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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Food security: CSO declaration

    Small farmers, agriworkers, fishworkers, pastoralists, Indigenous Peoples, consumers, NGOs, women and youth from Europe and Central Asia speak out.

  2. SSF guidelines: linking up

    Correa, Mariette
    A workshop on enhancing the capacities of women fishworkers in India for the implementation of the SSF Guidelines led to clear and positive outcomes.

  3. SAMUDRA Report No.74, August 2016

  4. A study of migrant fishers from Andhra Pradesh in the Gujarat marine fishing industry

    Roshan, Manas
    The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) has been engaging with issues of concern to fishers and fish workers since its inception in 1986. Among other issues, it studies migration, both international and internal, in the fisheries and the particular vulnerabilities facing migrant fishers with a view to improving the conditions on board vessels through legal and policy interventions. ICSF also engaged with the process leading to the adoption of the Work in Fishing Convention at the 96th International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization in 2007, of which India is a signatory. In June 2014, India, along...

  5. Women’s role, struggles and strategies across the fisheries value chain the case of Lake Victoria — Tanzania

    This study was conducted in June and July 2016, in the fishing areas of Mwanza and Kagera regions in the Lake Victoria side of Tanzania. The focus of this study was on dagaa (sardines) (Rastrineobola argentea) fishery which involves mostly women in its overall value chain. The study sites were areas that are specialized in dagaa fishery and these include Lushonga Island located in the Muleba District of Kagera Region, Mwanza Kirumba international Fish Market and in some of the landing beaches in nyamagana and Ilemela districts in Mwanza. The findings of the study are presented as case studies in...

  6. 1997-8 el Niño and the Galapagos tortoises Geochelone vandenburghi on Alcedo Volcano, Galapagos

    Marquez, Cruz; Wiedenfeld, David; Naranjo, Sixto; Llerena, Washington
    Body mass changes, mortality and nest and egg loss of the Galapagos tortoise Geochelone vandenburghi were studied on Alcedo Volcano, Isabela Island, before, during and after the El Niño event of 1997–8. The results suggest that fewer tortoises in the pre- and post-Niño periods gained body mass than lost, while during the El Niño event itself the tortoises gained mass. Before and after the El Niño, there was no mortality attributable to flooding in the ravines on the slopes of the volcano, but during the El Niño event 36 tortoises were found dead in the ravines. This is < 1 % of the total population....

  7. Effects of the feral goat population explosion on Alcedo Volcano (Isabela, Galapagos) between 1986 and 1996

    Desender, Konjev; Baert, Leon; Maelfait, Jean-Pierre; Verdyck, Peter
    During the first week of April 1986, before the overwhelming presence of goats, we sampled terrestrial macro- invertebrates on Alcedo Volcano along an altitudinal transect from the seashore to the top. Vegetation composition and structure at all sampling sites were described and photographs were taken. In 1996, when the Alcedo feral goat population had exploded to an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 and before large scale goat control began, the same transect was resampled and redocumented. In this contribution, site descriptions are summarized, compared between 1986 and 1996 and illustrated with a series of photographs.

  8. Chronic turbidity and stress in juvenile coho salmon and steelhead trout

    Redding, Joseph M.; Schreck, C.B.
    The goal of this project was to assess the general physiological responses of stress in coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, and steelhead trout, Salmo gairdneri, with respect to suspended solids in the aquatic environment and to relate these responses to the fish's capacity to survive and perform necessary physiological functions.

  9. Review of the problem of birds contaminated by oil and their rehabilitation

    Aldrich, John W.

  10. Fabrication and optimizing of metal nano silicate as toxic metal absorbent from sea water

    Solgi, Leila
    Pure Water, is a crucial demand of creature life. Following industrial development, extra amount of toxic metals such as chromium enters the environmental cycle through the sewage, which is considered as a serious threat for organisms. One of the modern methods of filtration and removal of contaminants in water, is applying Nano-technology. According to specific property of silicate materials, in this article we try to survey increased power in composites and various absorption in several morphologies and also synthesis of Nano-metal silicates with different morphologies as absorbent of metal toxic ions. At first, we synthesize nano zink silicate with three...

  11. Legal consideration on Convention for the Prevention of Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter (at sea) and assessment of its implementation in Iran (The London [dumping] Convention)

    Amirhosseini, Sara
    Making use of sea, as a place for dumping of wastes and other materials from human activities wasn’t forbidden before creation of the convention on the prevention of marine pollution by dumping of wastes and other matters (London Convention). Therefore, industrial countries, without any specific consideration, were dumping their wastes into the world’s seas. Many years and before the beginning of rapid development of industry, the great self- purification of seas were preventing some of discharging problems. But gradually, the increase of industrial development activities, exceeded the production of wastes and other matters, and this led to the misuse of...

  12. The study of correlation between sea surface temperature (SST) by using the NOAA-AVHRR data and compare this data with temperature measurement in the Caspian Sea

    Jalalzade Azar, Zohre
    The changes in time and location of surface temperature from a water body has an important effect on climate activities, marine biology, sea currents, salinity and other characteristics of the seas and lakes water. Traditional measurement of temperature is costly and time consumer due to its dispersion and instability. In recent years the use of satellite technology and remote sensing sciences for data acquiring and parameter and lysis of climatology and oceanography is well developed. In this research we used the NOAA’s Satellite images from its AVHRR system to compare the field surface temperature data with the satellite images information....

