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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Assessment of cadmium and lead in the water and trout fish (Salmo trutta) of Zayandehroud River, a case study of Zarinshahr rice farms, Isfahan

    Moradi, S.; Nowzari, H.; Farhadian, M.
    This study aimed to investigate the concentrations of two heavy metals, lead and cadmium, in the water of Zayandehroud River which is surrounded by Zarinshahr rice farms. Water was sampled from a depth of 30 cm during June, July and August 2015, i.e. during the process of planting, growing and after harvesting, in three stations. Water was collected from three points; 20m before the farms, beside the farms and 100m after the farms. Three water samples and one trout fish (Salmo trutta) sample were collected each month and the concentrations of lead and cadmium were measured in the kidney, liver...

  2. Sierra Leone aquaculture assessment with special emphasis on Tonkolili and Bombali districts

    Sankoh, S.; Teoh, S.J.; Phillips, M.J.; Siriwardena, S.N.
    This assessment set out to investigate why fish farming has spread in Tonkolili District yet been poorly adopted in neighboring Bombali District. The purpose was to analyze what was working in Tonkolili but not in Bombali and then extrapolate this beyond Tonkolili. The current study aims to consolidate the most recent FAO study and map out pond distribution in Tonkolili, the most popular aquaculture development district in Sierra Leone, while also trying to make sense of this distribution. It also tries to update existing GIS models for aquaculture site suitability, particularly Tonkolili, with a view to identifying the opportunities and...

  3. Inland valley swamp assessment in Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone

    Rashid-Noah, A.B.; Johnny, M.; Olapade, J.; Phillips, M.J.; Siriwardena, S.N.
    Inland valley swamps (IVSs) form part of the upland-inland valley continuum in Sierra Leone, occupying the lowest position in the landscape. This study aimed to analyze the actual use, constraints on the use and the agro-potential of IVS in Tonkolili District. Through interviews and limited field testing, it was possible to obtain detailed information regarding socioeconomic aspects and food production systems, as well as a rough assessment of physical properties such as soil quality and inundation period for each targeted IVS in all 11 chiefdoms in the district. The report concludes with several recommendations for interventions to optimize the use...

  4. Assessment of fishery content in agricultural activities of the rural women in Kukawa Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno State

    Obetta, N.C.; Ifejika, P.I.; Nwabeze, G.O.
    Content of fishery in agricultural activities of rural women was carried out in Kukawa L.G.A of Borno State. A total of 96 respondents were randomly interviewed with the aid of structured questionnaire and data presented with descriptive statistical tools. In addition to reproductive role in marriage, women are actively involve in agriculture for economic benefit, but weak socio-economic variables need to be strengthen for improve productivity and economic benefit. Fishery (10%) has a low content in the agricultural activities of rural women which is dominated by crop farming and agricultural processing. Poor annual financial return of N19, 585.33 on average...

  5. Diseases associated with livestock integrated fish farming in Nigeria: a review

    Nyaku, R.E.; Okayi, R.G.; Ataguba, G.A.; Mohammed, A.
    Just like other animals and humans, fishes are prone to diseases and predation. Diseases can be caused by one and/or combination of any of the following agents e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Diseases have become a primary constraint to aquacultural development, which may affect the achievement of a desired impact for rapid development of fish culture in Nigeria. Apart from causing mortalities, they also cause loss of production quality, reduced growth, reduced fecundity, loss due to control measures and loss due to social factors associated with the farmer. This review has discussed the diseases that are associated with integrated...

  6. Kepadatan kerang lumpur Anodontia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 kaitannya dengan parameter lingkungan di Kabupaten Muna

    Rochmady, R; Omar, Sharifuddin Bin Andy; Tandipayuk, Lodewyck S.
    The research aims to analyze the density of mud clams Anodintia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 relation to environmental parameters, covering organic material content and composition of sediment in Muna regency. Research carried out in coastal Lambiku and Tobea Island. The sample collection begins in March until May 2011, intervals collection example once a month for three months. A collection of mud clams example in a plot trasek (Line Transect Plot) is determined (purposive sampling). A plot observation based on three categories, Plot I near coast, Plot II the transition and Plot III far from the beach, intervals 50m each a plot...

  7. Struktur dan komposisi jenis mangrove Desa Bonea dan Kodiri, Kabupaten Muna, Sulawesi Tenggara

    Rochmady, R
    The condition of mangrove ecosystem in Kodiri village is in good condition, because the management effort has been done by indigenous community self-supporting. Mangrove in the village of Bonea classified as damaged, due to the high utilization rate, especially the taking of firewood. The research aimed to analyze the structure and composition of mangrove vegetation in Bonea village, Lasalepa district and Kodiri village, Lohia district. Relative density parameters, relative closure, relative closure type and Important Value Index (INP) are used as indicators to describe the structure and composition of mangrove vegetation. The study was conducted from June to December 2014...

  8. Aspek bioekologi kerang lumpur Anodontia edentula (Linnaeus, 1758) (Bivalvia: Lucinidae) di perairan pesisir Kabupaten Muna

    Rochmady, R
    The study was conducted in Tobea Island and coastal Lambiku for analysis: 1) biology aspects, 2) environmental aspects. Data were analysed to see the difference in the two locations using t-test analysis (student) and descriptive. The analysis showed that mangrove ecosystems in Tobea island, the closure of the (51%) and density (1.000 trees ha-1), in coastal Lambiku close (43%) and density (944 trees ha-1). Biological aspects of the growth population of mudclams in the Tobea Island (L∞= 65.6 mm, K= 1.18) lower than in coastal Lambiku (L∞= 73,75 mm, K= 0.73). Results of the t-test (student), morphometric characters of mudclams...

  9. Perbandingan karakter morfometrik kerang lumpur Anodontia edentula, Linnaeus 1758 di pulau Tobea dan pesisir Lambiku, Kecamatan Napabalano, Kabupaten Muna

    Rochmady, R; Omar, Sharifuddin Bin Andy; Tandipayuk, Lodewyck S.
    The objective of the research was to aim the morphometric characters of mudclams, Anodontia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 in Tobea Island and in the coast of Lambiku, Napabalano District of Muna Regency. The research carried out in Tobea Island and in the coast of Lambiku was to analyse morphometrics character of mudclams. Data were analysed to perceive the comparison of morphometrics characters of mudclams in Tobea Island and in the coast of Lambiku by using t-test (student) and descriptive analysis. The results of t-test (student) analysis showed morphometric characters of mudclams in Tobea Island and in the coast of Lambiku significantly...

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