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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Kepadatan kerang lumpur Anodontia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 kaitannya dengan parameter lingkungan di Kabupaten Muna

    Rochmady, R; Omar, Sharifuddin Bin Andy; Tandipayuk, Lodewyck S.
    The research aims to analyze the density of mud clams Anodintia edentula Linnaeus, 1758 relation to environmental parameters, covering organic material content and composition of sediment in Muna regency. Research carried out in coastal Lambiku and Tobea Island. The sample collection begins in March until May 2011, intervals collection example once a month for three months. A collection of mud clams example in a plot trasek (Line Transect Plot) is determined (purposive sampling). A plot observation based on three categories, Plot I near coast, Plot II the transition and Plot III far from the beach, intervals 50m each a plot...

  2. Economic analysis of smoked fish marketing in some selected local government areas of Adamawa State, Nigeria

    Onyia, L.U.; Adebayo, E.F.
    This study entailed an economic analysis of smoked fish marketing in Adamawa State. Primary data were collected with the aid of well structured questionnaires from marketers in 10 major fish markets in local government areas of Adamawa State. Findings from the study revealed that 72% of the fish sellers were females, middle aged and (75%) were married. The results also indicated that 43% of the people involved in fish marketing had no formal education, 22% had primary six education and below while only 4% had post secondary education. Eighty-seven per cent of the fish sellers are engaged in full time...

  3. Investigation of the socioeconomic activities and potentials of rural fisher folks in Oyan Lake Area

    Ikenweiwe, N.B.; Otubusin, S.O.; Awotunde, J.M.; Oke, O.A.
    An investigation of the socio-economic potential of the inhabitants living around Oyan lake (40km2 surface area) was carried out between January 2001 and August 2002. Five hundred (500) copies of the questionnaires were distributed among the people living around the entire stretch of the lake and 283 people responded. The commercial fish landing estimates showed that the total landing for the entire period of study was 4,628 (number) weighing 1,856.6kg. Mean catch per boat per sampling day (number and weight) was estimated to be 113 and 4.28kg respectively. Therefore the estimated annual fish landing (number and weight) per boat from...

  4. Economics of fish farming in Owerri agricultural zone of Imo State

    Adaka, G.S.; Nlewadim, A.A.; Ibekwe, U.C.; Ebonumah, R.C.
    A study of the economics of fish farming in the Owerri Agricultural zone of Imo State was carried out. Simple random sampling technique was used in the selection of 30 fish farmers from the zone. Data were collected using structured questionnaire while descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis were used for analysis. The study showed that majority of the farmers (51.20%) intensively managed their fish farms which were mostly homestead concrete ponds. The application of cost and return analysis showed that fish farmers in the zone made positive net gain from the two different pond types studied, with 4.22% in...

  5. Effects of aluminium extrusion effluents on the aquatic life of Mba River, Imo State: implications for fishery resource use and management

    Njoku, D.C.; Igwe, O.O.
    Water quality status of Mbaa River, which receives effluents from aluminum extrusion industries at Inyishi Imo State, was investigated between November 2004 and April 2005. Concentration of toxic metals and non metallic radicals in the stream (Fe, Zn, Cr,AI, Pb, Cd, So42, PH, etc) were evaluated as indices, using the atomic absorption spectrophotometer and other standard methods. The concentration of iron (Fe) ranged from 0.003mgl-l in the upstream course to 22.966mgl-1 at the point of discharge. Lead (Pb) was 0.29mgl-l (upstream) to 0.583mgl-l (point of discharge). Cadmium (Cd), 0.026mgl-1 (downstream) to O.068mgl-l (discharge point). Aluminum, (AI), 6.24mgl-1 (upstream) to 8.256mgl-1 (discharge point), sot, 9.003mgl-1 (downstream) to 37.293 mgl_1...

  6. Mortality rates of fish species within the Andoni River, Niger Delta, Nigeria and management measures

    Francis, A.; Sikoki, F.D.; Erondu, E.S.; Zabbey, N.
    Pooled one-year (January to December, 1999) length-frequency data of fish species sampled from catches of five randomly selected artisanal fishers, using unmotorized dug-out canoe were fed into FISAT (FAO-ICLARM Stock Assessment Tool) to evaluate mortality coefficients. The resultant natural mortality coefficients of the11 commercially important fish species showed that Sarotherodon melanotheron (2.24y ('), Galeoides decadactylus (1.96y(1), Eucinostomus melanopterus (1.58 y(,), Tilapia guineensis (1.44 y('), Pseudotolithus elongatus (1.22 y(,) and Ilisha africana (1.08 y(1) had the highest natural mortality rates and indicative of fast growth (i.e. rapidly approaching asymptotic length (Loo); the reverse being true for Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus (0.66 y(1); Pomadasys jubelini...

  7. Data collection in an inland water fishery (Jebba Lake, Nigeria): the trade-off between cost and accuracy

    Abiodun, J.A.; Oshungade, I.O.
    Accurate and long-term fisheries data are vital for fisheries managers to understand and manage fisheries effectively. Only a few inland waters have such data. This is often due to the difficulty and high cost as well as low priority given by governments to data collection activities. Besides accuracy, practicality and cost are also important considerations when designing fishery data collection systems. A data set from the fishery of Jebba Lake in Niger State, North-central of Nigeria, was used to assess how low cost, yet accurate, fisheries data collection can be achieved. Simulations of reducing the frequency of the annual inventory of fishery manpower...

  8. The gains and pains of externally-funded fisheries development projects in Nigeria: the Kainji Lake example

    Omorinkoba, W.S.; Bankole, N.O.; Isah, Y.N.
    Kainji Lake a man-made in Nigeria with .a surface area of 1,270sq kilometers, was constructed for hydro-electricity generation but with a very high potentials for fisheries production. The influx of fishers from all over Nigeria coupled with the haphazard manner the fisheries of the lakewerebeing exploited resulted in the lake being over fished (Ita, 1983). Between 1993 and 2001 the German Government through its bilateral cooperation agreement with Nigeria, funded the fisheries development programme for Kainji Lake. The intervention was not without its gains to the country. Prominent among these gains were the implementation of the first inland community-based fisheries management, reliable fishery statistics for the lake,...

  9. Growth and age study of Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) off the central California coast

    Nakamura, Royden
    The recent development of a short term, but very intense fishery for Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) on the Pacific Coast of North America prompted concern over the absence of management and conservation guidelines for this species. However, very little is known of the biology of hagfish, particularly with regard to information applicable to fishery resource management. Growth and population age-size structure data are among critical categories of information that are non-existent to date. This project obtained primary growth information from field and laboratory studies as well as comprehensive population size composition data.

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