  13. Investigation and prediction of sea level variations in the northern coasts of Persian Gulf using artificial neural network

    Ghanea, Hamid Reza
    Sea- level variations have a significant impact on coastal areas. Prediction of sea level variations expected from the pre most critical information needs associated with the sea environment. For this, various methods exist. In this study, on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf have been studied relation to the effectiveness of parameters such as pressure, temperature and wind speed on sea leve and associated with global parameters such as the North Atlantic Oscillation index and NAO index and present statistic models for prediction of sea level. In the next step by using artificial neural network predict sea level for...

  14. Effect of sea water level rise on sandy beach profile

    Matinfar, Ali
    Study of batch profile evolution and scouring effect due to the wave and current impacts in the coastal zone has been one of the most important issues in coastal engineering research projects during the past decades .to construct the coastal protective structures such piers, breakwaters and seawalls, it is necessary to estimate the scouring depth and bed level changes in the vicinity of such structures. Furthermore, the time - dependent changes in the equilibrium profile of the surf zone can be of great importance in designing coastal structures. Because of the importance of coastal engineering study in Iran due to the...

  15. Optimization of flocculation process and continuous filtration for sea water primary treatment filtration to reduce SDI for entree to reverse osmosis system

    Majidi, Mahmoud
    Today , Providing drinking water and process water is one of the major problems in most countries ; the surface water often need to be treated to achieve necessary quality, and in this way, technological and also financial difficulties cause great restrictions in operating the treatment units. Although water supply by simple and cheap systems has been one of the important objectives in most scientific and research centers in the world, still a great percent of population in developing countries, especially in rural areas, don't benefit well quality water. One of the big and available sources for providing acceptable water...

  16. Preparation of Ni-P electroless and its corrosion resistance against sea water

    Ahmadi Ashtiani, Amir
    Electroless coating is much appropriate process at engineering surface. Since the discovery of electroless nickel-phosphorus coating in 3996, due to technical and economic advantages as well as desirable characteristics such as resistance to corrosion, abrasion and a high hardness has found wide application at engineering industries. Properties of electroless nickel-phosphorus coating depend on the characteristics of the used bath and heat treatment. In this study, optimal conditions and concentration of sodium citrate, sodium acetate and lactic acid in the bath of electroless nickel-phosphorus coating to the steel ck67 surface was determined. Structure, chemical composition and phases occurring in the coating...

  17. Adsorption of aromatic compound by multi-walled carbon nanotube from sea water

    Mir, Nazanin
    It is global concern that soil and water were contaminated with organic substances such as BTEX (benzene) (B), toluene (T) and xylene (x) .The presence of excessive amounts of BTEX in aqueous surroundings may have a greatly adverse impact on water quality and thus endanger public health and welfare. Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have aroused widespread attention as a new type of adsorptions due to their outstanding ability for the removal of various inorganic and organic pollutants from large volume of wastewater. Due to variety of adsorbent and their ability to adsorb pollutant, it is possible to reduce expenses and completely...

  18. Seasonal changes of heat and moisture fluxes from the Caspian Sea surface and its effect on synoptic systems with heavy rainfalls in southern shores of the sea during 2005-2010

    Barandoust, Khalil
    Caspian Sea with its unique characteristics is a significant source to supply required heat and moisture for passing weather systems over the north of Iran. Investigation of heat and moisture fluxes in the region and their effects on these systems that could lead to floods and major financial and human losses is essential in weather forecasting. Nowadays by improvement of numerical weather and climate prediction models and the increasing need to more accurate forecasting of heavy rainfall, the evaluation and verification of these models has been become much more important. In this study we have used the WRF model as...

  19. La forme des récifs coralliens et le régime des vents alternants

    Krempf, A.
    This paper deals with the development of crescent-shaped reefs in the China Sea under control of northwest and southeast monsoon winds alternating in direction seasonally. The transport of sediment derived from windward side to leeward around reef ends has been studied. A description of the analogy of these large structures with individual coral colonies developing in similar manner under current action as micro atolls has given.

  20. Socio-economic profile of the Philippine National Aquasilviculture Program (PNAP) beneficiaries in Jiabong, Samar, Philippines

    Enate, Rholyna T.; Diocton, Renato C.; Macopia, Janet L.
    A total of 37 beneficiaries under the Philippine National Aquasilviculture Program (PNAP) was interviewed using the structured survey questionnaire of Socioeconomic Monitoring Guidelines for Coastal Managers in Southeast Asia (SocMon SEA). Most of the members of the households are young and in-school. Household heads’ primary occupation is fishing, a shift from mussel farming- the town’s major industry in the past decades. Perceived threat by the beneficiaries is related to the environment specifically typhoon and the problems on waste disposal. It also identified law enforcement as weak leading to dwindling fish catch, mass mortality of mussel, red tide and other problems...

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