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Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Investigation of air propellers

    Caldwell, Frank Walker; Lehmann, Hans Frank
    by Frank Walker Caldwell, Hans Frank Lehmann.

  2. Simulation of X-ray phase imaging on integrated circuits

    Arthur, Kwabena (Kwabena K.)
    A study on the simulation of the X-Ray phase imaging on multi-layered integrated circuits (IC) is presented. Model IC's were created with random nanoscale features. First order Rytov approximation was then used in order to accurately and rapidly create diffraction images. This study lays the foundation for future use as a forward model in limited-angle tomography or other inverse problems approaches (e.g neural networks) to reconstruct IC layout from x-ray diffraction images. In particular, it is hoped that the simulation presented here can be used to train neural networks that will carry out the inverse problem in experimental situations. The...

  3. After treatment and turbocharger effects on emissions of a diesel engine

    Schmidt, Kristina (Kristina E.)
    An experimental study on the effects of after treatments and a turbocharger on emissions of a single cylinder diesel engine. The study measured the concentration of CO, CO2, HC, NO, NO2, and NOx. Tests on the engine were performed at different engine loads and engine speeds. The engine power ranged from 0 to 9 HP, and the engine speed ranged from 1500 to 3500 rpm. Emissions were characterized in terms of engine speed, engine power, and exhaust temperature. The results showed that the optimal strategy for emission reduction was to combine the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and the Diesel Particulate Filter...

  4. Redesign of the platform-side actuation system for the Kendall Band interactive musical sculpture

    Heman-Ackah, Marian
    The Kendall Band is an interactive musical sculpture by Paul Matisse located within the MBTA's Kendall/MIT Train Station. The sculpture, installed in 1987, consists of three instruments, Kepler, Galileo, and two sets of bells known as Pythagoras, each operated by its own system of mechanisms and linkages, and "played" by passengers using handles located on each platform. The sculpture as a whole has ceased to function as a result of a series of mechanical failures. Repair needs outpaced the resources available to maintain the sculpture. The primary known failure points are located within the portion of the actuation system on...

  5. Mercury vapor - binary cycle boiler versus high pressure units

    Jenkins, Thomas H; Powell, Edwin B
    by Thomas H. Jenkins and Edwin B. Powell, Jr.

  6. Buffalo Forge Company : a case study in sales engineering management.

    Bond, Michael Joseph
    Thesis. 1977. B.S.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

  7. Early stage product design process : a case study of an educational building kit

    Alper, Natalie B
    A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) kit for the assembly of a lamp was created to encourage children's interest in mechanical and electrical engineering. To ensure the lamp was intuitive and fun to use, user testing was conducted. As the user interface (UI) for the lamp was designed and developed, tests were conducted with users using a variety of prototypes ranging from paper, cardboard, and plastic to PowerPoint storyboards on the computer. By incorporating user testing throughout the process of identifying possible button layouts as well as proper lamp proportions, a final intuitive UI with a single panel of...

  8. Gelsight robotic fingertip

    Liu, Melody Grace
    Tactile sensing is integral in robotic manipulation, enabling robot hands to identify objects and explore the environment. The gelsight tactile sensor designed in MIT CSAIL is able to reconstruct the surface topography of objects up to submicron accuracy. This thesis is focused on the integration of the gelsight tactile sensor into the MIT Team's gripper for the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge. The design of the sensor is dependent on the three manipulation primitives in the gripper platform: scooping, grasping, and suction. This paper discusses the primitives and the sensory inputs they would require to create more precise manipulation models. We...

  9. Design of educational engineering projects fabricated with the laser-cutter and CNC wire bender

    Sayre, Larkin V
    The aim of this investigation is to design educational project enclosures for engineering students at MIT that utilize the laser-cutter, CNC "DiWire" wire bender and various other mechanical engineering tools. Introducing students to the laser-cutter and wire bender gives them hands-on experience with some exciting mechanical tools for fabrication to supplement their courses in electrical engineering. The key objective of this investigation is finding a cheap, safe, professional-looking, easy-to-manufacture setup that teaches students the desired concepts and gives flexibility for Professor Leeb to integrate novel engineering projects into his classes. The second section of this design project is the creation...

  10. Pump-sizing software tool for small-scale solar-powered irrigation systems in water-scarce conditions : a case study in Uttar Pradesh

    Sung, Christina
    Two small-scale well-irrigation systems in rural Uttar Pradesh which had previously operated via diesel pumps have been modified to operate via solar pumps. The regions where the irrigation systems are located are currently experiencing drought, and the well of one of the systems runs dry during irrigation. It is hypothesized that the 3HP solar pumps installed in the systems are larger than necessary, and are overdrawing from the water supply. A pump-sizing software tool was developed in Excel Spreadsheets to model and analyze the two specific systems, as well as to aid in future pump-sizing for long-term water sustainability for...

