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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Capacity building and training requirement for effective fisheries and aquaculture extension in Nigeria

    Sanni, A.O.; Olowosegun, T.; Sule, A.M.; Bwala, R.L.; Onimisi, H.U.
    This paper examines the importance of capacity building and training requirement for the benefit of fisheries and aquaculture extension in Nigeria. It involves the analysis of secondary data bothering on the management of agricultural extension in Nigeria over time vis-avis various agricultural development programmes in the past in which fisheries and aquaculture extension was apparently de-emphasized in favour of crop and livestock agriculture. It is therefore recommended as a way forward that a favorable reform in the Nigerian agricultural extension system will be a necessary avenue to put fisheries and aquaculture extension in proper perspective for effective service delivery which...

  2. Diseases associated with livestock integrated fish farming in Nigeria: a review

    Nyaku, R.E.; Okayi, R.G.; Ataguba, G.A.; Mohammed, A.
    Just like other animals and humans, fishes are prone to diseases and predation. Diseases can be caused by one and/or combination of any of the following agents e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Diseases have become a primary constraint to aquacultural development, which may affect the achievement of a desired impact for rapid development of fish culture in Nigeria. Apart from causing mortalities, they also cause loss of production quality, reduced growth, reduced fecundity, loss due to control measures and loss due to social factors associated with the farmer. This review has discussed the diseases that are associated with integrated...

  3. The length weight relationship and condition factor of the Banded Jewel fish (Hemichromis fasciatus Peters) from Kainji Lake, Nigeria

    Yem, I.Y.; Sani, O.A.; Mshelia, M.B.; Onimisi, H.U.
    The length weight relationship and condition factor of Hemichromis fasciatus from Kainji Lake was studied. One hundred and twenty seven fish samples of total length ranging from 6.50cm 15.50cm and weigh between 4.00g and 60.00g collected between August 2006 and June 2007 were analyzed. Results showed that a, b and r - values were 0.0042, 3.442 and 0.966 respectively, while the condition factor (CF) values varied from 0.67 2.42 with mean of 1.203. The fish exhibited positive allometric growth pattern. The condition of the lake is favourable for the survival of the fish species.

  4. A survey of ectoparasites associated with 3 species of fish Auchenoglanis occidentalis, Oreochromis niloticus and Bagrus bayad in River Benue, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

    Nyaku, R.E.; Okayi, R.G.; Kolndadacha, O.D.; Abdulrahman, M.
    A survey of ectoparasites of three species of fish (Oreochromis niloticus, Auchenoglanis occidentalis and Bagrus bayad) of River Benue was carried out for a period of three weeks. Samples were collected directly from fishermen, at the river side (River Benue) in a plastic bucket and were carried to the laboratory. A smear samples from the skin were taken. Fins were cuted and gills were dissected and examine individually in saline solution in a Petri dish and platyhelminthes parasites as the most common ectoparasites of threes three species (Oreochromis, Auchenoglanis, and Bagrus). A total number of five hundred and seventy two...

  5. Women in frozen fish marketing in Lagos State: strategies and methods

    Ajana, A.M.; Yarhere, M.T.
    Lagos state has a major sea port for landing of frozen fish from Mauritania, Senegal, the Scottish waters and other European countries. In the last three years, the dense population of the state has encouraged all kinds of trade to thrive. Fish as a major food in many Nigerian diets has been known to complement the high carbohydrate intake of majority of the Nigerian populace because of the unaffordable prices of beef in the market. The market for frozen fish is rich in Lagos. It has provided many women fishmongers a livelihood for over a decade. They have been able...

  6. Role of women in inland fishing communities in Nigeria: a review

    Owena, V.E; Nwabeze, G.O; Ayanda, J.O.
    The role of women in inland fishing communities in Nigeria have not been assessed or fully appreciated in the fishing industry in Nigeria. The role of women in the fisheries sub-sector is significant mainly in the post harvest activities such as sorting, preservation, processing, distribution and marketing of the fish products. The review highlights the fact that women not only make meaningful contribution to the socio-economic well-being of their households and the fishing but are also involved in other livelihood activities useful to their households and the community in which where they live. However, there are some constraints limiting women's...

  7. An appraisal of the participation of Egun women in fisheries in Otoawori of Ojo Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria

    Imoukhuede, D.O.; Joseph, F.; Udolisa, R.E.K.
    The study was carried out to identify the roles of Egun Women in Fisheries in Oto-Awori of Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State, as well as factors affecting their roles. Data were collected using the purposive sampling to select 20 Egun Women involved in Fisheries in each of Araromi, Idumosan, lIepete, Idomila and Ebute areas in Oto-Awori, using questionnaire method. Data were analysed using the percentages and Chi-square tests. The results revealed that 80% of the Egun Women were engaged in Fish Smoking, Fish Icing (65%), and Fish Marketting (85%). Factors limiting effective participation of the Egun Women in...

