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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 23, Issue 2 (Number 83), 2015

  2. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 23, Issue 1 (Number 82), 2015

  3. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 22, Issue 4 (Number 81), 2014

  4. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 22, Issue 3 (Number 80), 2014

  5. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 22, Issue 2 (Number 79), 2014

  6. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 22, Issue 1 (Number 78), 2014

  7. The Journal of Diving History, Volume 21, Issue 4 (Number 77), 2013

  8. Investigate the effect of antibacterial ingredients used in marine paints in sea water

    Karsaz, Alireza
    In this study, consider to the mechanism of controlled depletion paint, has been made the Antifouling (A/F) paints that use these in a paint system which applied on the steel. As a first step, it is necessary to prove that the system subject to investigation does fit into the mechanisms proposed for the CDPs system. According to this, the machine was designed and built as for ASTM D5108-90, D4939-89. Specimens immersed in natural sea water and were rotating by 60 r/min rotor. Painted specimens were tested for 59 days. The main objective of this study was to investigate if new...

  9. Thermal and exergy analysis for evaluation and optimization of performance of cooling towers for fresh water and seawater

    Mansourian, Mehdi
    In this study, thermal, exergetic analysis and performance evaluation of seawater and fresh wet cooling tower and the effect of parameters on its performance is investigated. With using of energy and mass balance equations, experimental results, a mathematical model and EES code developed. Due to lack of fresh water, seawater cooling is interesting choice for future of cooling, so the effect of seawater in the range of 1gr/kg to 60gr/kg for salinity on the performance characteristics like air efficiency, water efficiency, output water temperature of cooling tower, flow of the exergy, and the exergy efficiency with comparison with fresh water...

  10. Study the methods of connecting jacket to the seabed and choosing the best method for Persian Gulf according to soil characteristics

    Assadpour, Marzieh
    Offshore structures with numerous applications in different environments throughout the world and used at different depths. Due to the expansion of marine industries, including offshore oil industry in Iran , particularly in the Persian Gulf region, in order to more accurately model these structures and to prevent incidents such as the Overturning of the platform serious damage to the South Pars Phase ١٣ was platforms, the use New Technic is essential technologies. One of the methods that are used in the construction of offshore wind turbines, using a pre-pile. In this method, a template is constructed with the dimensions specified...

  11. Coastal zone oil spill modeling

    Kanani Khosroshahi, Jamshid
    This work presents the development and application of a three-dimensional oil spill model for predicting the movement of an oil slick in the coastal waters of Singapore. In the model, the oil slick is divided into a number of small elements for simulating of the oil processes of spreading, advection, turbulent diffusion. This model is capable of predicting the horizontal movement of surface oil slick. Satellite images and field observations of oil slicks on the surface in the Singapore Straits are used to validate the newly developed model. Compared with the observations, the numerical results of the oil spill model...

  12. Analyzing the effect of connecting horizontal tidal stream turbines on the pier of a sea established bridge

    Heydarzadeh, Mohammad
    In this thesis, producing ability of electricity by horizontal tidal current turbines and installing possibility of these turbines on bridge's piers in the marine environments has been studied to reduce primary implementation costs and make the plan, economical. To do this and to study its feasibility, the exerted forces from installing horizontal tidal current turbines were compared with the forces applied to the bridge structure during designing process (given in the Standards). Then, the allowable ranges of the overloading which is tolerable by the piers of the bridge were obtained. Accordingly, it is resulted that for installing these turbines, the...

  13. A numerical model for prediction of oil, trajectory due to extraction activity in the north coasts of the Persian Gulf

    Habibi Vahed Zamani, Shahla
    This thesis considers a three- dimensional numerical model based on 3-D Navier— Stokes and continuity equations involving various wind speeds (North west), water surface levels, horizontal shier stresses, eddy viscosity, densities of oil and gas condensate- water mixture flows. The model is used to simulate the prediction of the surface movement of oil and gas condensate slicks from spill accident in the north coasts of Persian Gulf.

  14. Activité de la station séismologique de Nhatrang durant la période Juin 1957-Décembre 1963

    Nguyen, Hai
    In June 1957, the Oceanographic Institute of Nhatrang agreed to support a seismological station whose equipment (3 CP components) was loaned by the National Centre for Scientific Research of France. Similarly, in order to develop its research activities, the Institute cooperated with the United States in their project for seismographs standardization. The author gives a detailed description of the new equipment (3 components and 3 C.P. L.P. components) received from U.S. and installed in June 1962.

  15. L'installation de la station séismologique de Nhatrang et l'étude des caractéristiques de l'appareillage (Station de Nhatrang: 12°12'6N-109°12'7E)

    Benoit, R.; Nguyen, Hai
    The authors describe in detail the setting and the calculations of the characteristics of the seismological station working at Nhatrang (Vietnam). Some examples of the first results obtained are given.

  16. Three dimensional modeling of contaminants transportation (oil spill) in Caspian Sea

    Javid, Amirhossein
    Nowadays, Caspian Sea is in focus of more attentions than past because of its individualistic as the biggest lake in the world and the existing of very large oil and gas resources within it. Very large scale of oil pollution caused by development of oil exploration and excavation activities not only make problem for coastal facilities but also make severe damage on environment. In the first stage of this research, the location and quality of oil resources in offshore and onshore have been determined and then affected depletion factors on oil spill such as evaporation, emulsification, dissolution, sedimentation and so...

  17. A three dimensional model of Caspian Sea circulation

    Hosseni, H.F.
    Observations of Caspian Sea during August - September 1995 are used to develop a three dimensional numerical for calculating temperature and current. This period was chosen because of extensive set of observational data including surface temperature observations. Data from the meteorological buoy network on Caspian Sea are combined with routine observation at first order synoptic station around the lake to obtain hourly values of wind stress and pressure fields. Initial temperature distribution as a function of depth and horizontal coordinates are derived from ship cruises. The model has variable grid resolution and horizontal smoothing which filters out small scale vertical...

  18. The three dimensional model with the affection of stratified density (Caspian Sea)

    Hadjimobini, Susan
    The hydro dynamical actions in big Lakes directly influence dynamic, physical and chemical affairs. The circulation's models and temperature have something to do with the movements of fluids, and analysis for circulation in Caspian sea is because of the lack of observation through which the circulations and out comings are determined. Through the studies, three dimensional simulations (Large- Scale) are planned and performed, according to Smolakiewicz and Margolin works. This is a non- hydrostatic and Boussinesq approximation is used in its formulation is used in its formulation on the basis of Lipps (1990) theorem and curve lines, the fluid is...

  19. Salinity trends in Suisun Bay and the western Delta: October 1921 - September 2012

    Roy, S.; Rath, J.; Chen, L.; Ungs, M.; Guerrero, M.

  20. Modeling salinity in Suisun Bay and the western Delta using artificial neural networks

    Chen, L.; Rath, J.S.; Roy, S.B.

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