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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Short communication: Application of machine-vision to assess weight of fish (Case study: Oncorhynchus mykiss)

    Gerami, M.H.; Safiyari, H.; Jafari, A.; Mousavi-Nasab, M.
    Computer Vision (CV) is a relatively young discipline which has been widely used to automate quality evaluation. CV inspection of fish and fish products can provide efficient, consistent and cost effective alternative, so efforts focused on speed and accuracy of machine vision as a substitute for human inspection of foods. Machine vision is explained as the construction of explicit informative and meaningful descriptions of a physical object via image analysis. Actually it encloses the capturing, processing and analysis of two-dimensional images, and by modeling human vision electronically perceives and understands images. ... This study tries to evaluate the relationship between...

  2. A floating cage system for rearing freshwater mussels Anodonta anatina and Unio mancus in Piedmont region (NW Italy)

    Sicuro, B.; Panini, E.; Forneris, G.
    This research represents the first attempt in Italy to develop a cage system for adult freshwater mussel stocking, for extensive farming, that was realized from 2003 to 2005 in NW Italy. Two autochthonous species of Italian freshwater mussel were used: Anodonta anatina and Unio mancus. 5133 mussels were collected and successively stocked in floating cages in 5 different sites in a lake. This study was planned in order to determine the effect of main rearing factors for potential farming: stocking density and cage position in the water column (depth). For each species, the effects of three rearing densities and two...

  3. The effect of water containing sodium sulfate ions on strength of concrete of aquaculture ponds and channels

    Mostafaeipour, A.
    Aquaculture is among the oldest occupations of human being. Over the past quarter of century, the aquaculture industry has grown rapidly. The effect of water containing sodium sulfate on long term compressive strength of concrete of fishing ponds and channels is investigated in this paper. Aim of this paper was to analyze the strength of concrete channels and of aquaculture which are in direct contact with dissolved sodium sulfate. This is an ongoing laboratory investigation which consisted of 480 standard casting concrete cube mix designs and subjecting them to different curing condition environments. Analyzing laboratory results, it was found that...

  4. Design and building of a monk gate using mild steel plate and carbon steel valve

    Okojie, L.A.; Eze, J.O.
    A design for the building of a monk gate that is safe and easy to operate was constructed for storing water in the pond as water harvesting structures, solving several purposes of farm needs such as supply of water for irrigation, cattle feed, fish production etc. The structure is made from mild steel plate and carbon steel ball valves. It functioned efficiently on installation into a monk designed for it (that has its groove).

  5. Effects of biofouling on shellfish aquaculture

    Adisa-Bolanta, A.S.
    The culture of oysters, clams, scallops, and other molluscs is collectively one of the fastest growing sectors of the aquaculture industry. An inherent issue with shellfish culture methods, particularly for off-bottom culture (i.e. floating trays, racks, long lines, strings, rafts), is biofouling. This can occur directly, by biofouling of the animals themselves, or indirectly, by fouling of cages, nets, filters, and other equipment. Problematic biofouling species have been identified and segmented into six groups: algae, barnacles, mussels, tubeworms, ascidians and hydroids. Controlling and mitigating biofouling can result in significant costs for commercial shellfish culture operations.

  6. Design and construction of microcontroller-based automatic fish feeding device

    Onwuka, E.N.; Adejo, A.O.; Joseph, I.U.
    This paper presents the design, construction and demonstration of an automatic fish feeder. It is a microcontroller-based system. This system is designed to dispense a predetermined amount of fish feed into an aquarium at a particular time each day. The device consists of a cylindrical can, distributing tubes and a stand. The dispensing of food is controlled by the use of a stepper motor, which is situated under the canister. A timer controlled switch is used to control the time at which the motor rotates, by a program burned into the microcontroller. The fish feeder was successfully fabricated and tested....

  7. Occupation and health hazards in Nigerian coastal artisanal fisheries

    Udolisa, R.E.K.; Akinyemi, A.A.; Olaoye, O.J.
    There are more occupational and health hazards in the Fishing Industry than in other occupational categories in the world. In Nigerian Industrial Fisheries, safety measures are regulated while little attention is given to safety standards in the artisanal fisheries. In West Africa, the coastal artisanal canoe fatality rates have been given in 1991-1994 to be 300 to 1,000 per 100,000 fishermen. Thus, the fatality rate in Nigerian artisanal fisheries, (coastal states) has been estimated to be 999 to 3,329 per 100,000 fishermen. The high rate is due to piracy, boundary disputes between fishing communities, unemployment, societal low value for human...

  8. Design and construction of 1.5m coracle for pond activities

    Ibrahim, A.; Abubakar, S.; Ayaowei, L.M.
    A coracle 1.5m (LOA) was designed and constructed using hardwood for the frame work and plywood for the base and side covering. It is oval in shape and after construction its light displacement was 24kg and with a dead weight (capacity) of I40kg (2 persons) with a cost estimate of N11,500. (US$83) When placed on water, it floated at a draft of 4.2cm and easily maneuvered by propelling with a paddle. The craft is characterized by light weight, portability, and ability to float at shallow draft. It could be used on shallow water body like ponds for aquaculture thereby increasing...

  9. Study of physical damage and storage effects on strength of sturgeon gillnet

    Tamasoki, M.S.; Gorgin, S.; Ghorbani, R.; Ghareaghaji, A.A.; Aghilnejad, S.M.
    Every year, after fishing period, the sturgeon gillnets are assessed base on physical characters by the management of sturgeon fishes in Golestan Province. Net are put aside and replaced by new one if they qualification are not net. In spite of importance of strength ropes, unfortunately, there is a little research in this regards. In addition, previous research are not applied storage conditions and physical damages. Therefore, researcher are determined to do a research in this regards. For this reason some materials from new net, storage net, damaged net, put aside net, etc. collected and tested by an Instron. Then...

  10. Experimental investigation of settling pattern of solid particles in trout recirculating aquaculture systems

    Sajedi Sabegh, M.; Abdolhay, H.A.; Saneie, M.; Behmanesh, Sh.; Matinfar, A.
    During the growth of population in the world, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are developing due to more production and less water consumption and many scientists have studied on water quality and solid removal at these systems. In this paper to study on settling pattern of solid particles on a bed of aquaculture cylindrical tanks, a tank in diameter of 2.14 m and height of 0.59 m and inlet flow using three nozzles in 8 mm diameter has implemented. Quality and quantity studies of settling patterns of solid particles in six injection location (by changing the injection location of radial alignment...

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