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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Capacity building and training requirement for effective fisheries and aquaculture extension in Nigeria

    Sanni, A.O.; Olowosegun, T.; Sule, A.M.; Bwala, R.L.; Onimisi, H.U.
    This paper examines the importance of capacity building and training requirement for the benefit of fisheries and aquaculture extension in Nigeria. It involves the analysis of secondary data bothering on the management of agricultural extension in Nigeria over time vis-avis various agricultural development programmes in the past in which fisheries and aquaculture extension was apparently de-emphasized in favour of crop and livestock agriculture. It is therefore recommended as a way forward that a favorable reform in the Nigerian agricultural extension system will be a necessary avenue to put fisheries and aquaculture extension in proper perspective for effective service delivery which...
    (application/pdf) - 18-mar-2018

  2. The role of information in harnessing fisheries and eco-tourism for national development

    Ugwu, F.C.; Madu, I.D.; Solebesan, D.A.
    The importance of information in every sector cannot be over-emphasized. The ability to identify and utilize our natural endowment depends on the availability of information resources within or at the right time. The low level of information provision in Nigeria is attributed to infrastructure as a result of inadequate funding of the sector. Research has shown that information has revolutionized the society, moving the world from the industrial age to the information age and completely changing the way the economy functions. Success goes with the best information. However, for now, if there must be increase in fish production and eco-tourism...
    (application/pdf) - 06-mar-2018

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