  8. Effect of cold and hot smoking of Clarias gariepinus on consumer preference

    Adeparusi, E.O.; Daramola, J.A.; Badejo, S.O.
    The objective of this study was to determine the best smoking method that will enhance consumer preference for Clarias gariepinus without affecting negatively the nutritive value. Two methods of smoking were used: cold and hot smoking. The fish were smoked with improvised drum smoking kiln and oven. Smoked fish samples obtained were subjected to chemical analyses and sensory evaluation. Chemical analyses showed that the smoked fish were still rich in protein (66.0067.52%) and fat (9.83-12.28%); while the moisture content ranged between 7.82-8.24% and ash, 12.86-14.16%. There was no significant difference (P>0.05) in the protein, ash and moisture contents. Significant differences...

  9. Kepadatan kerang lumpur Anodontia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 kaitannya dengan parameter lingkungan di Kabupaten Muna

    Rochmady, R; Omar, Sharifuddin Bin Andy; Tandipayuk, Lodewyck S.
    The research aims to analyze the density of mud clams Anodintia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 relation to environmental parameters, covering organic material content and composition of sediment in Muna regency. Research carried out in coastal Lambiku and Tobea Island. The sample collection begins in March until May 2011, intervals collection example once a month for three months. A collection of mud clams example in a plot trasek (Line Transect Plot) is determined (purposive sampling). A plot observation based on three categories, Plot I near coast, Plot II the transition and Plot III far from the beach, intervals 50m each a plot...

  10. Struktur dan komposisi jenis mangrove Desa Bonea dan Kodiri, Kabupaten Muna, Sulawesi Tenggara

    Rochmady, R
    The condition of mangrove ecosystem in Kodiri village is in good condition, because the management effort has been done by indigenous community self-supporting. Mangrove in the village of Bonea classified as damaged, due to the high utilization rate, especially the taking of firewood. The research aimed to analyze the structure and composition of mangrove vegetation in Bonea village, Lasalepa district and Kodiri village, Lohia district. Relative density parameters, relative closure, relative closure type and Important Value Index (INP) are used as indicators to describe the structure and composition of mangrove vegetation. The study was conducted from June to December 2014...

  11. Adoption of fish farming practices by women in Lagos State

    Yarhere, M.
    The involvement of women in aquaculture in Lagos State was studied. One hundred and fifty copies of the questionnaire were administered to women fish farmers, randomly selected from three local government areas of Lagos state. These were Ojo, Ibeju Lekki and Epe local government areas of Lagos State. The study revealed that 52% of the women adopted concrete pond system, 24% adopted dug-out or earthen pond system, 10% fibre glass tanks and 14% adopted Water Recirculatory/Flow-through system of fish farming. Other fish farming technologies that were included in this study were: stocking rates, feeding regimes and feed types, water quality...

  12. Promoting women participation in sustainable development through fish production and marketing in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

    Jamabo, N.A.; Ibim, A.T.
    Women constitute the major stakeholders in the struggle for sustainable rural development in subSaharan Africa. The major fishing activities of women are in the area of processing, marketing and gear making. Women's fundamental contribution is continually under-appreciated and under-supported and is often adversely affected by prevailing economic policies and other developmental conditions. These circumstances must be reversed since sustainable development through fish production and marketing can not be achieved without the full participation of women. This paper is focused on how women can be empowered for sustainable development in fish development and marketing.

  13. Economic analysis of smoked fish marketing in some selected local government areas of Adamawa State, Nigeria

    Onyia, L.U.; Adebayo, E.F.
    This study entailed an economic analysis of smoked fish marketing in Adamawa State. Primary data were collected with the aid of well structured questionnaires from marketers in 10 major fish markets in local government areas of Adamawa State. Findings from the study revealed that 72% of the fish sellers were females, middle aged and (75%) were married. The results also indicated that 43% of the people involved in fish marketing had no formal education, 22% had primary six education and below while only 4% had post secondary education. Eighty-seven per cent of the fish sellers are engaged in full time...

