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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. A marine park in the Galapagos

    Robinson, Gary

  2. India: mud banks, muddy waters

    Kumar, P.K. Dinesh
    As mud banks along the southwest coast of India dwindle, several concerns and societal implications have been articulated regarding this unique oceanographic phenomenon.

  3. Assessing recent warming using instrumentally homogeneous sea surface temperature records

    Hausfather, Zeke; Cowtan, Kevin; Clarke, David C.; Jacobs, Peter; Richardson, Mark; Rohde, Robert
    Sea surface temperature (SST) records are subject to potential biases due to changing instrumentation and measurement practices. Significant differences exist between commonly used composite SST reconstructions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Extended Reconstruction Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST), the Hadley Centre SST data set (HadSST3), and the Japanese Meteorological Agency’s Centennial Observation-Based Estimates of SSTs (COBE-SST) from 2003 to the present. The update from ERSST version 3b to version 4 resulted in an increase in the operational SST trend estimate during the last 19 years from 0.07° to 0.12°C per decade, indicating a higher rate of warming in recent years. We show that ERSST version...

  4. On the effect of Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean sea surface temperature anomaly on the monsoon rainfall of south-east of Iran

    Malahi, Somayeh
    Southeast region of the country has hot and dry weather which causes to happen heavy rainfall in short time period of warm seasons and to occur river flooding. These precipitations are influenced by monsoon system of India ocean. In these thesis, It was tried to evaluate the relation between thermal anomaly of sea surface in India ocean and Arab sea which effects on southeast monsoon precipitations of Iran, For evaluation of this happening in southeast, data were collected from 7 synoptic observation stations of Bandar Abbas, Minab, Kerman , Bam, Chabahar, Iranshahr, Zahedan and 17 rain gauge stations during June...

  5. Thermal and exergy analysis for evaluation and optimization of performance of cooling towers for fresh water and seawater

    Mansourian, Mehdi
    In this study, thermal, exergetic analysis and performance evaluation of seawater and fresh wet cooling tower and the effect of parameters on its performance is investigated. With using of energy and mass balance equations, experimental results, a mathematical model and EES code developed. Due to lack of fresh water, seawater cooling is interesting choice for future of cooling, so the effect of seawater in the range of 1gr/kg to 60gr/kg for salinity on the performance characteristics like air efficiency, water efficiency, output water temperature of cooling tower, flow of the exergy, and the exergy efficiency with comparison with fresh water...

  6. Studying and measuring the amount of detergents in sea-water samples in order to eliminate with adsorbents and inorganic nano-adsorbents for the sake of securing the water for marine nourishment pools

    Kheirkhah, Laya
    Increasing the amount of detergent industries in world in spite of having abundant benefits; entering a new kind of contamination into environment and attract the attention of environment liable of different countries to itself. Entering detergents into an aqueous solution cause pollution of water sources and environment in respect of appearing e problem and charges like: nutritive phenomenon, decomposition of hard group of detergent and producing foam. After using Detergents, they were poured into rivers, seas and lakes and have destructive effect on environment. A lot of hygiene problems were attributed to the water having detergents more than allowed value....

  7. Design and construction of a two dimensional duct equipped with a wave generator and a variable coastal slope and an ocean wave energy conversion system (OWC)

    Tabei, Amir Hossein
    The aims of this thesis were evaluation the type of wave channel, wave current, and effect of some parameters on them and identification and comparison between types of wave maker in laboratory situations. In this study, designing and making of two dimension channels (flume) and wave maker for experiment son the marine buoy, marine building and energy conversion systems were also investigated. In current research, the physical relation between pump and pumpage and the designing of current making in flume were evaluated. The related calculation for steel building, channels beside glasses and also equations of wave maker plate movement, power...

  8. The study of correlation between sea surface temperature (SST) by using the NOAA-AVHRR data and compare this data with temperature measurement in the Caspian Sea

    Jalalzade Azar, Zohre
    The changes in time and location of surface temperature from a water body has an important effect on climate activities, marine biology, sea currents, salinity and other characteristics of the seas and lakes water. Traditional measurement of temperature is costly and time consumer due to its dispersion and instability. In recent years the use of satellite technology and remote sensing sciences for data acquiring and parameter and lysis of climatology and oceanography is well developed. In this research we used the NOAA’s Satellite images from its AVHRR system to compare the field surface temperature data with the satellite images information....

  9. Investigation and prediction of sea level variations in the northern coasts of Persian Gulf using artificial neural network

    Ghanea, Hamid Reza
    Sea- level variations have a significant impact on coastal areas. Prediction of sea level variations expected from the pre most critical information needs associated with the sea environment. For this, various methods exist. In this study, on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf have been studied relation to the effectiveness of parameters such as pressure, temperature and wind speed on sea leve and associated with global parameters such as the North Atlantic Oscillation index and NAO index and present statistic models for prediction of sea level. In the next step by using artificial neural network predict sea level for...

