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Problem-Based Learning

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  1. Towards Evidence-Based Practice in Science Education

    Millar, R; Leach, J; Osborne, J; Ratcliffe, M
    This summarising statement looks at the activities, outcomes, highlights and achievements of the project Towards Evidence-based Practice in Science Education.
    - 21-feb-2009

  2. Improving the research-practice interface: the impact of research-informed teaching materials on science teachers' practices

    Millar, R; Hames, V
    The central issue addressed in this paper is the relationship between research and practice in science education. More specifically it explores the relationship between research on the learning of scientific ideas on the one hand, and classroom practices on the other. Much data has been collected in recent decades about students’ misconceptions, alternative ways of thinking and reasoning, and learning difficulties in many of the knowledge domains that are central to a scientific understanding of the natural world (see, for example, Driver et al., 1994; Pfundt & Duit, 1994). The impact of this body of research on classroom practice, or...
    - 21-feb-2009

  3. Teaching the nature of science in schools: what makes a lesson effective?

    Bartholomew, H; Osborne, J; Ratcliffe, M
    The study on which this paper draws is one project within an ESRC funded network looking at evidence-based practice in science education (EPSE), and is concerned with the teaching of 'ideas and evidence' in school science lessons. In an initial phase, a three round Delphi study (Dalkey et al. 1963) asked a panel of 23 individuals drawn from 5 communities with an interest in science education – scientists, philosophers of science, sociologists of science, science educators and science teachers – about aspects of the nature of science that they felt should be part of the compulsory school science curriculum.
    - 21-feb-2009

  4. Consistency and variation in pupils' responses to diagnostic questions

    Millar, R; Hames, V
    The project discussed in this paper concerns the use of diagnostic assessment as a means of improving students' learning in science. Diagnostic questions could... be used summatively, to provide a ‘benchmark’ assessment of learner’s knowledge and understanding at a particular point in their educational experience; or they could be used formatively as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.
    - 21-feb-2009

  5. No 8 - The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning 1 - a pilot systematic review and meta-analysis

    - 03-mar-2009

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