  14. Comparison of the quality of smoked Tilapia using mud kiln and modified drum kiln

    Omojowo, F.S.; Ihuahi, J.A.
    Fresh tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) was smoked using two different kilns to evaluate and compare the microbial changes or quality, physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics. Smoked samples were dominated by Gram-positive bacterial, flora, Bacillus, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. Fungi isolated included Aspergillus spp, and Penicillium spp. The two kilns used in smoking are Modified Drum Kiln (MDK) and Mud kiln (MK). The MDK had a higher impact on the total viable count (TVC) and reduced the TVC of the fresh sample by 37.5% while the MK reduced it by 29.5%. In a similar trend the MDK reduced the number of Staphylococci and fungi...

  15. Changes in the proximate composition of smoked and sundried Atya gabonensis (Irvine) from Lower River Benue, Nigeria

    Obande, R.A.; Cheikyula, J.O.; Onuminya, S.O.
    The proximate composition of the fresh water shrimp Atya gabonensis (Irvine), preserved by smoking, salting and sun - drying was determined and compared to the fresh shrimp. All the preservation methods significantly (p< 0.05) increased the total dry matter (38.34 93%), protein content (17.31 48.9) and ash content (28.36 36.17%) over the fresh shrimp value. Moisture and lipid contents however, were reduced from the fresh shrimp's 61.66% and 25.29% to low value of 7.00% and 5.10% respectively. The preserved shrimp is, therefore, nutritionally superior to the fresh shrimp as preservation enhances its proximate composition. Of all the preservation methods used...

  16. Metal composition of Clarias gariepinus consumed in Makurdi and its environs

    Ayuba, V.O.; Adadu, M.O.
    A study was conducted to determine the concentrations of nine heavy Metals (Cadmium, lead.Copper, Chromium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Nickel and Aluminum) in gills, muscles and skin of Clarias gariepinus within three different locations (Kuatansule, Wadata and UAM fish) with the use of standard flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Techniques. Iron was found in high concentration in all the sites with the gills having the highest concentration while lead. Cadmium, Selenium, Nickel and Aluminum were not detectable. Significant differences in metal concentrations were observed between locations with UAM fish farm having the highest metal concentration. It is concluded that concentration, of heavy...

  17. Consumers' preference of fish products in Yenagoa metropolis, Bayelsa State

    Kingdom, T.; Adeyemo, A.O.; Alfred-Ockiya, J.F.
    The study was conducted to assess consumer's preference of fish products in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State. One hundred and ninety consumers were randomly selected for the study. Results showed that fishery products in Yenagoa metropolis include fresh, smoked, fried, dried, canned and frozen fish. Sixty-eight percent of the respondents said that the products are enough, whereas seventy-six percent feel the variety of fishery products is low. Majority of the respondents (86%) preferred fresh fish followed by smoked fish which was preferred by sixty-four percent of the respondents. Age, ethnic grouping, gender, marital status and education did not have any significant...

  18. Assessment of capital assets and utilization amongst artisanal fishers in Tatabu fishing community

    Tafida, A.A.; Ayanda, J.O.
    Sustainable development in Tatabu fishing community can hardly be attained without a systematic socio-economic consideration of the productive activities and development needs of the people. Generally two important factors play a great role in rural livelihoods; the prevailing structures and processes and access to assets, which can be combined in a various ways to generate positive outcomes. In essence poverty and the opportunity to escape from it depends on all the above. The assets comprise of human, natural, social, physical and financial. The present study (emperically analyzed their strength, linkages and the effects of policy and structures on them, particularly...

  19. Factors affecting changing livelihood strategies of artisanal fisherfolks in inland fishing communities in Delta State

    Nwabeze, G.O.; Ayanda, J.O.; Odebode, S.O.
    This study examined the factors affecting changing livelihood strategies of artisanal fisherfolks in inland fishing communities in Delta State, Nigeria. The sample size of 169 respondents was selected through a simple random sampling from a total of 935 fisherfolks in two selected Local Government Areas. Instrument for data collection was structured questionnaire. Data were analysed using descriptive and non parametric statistic. The result showed that majority (44%) of the respondents is between the ages of 41 and 60 years. There were no significant relationships between marital status, educational level, family size, income of fisherfolks and changing livelihood strategies (r= -...

  20. Design and construction of an improved canoe for lake fishery

    Abubakar, S.
    A 3.6m length overall (LOA) flat bottom canoe similar to the one commonly used for fishing in Kainji Lake, but with some modifications, was designed and constructed using locally available materials. The improvements/modifications over the local canoe include inbuilt insulated fish hold rigid frames for adequate reinforcement, proper shrift of butt and use of good quality glue for water tightness. The canoe's light displacement (empty weight) was 95kg, which was similar to local canoe of same size. When placed on water a draft of 18cm was achieved which is 40.9% of its depth (44cm). The capacity of the canoe was...

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