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Aquatic Commons (28,960 recursos)
The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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61. Back pages of No. 36, 1982
Information for Supporters of the Charles Darwin Foundation. Membership of the Executive Council.

62. Book reviews: "Race with Extinction Herpetological Field Notes of J.R. Slevin's Journey to the Galapagos 1905-06" and "Galapagos: Islands Lost in Time" - Smith, G. T. Corley

63. Newsletter from Sante Fe - Laurie, Andrew

64. Effects of feral pigs and donkeys on the distribution of selected food plants - van der Werff, Henk

65. Bob Silberglied Memorial

66. Galapagos flamingo census 1982 - Harcourt, Sylvia A.

67. Experimental repatriation of captive-reared land iguanas - Reynolds, Robert P.

68. Corley Smith retires - Dorst, Jean

69. News from Academy Bay
Darwin Station Director's report. Release of captive-bred land iguanas. Land iguanas breed on Venecia. The age of the giant tortoise. Visitors and events at the Charles Darwin Research Station (January - April 1982). Photo of Masked Booby and Swallow-tailed Gull.

70. Some thoughts on the control of introduced plants - Tan Tuoc, Luong

71. Santa Fe in an El Nino year - Laurie, Andrew

72. Lonesome George, the Pinta Island Tortoise - Reynolds, Robert P.; Marlow, Ronald Williams

73. Galapagos evolution continues - Boag, Peter T.
Summary of symposium "Evolution in the Galapagos" held December 8, 1982 in London.

74. Book review: "Conservation and Evolution" - Smith, G. T. Corley

75. News from Academy Bay
Planning. A Galapagos marine park. The feral animals on Santiago Island. Can the Hawaiian Petrel be saved? Education and training programmes. Visitors and events at the Charles Darwin Station (May - October 1982).

76. Front pages with contents of No. 37, 1983

77. Front pages with contents of No. 38, 1983

78. Galapagos sea turtles - Green, Derek

79. Of men, goats and guava : problems caused by introduced species in the Galapagos - de Vries, Tjitte; Black, Juan

80. Stranding of Cuvier's beaked whales on Baltra - Robinson, Gary; Koster, Friedemann; Villa, Jose

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