  10. Effect of sea water level rise on sandy beach profile

    Matinfar, Ali
    Study of batch profile evolution and scouring effect due to the wave and current impacts in the coastal zone has been one of the most important issues in coastal engineering research projects during the past decades .to construct the coastal protective structures such piers, breakwaters and seawalls, it is necessary to estimate the scouring depth and bed level changes in the vicinity of such structures. Furthermore, the time - dependent changes in the equilibrium profile of the surf zone can be of great importance in designing coastal structures. Because of the importance of coastal engineering study in Iran due to the...

  11. Analyzing the effect of connecting horizontal tidal stream turbines on the pier of a sea established bridge

    Heydarzadeh, Mohammad
    In this thesis, producing ability of electricity by horizontal tidal current turbines and installing possibility of these turbines on bridge's piers in the marine environments has been studied to reduce primary implementation costs and make the plan, economical. To do this and to study its feasibility, the exerted forces from installing horizontal tidal current turbines were compared with the forces applied to the bridge structure during designing process (given in the Standards). Then, the allowable ranges of the overloading which is tolerable by the piers of the bridge were obtained. Accordingly, it is resulted that for installing these turbines, the...

  12. Field study and numerical simulation of developing red tide in the northern Strait of Hormuz

    Hamzehei, Samad
    The catastrophic event of red tide has happened in the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman from late summer 2008 to spring 2009. With its devastating effects, the phenomenon shocked all the countries located in the margin of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman and caused considerable losses to fishery industries, tourism, and tourist and trade economy of the region. In the maritime cruise carried out by the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Ecological Research Institute, field data, including temperature, salinity, chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen and algal density were obtained for this research. Satellite...

  13. Three dimensional models of water flow in the Persian Gulf

    Raeissadat, Mohammad Reza
    Persian Gulf region is globally of great importance due to its economical and political reasons. The importance lies in oil sources and sea exports. Geophysical phenomena dominated in the water circulation affected this region is called Monsoon it stretches from African coasts to the half way of Red Seal affected all coasts of Persian Gulf and goes toward east to the Indian ocean. Other essential factors in the water circulation in this region are net evaporation (several meters in per year), high density and high salinity. In this article the effects of wind stress and evaporation in the water circulation...

  14. Numerical study of circulation in the Caspian Sea and its effects on the southern coastal currents

    Shiea Ali, M.
    In this study, numerical simulation of the Caspian Sea circulation was performed using COHERENS three-dimensional numerical model and field data. The COHERENS three-dimensional model and FVCOM were performed under the effect of the wind driven force, and then the simulation results obtained were compared. Simulation modeling was performed at the Caspian Sea. Its horizontal grid size is approximately equal to 5 Km and 30 sigma levels were considered. The numerical simulation results indicate that the winds' driven-forces and temperature gradient are the most important driving force factors of the Caspian circulation pattern. One of the effects of wind-driven currents was...

  15. Physical modeling of processes of sediment transport in inlets

    Sadat-Kiaee, M.
    During the transformation of the low tide to the high tide, an exactly inverse phenomenon is occurred and the high tidal delta is formed at the mouth upstream. Increasing the tidal range does not affect the nature of this phenomenon and just change its intensity. In this situation, the inlet will be balance over time. A new relationship between equilibrium cross section and tidal prism for different tidal levels as well as sediment grading has been provided which its results are corresponded with results of numerical modeling. In the combination state, the wave height significantly affects the current and sedimentary...

  16. Rapport sur le fonctionnement de l'Institut Océanographique de l'Indochine pendant l'année 1937-1938

    Chevey, P.
    The present note deals with the functions and activities carried out by the Institute of oceanography of Indochina during 1937-1938

  17. Rapport sur le fonctionnement de l'Institut Océanographique de l'Indochine pendant l'année 1934-1935

    Chevey, P.
    The present note deals with the functions and activities done by the Institute of oceanography of Indochina during 1934-1935.

  18. Three dimensional circulation of water with variable wind in the Caspian Sea

    Nasimi, Sorena
    This research is based on a numerical model for forecasting the three-dimensional behavior of (sea) water motion due to the effect of a variable wind velocity. The results obtained are then analyzed and compared with observation. This model is based on the equations that overcome the current and distribution of temperature by applying the method of finite difference with assuming Δx, Δy as constant and Δz, variable. The model is based on the momentum equation, continuity equation and thermodynamic energy equation and tension at the surface and middle layers and bottom stress. The horizontal and vertical eddy viscosity and thermal...

  19. Rapport sur le fonctionnement de l'Institut Océanographique de l'Indochine pendant l'années 1938-1947

    DChevey, P.; Serene, Raoul
    The present note deals with the functions and activities done by the Institute of oceanography of Indochina during 1938-1947.

  20. Rapport sur le fonctionnement de l'Institut Océanographique de l'Indochine pendant l'année 1936-1937

    Serene, Raoul; Chevey, P.
    The present note deals with the functions and activities carried out by the Institute of oceanography of Indochina during 1936-1937

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