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  1. Structural and process models of the organizational impact of decision support systems

    Guyote, Martin John
    by Martin John Guyote.

  2. Financial distress, dealers' behavior and asset pricing in the foreign exchange market

    Fourel, Valère
    Exploiting a high frequency dealer-specific quote database in the FX market, I show that shocks to the CDS of a financial intermediary, proxy for its financial wealth, makes her quote larger bid-ask spreads when uncertainty about the underlying traded asset is high or when market competition is low. I first establish that markets are dominated by a handful of dealers who are responsible for more than 90% of the quotes in the different FX spot markets. I then document that, when exchange rate volatility is high, a 1% increase in intermediary's default probability does translate into a 4 bps increase...

  3. Informal debt contract and consumption : evidence from the vehicle scrappage program/

    Lu, Fangzhou. S.M. Sloan School of Management
    This paper evaluate the influence of household heterogeneity on their decisions to take up the vehicle scrappage program (VSP) in China. The presence of debt owed to family and friends (DOFF) on household balance sheet significantly reduces the takeup rate of the cash for clunkers program in China, by approximately 1.57%. Moreover, this effect is stronger among households without a schedule for DOFF repayment, a formal debt contract, or positive interest rate. This suggests that informal finance can have shadow cost due to informal debt's potential recall risk, and non-pecuniary costs in the forms of social sanction. Moreover, I exploit...

  4. The theater of innovation : developing skills to perform hybridity

    Riley, James Whitcomb
    Multivocal identities have often been thought to provide social actors with more resources and opportunities over time than other "limited," singular identities. However, less is known about how organizations actually accomplish embodying multiple identities. By looking inside a hybrid organization, this paper uses ethnographic data to document how an organization successfully sustains its hybridity despite challenges associated with making multiple identity claims. The paper analyzes how the organization socializes individuals to perform its particular hybrid organizational identity. A common practice known as demonstrations served as an integrative practice-based mechanism enabling actors confronted by distinct social worlds, and norms, to enact...

  5. Control of technology in Latin America: a study of multinational corporations perception.

    Borzutzky Arditi, Ricardo Arturo
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alfred P. Sloan School of Management. Thesis. 1974. M.S.

  6. Using artificial intelligence to enhance personalization of customer relationship management in the contact center space : Afiniti's technology case study

    De la Croix de Castries, Jérôme
    Increase in worldwide data generation and decrease in data storage costs associated with increase in computing power and decrease in computing costs that we are experiencing globally are opening a brand new world of opportunities. Yet, new technologies still fail to mimic humans inner ability to interact and influence each other, thus failing to efficiently replace human when comes the time for companies to talk with their customers. Yet some technologies in this field contribute to enhancing such interactions and may open the way for a sustainable Al revolution. Such a revolution is not one of human labor substitution by...

  7. Matching faces to expectations : the impact of political and business domain differences in gendered expectations on preferred appearance for leaders

    Yang, Hee Jin (Hee Jin Heather)
    Prior research has demonstrated that feminine appearance is penalized in business contexts. However, a separate body of research, predominantly centered on electoral outcomes, has put forth conflicting results demonstrating that feminine appearance can be beneficial. In a series of experimental studies, I aim to resolve the conflict in the literature by proposing an expectation-matching theory. I propose that, although both domains of politics and business are associated with masculine characteristics, contexts within the political domain are associated with fewer masculine characteristics than contexts within the business domain and, as a result, perceivers expect and prefer less masculine facial appearances for...

  8. Private and government banks : a DSGE approach

    Montecinos Bravo, Alexis
    This paper studies the role of public banks in a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model with heterogeneous financial intermediaries. In accordance with the empirical literature on the subject, this study shows that the presence of public banks alter the reaction of the aggregate variables to negative shocks relative to standard DSGE models. Namely, the economy is able to recover faster following negative shocks due to the less pro cyclical behavior of government banks. The paper shows that ignoring this dimension of heterogeneity may render misleading assessments and conclusions regarding economic variables like GDP, consumption, investment, labor, etc.

  9. Why don't they complain? : the social determinants of Chinese migrant workers' grievance behaviors

    Yang, Duanyi, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Using survey data from China, I examine how migrant workers respond to violations of labor law in their workplaces. The central puzzle explored is why, given apparent widespread violations, some workers choose not to pursue remedies. I find that workers with shared local identities with their employers are less likely to be exposed to safety and health hazards at work, less likely to have employment contracts, and less likely to interpret problems experienced as a violation of their legal rights. This paper extends the research on grievance behavior by drawing on research from Law and Society and social networks to...

  10. Growing Pains in financial development : institutional weakness and investment efficiency

    Green, Daniel (Daniel Weiss); Liu, Ernest Siyuan
    There is little evidence that the expansion of microfinance has reduced poverty, but is instead increasingly associated with problematic multiple borrowing at high interest rates and high levels of debt and default. We develop a model that rationalizes these outcomes-if entrepreneurs cannot commit to exclusive borrowing from a single lender, expanding financial access by introducing multiple lenders may severely backfire. Capital allocation is distorted away from the most productive uses. Entrepreneurs choose inefficient and limited-growth endeavors. These problems are exacerbated when borrowers have access to more lenders, explaining why increased access to finance does not always improve outcomes.

