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HML Preprints 2004

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  1. Capillary Break-up Rheometry of Low-Viscosity Elastic Fluids

    Rodd, Lucy E.; Scott, Timothy P.; Cooper-White, Justin J.; McKinley, Gareth H.
    Submitted to Applied Rheology, August 2004
    (1522618 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  2. The Inertio-Elastic Planar Entry Flow of Low-Viscosity Elastic Fluids in Micro-fabricated Geometries

    Rodd, Lucy E.; Scott, Timothy P.; Boger, David V.; Cooper-White, Justin J.; McKinley, Gareth H.
    The non-Newtonian flow of dilute aqueous polyethylene oxide (PEO) solutions through microfabricated planar abrupt contraction-expansions is investigated. The contraction geometries are fabricated from a high-resolution chrome mask and cross-linked PDMS gels using the tools of soft-lithography. The small length scales and high deformation rates in the contraction throat lead to significant extensional flow effects even with dilute polymer solutions having time constants on the order of milliseconds. The dimensionless extra pressure drop across the contraction increases by more than 200% and is accompanied by significant upstream vortex growth. Streak photography and videomicroscopy using epifluorescent particles shows that the flow ultimately becomes unstable and three-dimensional. The moderate Reynolds numbers...
    (10453154 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  3. Corner Flows in Free Liquid Films

    Stocker, Roman; Hosoi, A.E.
    A lubrication-flow model for a free film in a corner is presented. The model, written in the hyperbolic coordinate system ξ = x² – y², η = 2xy, applies to films that are thin in the η direction. The lubrication approximation yields two coupled evolution equations for the film thickness and the velocity field which, to lowest order, describes plug flow in the hyperbolic coordinates. A free film in a corner evolving under surface tension and gravity is investigated. The rate of thinning of a free film is compared to that of a film evolving over a solid substrate. Viscous...
    (2587476 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

  4. Peeling, healing and bursting in a lubricated elastic sheet

    Hosoi, A.E.; Mahadevan, L.
    We consider the dynamics of an elastic sheet lubricated by the flow of a thin layer of fluid that separates it from a rigid wall. By considering long wavelength deformations of the sheet, we derive an evolution equation for its motion, accounting for the effects of elastic bending, viscous lubrication and body forces. We then analyze various steady and unsteady problems for the sheet such as peeling, healing, levitating and bursting using a combination of numerical simulation and dimensional analysis. On the macro-scale, we corroborate our theory with a simple experiment, and on the micro-scale, we analyze an oscillatory valve...
    (938640 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

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