15. Multi-project strategy, design transfer and project performance : a survey of automobile development projects in the U.S. and Japan

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 25-26).

  16. Multi-product strategy and market growth : the benefits of rapid design transfer in new product development

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 37-39).

  17. Project execution capability, organizational know-how, and conglomerate corporate growth in late industrialization

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 59-67).

  18. MITI's successes and failures in controlling Japan's technology imports

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 41-44).

  19. Multi-project management : inter-project interdependency and organizational coordination in new product development

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 24-25).

  20. The Japanese defense industry's views of U.S.-Japan defense technology collaboration : findings of the MIT Japan Program Survey

    Includes bibliographical references.

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