  11. Revenue optimization for a hotel property with different market segments : demand prediction, price selection and capacity allocation

    Candela Garza, Eduardo
    We present our work with a hotel company as an example of how machine learning techniques can be used to improve the demand predictions of a hotel property, as well as its pricing and capacity allocation decisions. First, we build a price-sensitive random forest model to predict the number of daily bookings for each customer market segment. We feed these predictions into a mixed integer linear program (MILP) to optimize prices and capacity allocations at the same time. We prove that the MILP can be equivalently solved as a linear program, and then show that it produces upper and lower...

  12. The investment banking challenges of the 1990's and how Morgan Stanley should compete

    Zhang, Min
    by Min Chang.

  13. Evaluation of predictive computational modelling in biologic formulation development

    Jayakumar, Jayanthi
    Computational modelling has completely redefined the experimentation process in many industries, allowing large sets of design concepts to be tested quickly and cheaply very early in the innovation process. Harnessing the power of computational modelling for protein drug formulation has numerous, currently unrealized, benefits. This project aims to be the first step in the development of a high throughput predictive computational model to screen for excipients that would decrease protein aggregation in solution and thus increase its stability and enable clinical effectiveness. Protein drug formulation currently relies heavily on empirical evidence from wet-lab experiments and personal experience. During the biologic...

  14. Forecasting quality in robotic controller supply chain

    Patel, Sonny
    Between 2017 and 2019, industrial robot installations are estimated to increase by 13% on average per year. As the industrial robot market has grown, so too have customer demands. Many industrial robot manufacturers are in a position to capture this growth by improving in on-time delivery, quality performance, and product offerings. This master's thesis is devoted to providing manufacturers methods for increasing quality performance for robotic controllers. To improve quality performance, we focus on finding the connection between controller quality performance at suppliers, manufacturing, and customer sites. We consider this valuable in the context of a manufacturer's R&D to set...

  15. Developing a component reuse strategy for space launch vehicles

    Good, Marissa Ann
    Launch vehicle hardware is traditionally very expensive to design, develop, produce and certify, because it must operate in extreme environments with high reliability. The result is that most hardware for NASA-funded launch vehicles is custom built to execute a specific mission on a single platform. In contrast to other industries (e.g. automotive), very few components are used across product platforms, a strategy known as reuse that has the potential to decrease the cost, schedule and risk of new product introduction. Budget constraints on NASA's next launch vehicle, the Space Launch System (SLS), brought about a desire to realize some of...

  16. A data-driven approach to mitigate risk in global food supply chains

    Anoun, Amine
    Economically motivated adulteration of imported food poses a serious threat to public health, and has contributed to several poisoning incidents in the past few years in the U.S. [1]. Prevention is achieved by sampling food shipments coming to the U.S. However, the sampling resources are limited: all shipments are electronically sampled [2], but only a small percentage of shipments are physically inspected. In an effort to mitigate risk in shipping supply chains, we develop a data-driven approach to identify risky shippers and manufacturers exporting food to the U.S., as well as U.S. based consignees and importers receiving imported products. We...

  17. Redesigning liver allocation regions through optimization

    Scully, Timothy (Timothy Edward)
    End-stage liver disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and the only viable treatment is liver transplantation. Since the quality of a donor liver decreases with transportation time, United States organ policy prioritizes transplants within geographic regions. However, the boundaries of these regions were defined mostly by informal relationships between transplant centers many decades ago, which has created local imbalances in supply and demand. As a result, candidates on the waiting list for donor livers face drastically different odds of receiving a transplant. Policy makers have noticed this geographic inequity and are considering proposals...

  18. Inferring user location from time series of social media activity

    Webb, Matthew Robert
    Combining social media posts with known user locations can lead to unique insights with applications ranging from tracking diffusion of sentiment to earthquake detection. One approach used to determine a user's home location is to examine the timing of their posts, but the precision of existing time-based location predictors is limited to discrimination among time zones. In this thesis, we formulate a general time-based geolocation algorithm that has greater precision, using knowledge of a social media user's real world activities derived from his or her membership in a particular class. Our activity-based model discriminates among locations within a time zone,...

  19. Optimizing emergency response crew allocation during earthquakes to improve restoration time

    Kurdi, Mohamed (Mohamed Reda)
    Northern California and specially the San Francisco Bay Area where PG&E operates is very susceptible to earthquakes. United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates a 63 percent chance that a magnitude-6.7 or larger earthquake will hit the Bay Area by the year 2036. The chances for a 7.0-magnitude or above are about 50 percent. In this thesis, we first present the methodology PG&E uses to generate predicted damages. Then, we will discuss what data will be available to us and outline how this data is transformed into predicted damages for pipes. Then, the thesis go over the method we used to...

  20. Predictive modeling of fulfillment supply chain for delivery performance improvement

    Cao, Lizhong (Lizhong Lilly)
    NIKE, Inc. Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) represents sales from NIKE-owned retail stores and internet websites. DTC is experiencing tremendous growth and is projected to account for 32% of NIKE's revenue by 2020. DTC Digital ( alone is estimated to grow at more than 46% year over year. To support such rapid growth, exceptional delivery performance is critical. As consumers become more demanding about delivery precision and as competitors offer increasingly faster options, NIKE is also focusing on initiatives around delivery service to achieve its targets and remain the industry leader. The internship aims to generate business recommendations to improve the consumer-focused delivery...

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