  11. Robustness of adaptive control systems to unmodeled dynamics : a describing function viewpoint

    Sharma Subedi, Chandan
    Recently, it was shown that a standard model reference adaptive controller modified with a suitably tuned projection algorithm ensures robustness (global boundedness) of the overall adaptive system to a class of unmodeled dynamics with minimal restrictions. However, extensive first-principle based arguments and/or analysis of the parameter trajectory is employed. An alternative to such analysis, albeit approximate, is to use the well-known Describing Function (DF) method. In doing so, the analysis of the robust adaptive control problem becomes tractable and resembles that of familiar and classical linear stability analysis.

  12. Device for mechanical plotting of power/speed curves for a D.C. motor

    Warner, Jace Cali
    The relationships between power, speed, and torque in a direct current motor are often not intuitive to students based on functionality of modern dynamometers. Previous work in a 1998 master's thesis by Peter T. Lee built a device to mechanically demonstrate the torque/speed relationship for engineering students. This thesis expands that work to prototype a modified device to show the power/speed relationship utilizing a mechanical multiplier. Speed and torque output are converted into linear motions along perpendicular axes, and power is output as their product. This thesis summarizes the design and construction of a first prototype of such a mechanical...

  13. Experiments on explosive mixtures

    Glidden, John W; Loring, Atherton
    by John W. Glidden, Atherton Loring.

  14. Design and test of an automatic chucking, drilling and ferruling machine

    Kingsbury, Edward J; Roy, Kenneth W
    by Edward J. Kingsbury, Kenneth W. Roy.

  15. The conversion of an Otto cycle into an Atkinson cycle

    Ferrary, Ferdinand F
    by Ferdinand F. Ferrary.

  16. Effects of conjugated oligoelectrolytes on cell transformation

    Fernandez, Nicholas (Nicholas J.)
    A key step in genetic engineering is the delivery of genetic material into the cell. Increasing bacterial cell transformation efficiency can help advance an area of scientific research with a wide range of applications. Previous work has demonstrated conjugated oligoelectrolytes (COEs) neutralize the surface charge of bacterial cells and increase membrane permeability, which can potenitally increase their competence in accepting exogenous DNA. This study tested the effect of the COE DSSN+ combined with electroporation on the transformation of Escherichia coli cells. Multiple experiments with varying concentrations of DSSN+ and varying voltages provided bacterial colony growth and transformation efficiency data for...

  17. A payload-centric approach towards resilient and robust electric-propulsion enabled constellation mission design

    Graham, John Kyle
    Recent studies have shown that distributed spacecraft missions, or constellations, can offer similar performance to monolithic satellite missions for lower cost and less risk. Additionally, recent developments in and implementation of electric propulsion (EP) technologies further the case for the use of constellations because they enable operational possibilities otherwise unavailable to satellites with chemical thrusters by reducing costly fuel requirements. Through more efficient fuel usage, EP allows for wide-scale rendezvous of satellites for refueling/maintenance as well as constellation reshuffling and orbit raising to recover system performance after losing a satellite. With these constellation-wide maneuvers at an operator's disposal, distributed space-craft...

  18. Open wheel racecar steering

    Gerasimoff, Steven (Steven A.)
    The steering system of a rear wheel drive open wheel racecar is the only directional control the driver possesses while driving. Steering linkages must be carefully designed to allow cars to navigate turns without exhausting the driver. Motorsports vehicles are designed to make tight turns while maximizing tire grip to maintain higher velocities in corners. Steering geometry must be optimized not only for car performance, but also to maximize driver comfort and improve the "feel" of the vehicle. In competitive motorsports, the steering system is critical to vehicle performance: an incorrectly designed system can at best cost a few fractions...

  19. A framework for collecting data : revising sensor synchronization methods

    Gonzalez, Sara (Sara H.)
    Data collection is frequently carried out in research, as well as in industry for purposes ranging from quality control to assessing system limits. However, several complications may arise to hinder optimal data collection and analysis, including synchronization of different data types from a variety of sensors. A benchtop model was designed with the primary goal of understanding human-spacesuit interactions through the collection and analysis of force, pressure, and internal kinematics data. This thesis addresses shortcomings in the setup that led to difficulty in data analysis and synchronization and presents a revised framework for collecting these data. A system was designed...

  20. Designing Course 2 assignments to emphasize practical engineering applications

    Edwards, Allison (Allison R.)
    MIT's educational philosophy, mens et manus, stresses the importance of providing students with both a conceptual and practical understanding of engineering. This thesis explored the development of design guidelines for creating assignments for introductory Course 2 classes that better emphasize the practical side of this educational mission. These design guidelines were identified by redesigning one case study 2.004 laboratory assignment, the tall building vibration lab. From student feedback on this case study assignment, the successful features of this redesigned assignment could be identified and used as guiding principles for the design of future assignments. Student reviews of the case study...

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